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The world of gaming is home to millions of gamers spread across the globe. It is a whole community that is growing at a tremendously fast rate.

The gaming industry is a complete marketplace that syndicates with other parties to develop and grow from juvenile gamers to young adults and adults.

About Us

You ride your car every day; you try to keep it in immaculate condition, and most importantly, driving your beloved car offers you immense satisfaction.

Every hardcore gamer is passionate about the most popular titles and the gaming experience they bring. The likes of League of Legends, Dota, Call of Duty, FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, and many more have upheld the industry and catering to the demands of modern gamers in the most innovative ways.

To put together an engaging gaming experience, modern gamers often invest in gadgets and resources. Whether it is a 4K LED screen, the latest gaming console, PC graphic cards, or gaming steering wheels and pedals, gamers are needed to make the right choice when buying these dynamically cool gadgets.

For this reason, cliffyB.com exists to advise and support every avid gamer out there in making purchases of the right gaming product in the market.

Our Goal

Professional gamers are enthusiastic about some of the highly technical gadgets which are capable of performing in amazing ways. Since gaming is a true passion, the electrifying experience can only be put together if a gamer is up to date with technological equipment.

At cliffyB.com, we are a team of tech-savvy, hardcore gamers with vast accumulated gaming experience in all kinds of environments. Our blog emerges as a central body that aims to support gamers, making them constantly make the right choice for buying gaming products.

As the domain cliffyB.com suggests, our Founders and team members are massive fans of the legendary professional game designer, Cliff Bleszinski. He has been professionally making games for 10 years.

Bleszinski is known for his role in the development of the Unreal and Gears of War series and he has played a vital role in helping the community of gamers grow strong in the whole world. We seek inspiration from him for not just having a star-studded gaming career but his contribution and efforts in the development of the gaming industry.

NOTE: cliffyB.com is not directly or indirectly owned or managed by Cliff Bleszinski.

Luqman Khan

The Founder of cliffyB.com is profoundly known as a gaming expert with incredible knowledge of gaming hardware. He has always had a colossal passion for games and built a gaming setup with the most modern and up-to-date gaming products in his enclosure.

Having spent years investing in and using some world-class grade products, the Founder benefits from incredible gaming hardware.

He knows the right tools and equipment, what works where, and what kind of gadget can allow you to have an out-of-this-world gaming experience.

Luqman Khan - Founder CliffyB

On days when he is not gaming, he can be found traveling to different destinations around the world, meeting and greeting different gamers, attending conferences, and public exhibitions of popular gaming products.

Luqman’s life revolves around gaming, and he has set foot to mark his contribution in the gaming industry via this blog, helping gamers benefit from the platform’s recommendations of gaming products.

Mohammad Tahir

Mohammad Tahir is one of the co-founders of cliffyB.

Tahir has managed the speed optimization and the technicalities of the projects. Making sure that every option and feature is working accurately is his top priority.

He also enjoys working with the tech team on new ideas and features to be introduced to the website.

Mohammad Tahir - Co-Founder CliffyB

Our Story

It began with Luqman and Tahir, who became passionate gamers and shared a mutual liking of legendary American gamer, Cliff Bleszinski.

The Founders understood that the gaming community is rapidly developing and every gamer, whether a beginner or a professional, should have some sort of autonomy and representation in the market.

They founded cliffyB.com as an objective to help gamers around the world assume their power and make the right decisions when it comes to gaming products. Many gamers have reported bad experiences using different gaming accessories, and the lack of trust continues to grow.

This blog intends to change this by offering accurate recommendations and supporting gamers to have an incredible gaming experience. cliffyB.com is run by a team of experts that believes that they should pass on their expertise to others in the effort of facilitating every gamer.

Smart Recommendations

Housing a team of avid gamers and experts, we are the governing body when it comes to professional gaming equipment.

Our recommendations can help you purchase the right product. Not just that but you will understand multiple things about your choice of product which you cannot simply read on the product’s packaging.

We give you all sorts of information and detailed facts about certain products, so when you proceed to make a purchase, you are confident about your choice.

Our experts draw between the pros and cons of each product and also give you suggestions on problems you may encounter about a certain product.

Product Testing

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Tips & Tricks

We not only reveal the facts but advise you further with expert tips and tricks.

Surely a product can be used in multiple ways, and our passion allows us to explore ways by which we can enhance our gaming experience.

Our blog contains resourceful tips that will transform your gaming experience, pushing you to come back to our blog for more.

Complete Transparency

It is our strict policy to put across every ounce of detail regarding a product.

It can be the cool and useful characteristics of a product as well as problems and glitches associated with it.

It is about making the right choice, and it can only be done once all the facts are revealed and analyzed by a customer. So, users can expect complete facts about genuine products to revitalize their own gaming experience.

It is about making the right choice, and it can only be done once all the facts are revealed and analyzed by a customer. So, users can expect complete facts about genuine products to revitalize their own gaming experience.

Contact Us

Having multiple users on our platform, we have formed a healthy community of gamers who can forward their suggestions to us and make this platform grow better.

If you have any questions, reach out to us as our representatives are always looking to hear from you.