7 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk 2022 – Thoroughly Researched

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In a gaming setup, a gaming desk plays a huge role in terms of looks and design.

The more spacious and decent looking desk you have, the more aesthetic your gaming setup looks like.

To make you achieve your dream gaming setup, we have sorted out the top 7 best l-shaped gaming desk for you.

Best L-shaped gaming desk 2022

Top 7 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Ivinta Reversible Black
Ivinta Reversible Black
  • Plenty space for work and gaming on double spacious desktop.
  • Scratchless and Eco friendly desktop.
  • Included with CPU stand and keyboard tray.
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GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk
GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk
  • Best for its appearance and very efficient in home or office use.
  • Sides can be switchable having three piece manufacturing.
  • Table Dimensions is 58.1‘’x 44.3″x 29.13″ (LxWxH).
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Walker Edison Gaming Desk
Walker Edison Gaming Desk
  • Easily place multiple monitors on it.
  • For more game space you can also join desk.
  • Table Dimensions is 29″x51″Lx20″ (HxLxW)
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Coleshome L Shaped Desk
Coleshome L Shaped Desk
  • L Shaped Gaming Desk with Leveling Studs and Wide Monitor Desktop.
  • Having Switchable Sides and its very easy to Assemble it.
  • Available in Multiple Desk Panel Dimension 60″x20″ & 45″x20″. Height: 29″
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VASAGLE Industrial
VASAGLE Industrial
  • Elegant and charming display by its Rustic brown tabletop.
  • Best for gaming to manage consoles cords.
  • At one end of the table it contains two shelves.
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SHW L-Shape Corner Desk
SHW L-Shape Corner Desk
  • L shape Gaming desk with Three piece structure.
  • Steel frame increase its durability
  • Table Dimension is 51″x19″x28.5″ (WxLxH)
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Upscale Corner Gaming Desk
Upscale Corner Gaming Desk
  • It is known for its unique and simple design.
  • Best for gaming and dorm spaces.
  • Table Dimension is 60″x55″x28.2″ (LxWxH)
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Top-Rated L Shaped Gaming Desk

Ivinta Reversible Black - Top-Rated L Shaped Gaming Desk

  • Spacious L-shaped desk (44.1 inches and 57.9 inches).
  • Durable and high quality build material.
  • Echo-friendly.
  • Easy to cleanout.
  • CPU stand and keyboard tray included.
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Spacious Tabletop

The Ivinta L-shaped gaming desk is 57.9 inches longer from the longer side. The shorter side of the L-shaped desk is around 13 inches more concise than the long side.

The desk is excellent for all the three monitor gaming setups and working stations. It gives you the room to fulfill all your gaming and working needs in one place. The L-shaped desk contains three-piece in total.

Build Quality

The Ivinta corner gaming desk is made up of fine quality wood. However, the frame of the desk is made up of steel. The exceptional quality of the frame (steel) is rustproof.

Also, it does not get scratches too quickly. Overall, the combination of the steel frame and wood parts provides a sturdy and stable experience for all its users.

Keyboard Tray and CPU Stand

The Ivinta reversible corner gaming desk contains a tray for your gaming keyboard which is made up of long-lasting material. The length of the keyboard tray is 9.25 inches, and its width is 22.84 inches that make it easy to hold a keyboard. The keyboard tray provides enough space to rest your hands onto it while gaming.

If we talk about the CPU stand, it is at the base of the desk. Its length is 15.55 inches, and the width is 9.25 inches. It is enough to hold any kind of chassis on it. Its location is excellent. It gives a great room of airflow from all sides as there is no boundary around it.

Not easy to assemble

All the major features of this desk make it a sold desk. However, it’s not easy to assemble that makes it a big nay. If you are planning to get it assembled alone then you are wrong. You are going to face several complications while assembling the desk.

Make sure you assemble it calmly as it gets damaged when assembling if not done correctly. The wood boards get damaged. The keyboard tray is also very vulnerable.

Also, the directions that come along with the desk are not really buyer friendly. They could have been better as they do not guide you in a proper way.

It is a solid desk with reliable features. However, it may create some complications for you, as it is not easy to assemble alone. If you think that assembling is not a problem for you, then go for it, you won’t be disappointed with its features.

  • Great legroom.
  • Spacious.
  • CPU stand and keyboard tray.
  • Not worth its actual price.
  • Worst when it comes to assembling.

