Best Case Fans in 2023 – Ultimate Buyers Guide

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To all the gaming fans out there, What do you think is the most important part of your desktop pc? Controllers?

Just think a little out of the box. Say that you already have your dream computer with all your favorite gadgets, what are you still missing out on?

Best Case Fans 2022

Top 10 Best Case Fans 2022

Ever thought about cooling fans? Yes, they usually go unnoticeable in the bigger picture but they’re very important for a gaming PC.

After spending 97 hours in research and product testing, we have compiled a list of the Best Case fans 2022 for you.

  • Use Magnetic Bearing.
  • Less vibration and noise.
  • The best Fan speed.
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Rosewill 120mm
Rosewill 120mm
  • Low Budget Gaming PC Fan.
  • Best slim structure.
  • Four Fans in a Pack.
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Corsair LL120
Corsair LL120
  • Fan blades of 120mm.
  • Leight in weight.
  • 3-fan packs.
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Asiahorse FS-9002
Asiahorse FS-9002
  • Stylish design with a Hydraulic bearing.
  • Best Lighting effects.
  • Best Compatibility.
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Pccooler 120mm
Pccooler 120mm
  • Minimum noise profile.
  • Low cost price.
  • 4Pin PMW connector.
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upHere 3-Pack
upHere 3-Pack
  • Unlimited color transformation.
  • Remote controller with 4 different speed options.
  • It use rubber pads and hydraulic bearings.
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Noctua NF-F12
Noctua NF-F12
  • Best