Space Saver, Modern, Compact

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk - Space Saver, Modern, Compact

  • 90-degrees angle design.
  • Roomy desk made with eco-friendly material.
  • Easy to clean and does not get scratches easily.
  • 3 piece manufactured (Sides can be switched).
  • Adjustable height.
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Build Quality

The GreenForest L-shaped gaming desk is made of high-quality wood. The build material of the desk is eco-friendly; it does not get dust, moisture, and scratches easily. These elements make the GreenForest gaming desk a reliable option, among others.

The frame of the desk is made up of steel, and it is colored by high-quality black color paint that refrains it from getting rust.

Spacious Tabletop and 3-Piece Structure

The GreenForest gaming desk is very sturdy and spacious. It is 58.1 inches long from the longer side and 44.3 inches long from the shorter side. It is great for people looking for an all-in-one desk. You can easily adjust your multiple monitor setup on this desk along with doing your work on it.

If you combine two of these desks, it makes a U-shaped desk. If you are looking for something for your office employees or your partner, then making it a U-shaped desk is an excellent option for you.

The three-piece structure of the desk supports side switching according to your preference. You can switch it sides any time you want.

Foot cups adjustment

This desk includes height adjustment foot cups that allow the legs to be maintained at the same level of height. It helps in more prolonged gaming and working shifts.

Withdraws of this Corner Desk

This gaming desk is sold, whether you want it for your office or your home. However, it’s designed may not intrigue all the gamers out there as it is very simple.

If you are looking for something extraordinary with decent looks, then this is the desk for you. The only minor issue is the aesthetics are not that much of a gaming laptop.

  • Sturdy and stable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great price to performance ratio.
  • Black is not for everyone.

Modern Corner Desk with Stylish L-Shaped Design

Walker Edison Gaming Desk - Modern Corner Desk with Stylish L-Shaped Design

  • Supports multiple monitor setup.
  • Includes CPU stand and keyboard tray.
  • Contains tempered glass.
  • Durable metal build quality.
  • Highly spacious.
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Tempered Glass Spacious Tabletop

The Walked Edison L-shaped gaming desk is an excellent value for money. It provides all the aesthetic and dashy looks with tempered glass on top that one gamer could ask for. The longer side of the L-shaped desk is 51 inches long and the shorter side of the desk is 20 inches.

This is an excellent desk for people looking for a glass tempered, all-in-one desk that could complement their gaming and working stations.

You can accommodate multiple monitors set up on the Walked Edison L-shaped corner desk with ease along with your other necessary supplies.

CPU stand and Keyboard tray

Just to make things more organized and appropriate for you, the Walked Edison desk supports a spacious CPU stand at the bottom of the desk to keep your cabinet safe.

It also gives a keyboard tray support, making things easy to keep your keyboard safe and at a well-reached place.

Build Quality

The frame of the desk is made up of high-quality durable steel and coated with black thick paint that makes the desk stain and rust-free.

On top of the desk, there is a high-quality tempered glass placed that gives the desk an overall decent look along with making it scratchless and echoless.


There is no build-in room for cable management in the table. You’ll have to do something about the wires yourself. Also, there is no rack or drawer in the table.

The keyboard tray of the desk is tiny for huge sized keyboards. Although, if you have a small or standard size keyboard then you are not going to face any issue regarding that.

As long as few of its minor drawbacks do not intrigue you, this corner L-shaped desk with all its superior features and premium looks, definitely worth buying in 2023.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sleek and professional design.
  • Extra screws.
  • Expensive.
  • No space for cable management.

Clean Modern Design

Coleshome L Shaped Desk - Clean Modern Design

  • Contains adjustable leveling studs.
  • High-quality build material (engineered wood).
  • Supports switchable sides and easy to install.
  • Contains dismountable monitor shelf.
  • Contains adjustable leg pads.
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Spacious Tabletop

This corner desk gives plenty of space for multi-monitor setups. You can use the shorter side of the desk to keep your necessary utensils near you or for dinner during your gaming sessions.

The desk is 60 inches in length from the longer side of the L and 45 inches long from the shorter side.

Premium Build Quality

The Coleshome L-shaped premium gaming desk is made up of wooden medium-density fiberboard. The wood is waterproof and scratches resistance. It does not let the dust stick to it. Hence, it is very easy to clean.

If we talk about the frame of the desk, it is made of thick, high-quality, durable metal. There are extra metal brackets that are attached to it that ensure the sturdiness and stability of the desk.

Easy to Assemble

The desk comes in three pieces, along with a manual user guide and a screwdriver. The user guide is very buyer friendly; hence it makes it’s assembling very easy. It should not take more than 20 minutes to put all the pieces of the desk together.

What I don’t Like?

This is a great budget gaming desk overall but it does have some imperfections like there may be some holes on the desk at not exact point as mentioned in buyer guide.

Also, if you are a gamer who needs plenty of space for your arm and elbow, then this may cause problems for you as it gives a minimum space barely for your elbow to be placed along with a big sized keyboard

This desk is an excellent value for money overall. It does have some imperfections. If those do not intrigue you and your needs, then we’d recommend this desk for you.

  • Stable and unique design.
  • Contains leveling studs for uneven floors.
  • Not much space for elbow.

Easy to Assemble, Attractive Metal Desk

VASAGLE Industrial - Easy to Assemble, Attractive Metal Desk

  • Wood brown looking tabletop made up of fine metal.
  • Same length on both sides.
  • All-in-one station.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Contains two shelves at one end of the table.
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Large Size & Spacious Tabletop

Both sides of this L-shaped desk are of the same length. You can use any side according to your preference.

This gaming computer desk for multiple monitors allows you to adjust all your necessary stuff in an organized way. There are two shelves available at the bottom of one side of the desk that makes your desk all-in-one station as you can even place any stuff related to your work near you too.

Unique Design

The vasagle industrial L-shaped corner desk comes in the rustic brown color tabletop; the frame of the desk is made up of a durable metal frame.

There is a special room at the back of the desk for cable management. Ideal for all the gamers out there, you can hide all your wires out there to continue the decency of your gaming setup.

Easy to Assemble

Vasagle has made the process of combining the desk very effortless as they provide an instructional guide with the desk along with all the necessary tools that are required to get the pieces of the desk aligned together.

Color Combination is Not for Everyone

The desk comes in a rustic brown color combination that looks good, but if you are someone who does not like it, then there is no other option left for you.

With tons of features and no significant imperfections, this is one of the best gaming desks you can get in 2023. If you like its color combination, then we’d recommend you to go for it. It is an excellent value for money.

  • Sturdy and Stable.
  • Unique design.
  • Good looks.
  • Color combination is not for everyone.

Great Quality, Space Saving Design

SHW L-Shape Corner Desk - Great Quality, Space Saving Design

  • Three-piece structure.
  • Build quality: high-quality steel and contains fine tempered glass on top.
  • Contains a foot-rest and uneven floor stabilizer.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Does not take too much space.
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Premium Design & Build Quality

If you have been looking for an elegant looking working and gaming desk for you, then this is the right desk for you.

The frame of the desk is made up of premium steel, and the tabletop is covered with dark tempered glass. This desk is excellent for small places as it does not take too much space in the room.

Provides Comfort Sitting

There is a footrest bar located at the bottom of the desk that allows you to place your feet on it while having a break from work or gaming.

Adjustable glide stabilizers are also located in the desk that balances the desk if present on an uneven floor.

Easy to Assemble

The desk comes in a three-piece structure from the box. All the necessary instructions are provided along in a guide along with screws and other tools required to combine the desk altogether.

Not for Tall people

If you are a tall gamer then you may face complications using this desk during long gaming sessions as there is not much legroom.

This desk is an excellent value for money. If you are not very tall, then this should be an ideal desk for you. Get it now without any hesitation.

  • Sleek design.
  • Tempered Glass.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Not for tall guys.

Great For Multitasking

Upscale Corner Gaming Desk - Great For Multitasking

  • Simple and unique design.
  • Very spacious, great for gaming and workplaces..
  • Adjustable desk foots.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Eco-friendly build material.
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Large Size Tabletop

This spacious deck is 60 inches long from the one size of L and 55 inches long from the other side. This is an excellent desk for people looking for a desk for their offices because it can be a two-person desk. You can even make it a U-shaped working desk by combining it with another desk for multiperson usage.

Sturdy and Stable Structure

The Upscale Decor L shaped desk has a solid build design and structure that makes it sturdy and stable. It is made up of a board that is eco-friendly. The frame of the desk is made up of me sturdy ane scratch resistant metal.

The combination of high-quality wood and steel makes it a classical working and gaming desk. The build material of the desk is very easy to clean. Wiping it with a wet piece of cloth is enough to clean out the desk.

Effortless Assembling and Adjustable Desk Feet

This sturdy multifunctional desk is very easy to assemble as all the tools and instructions come along with the pieces of the table. A single person can easily combine the desk altogether without facing too many complications.

This desk also features adjustable desk feet that help to even the table on uneven floors. All these features make it a perfect desk for your room.

No Footrest Available

There is no footrest available at the bottom of the desk. This could be a problem for people who spends long shifts on their working or gaming desks

Other than that, this could be an ideal desk for your working and gaming needs.

We assure you that this desk worths every single penny of its price. You should definitely buy it without any hesitation.

  • Stury looks.
  • Adjustable desk feet.
  • Spacious tabletop.
  • Two styles.
  • No footrest.

L Shaped Gaming Desk
Buyers Guide

A desk is another component of a gaming setup that does not get too much attention.

But in reality, it is one of the most significant parts of a gaming setup. The whole look of your gaming setup depends on your gaming desk.

Best L Shaped Gaming Desk Buyers Guide

Is an L-Shaped Desk A Right Choice For You?

It totally depends on your preference but an L-shaped desk allows you to organize the components of your system in a better way as they are very spacious as compared to other kinds of desks.

Before making a mind to buy a desk, please keep in mind the size of your gaming or working room and the place where you will be placing the desk. However, the L-shaped desks do not take any extraordinary space than the standard desks.

Must be Spacious

Whether you are buying a desk for writing, working, crafting, or gaming, it needs to have a large tabletop, and it should be spacious. Nobody likes a congested working station.

Also, prefer the desks that provide extra space as in racks or drawers so that you can keep your gaming peripherals and other necessities near you.


Build quality plays a significant role in the life of the desk. A desk made by high-quality material always lasts for years while on the other hand a desk made by compromised quality always leaves you disappointed.

We’d recommend you to try not to save a few bucks just to compromise on the quality of the desk. Always go for the desk that is made by superior quality material, whether it’s wood, metal, or glass.

Design and Looks

Attractive looks always appeal to people. The same is the case here, the more aesthetic and pleasing-looking desk you opt for. More it is going to complement your gaming setup.

Shortlist a few of your favorite looking desks while considering their other features before making any final decision and decide one best from them, so you do not regret later.


Gaming and working sessions are usually long, and that means comfortability matters a lot. There are few things that need to be checked in terms of comfortability of the desk, such as, enough space for arm, elbow, and hand because you need a little bit of space for your arm while your hand on the keyboard if you do not want to get exhausted too soon.

Other than that, the footrest matters a lot. If there is a footrest present at the base of your desk, then it is going to make you feel comfortable during work or even brake. You can relax while keeping your feet on it.

Must Be Easy To Assemble

Whenever you are buying a desk, check out its reviews on the internet that whether it is easy to assemble or not because nobody wants to face unwanted complications when it comes to combining the desk altogether.

Avoid such problems by opting for the desk that is easy to assemble.

Room For Cable Management

If you are the one who does not like unwanted cables all around, then you should go for the desk that provides a room for wires to hide them at one corner.

There are many good corner desk available in the market that provides separate space for wires, and there are some who does not. We’d recommend you to look for a desk that allows you to hide your wires at one side so that your setups look minimal and clean.

Room for Peripherals

Desks don’t need to have a keyboard tray and CPU stand.

If your ideal desk has them, then it’s excellent, and if not, then you should not worry about it as long as your desk has enough space for keyboard and CPU to be placed on it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is the L-shaped desk most recommended for gaming purposes?

There is no particular reason behind that. It is only because the L-shaped desks do not take much space and gives you much space to arrange your setup.

Is an L-shaped desk more challenging to assemble than other desks?

An L-shaped desk could be more challenging to assemble than other desks because it comes mostly in three pieces structure. However, this is not right in every situation. There are many L-desks in the market that are very easy to assemble.

Will I be able to assemble my L-shaped desk alone?

Nowadays, almost all of the brands give an instructional guide with essential tools along with the desk that helps to combine the desk comfortably. So, yes, you will be able to assemble it quickly if you follow the instructional guide carefully.

For gaming and working purposes, what kind of desk should I go for? Office desk or L-shaped desk?

This depends on your personal preference. However, an L-shaped desk gives you more room to work and arrange your stuff around, unlike a simple office desk. So, the choice is all yours in the end.

Should I go for a U-shaped desk or an L-shaped desk?

A U-shaped desk gives you plenty more room than an L-shaped desk. If you are looking for a bigger desk or desk for two, then you can go for a U-shaped desk. You can even combine two L-shaped desks to make a U-shaped desk.


From the list of top products to the FAQs, we provided you everything we could so you get to choose the best desk for you.

Do let us know below that what desk are you going for and how this article helped you.

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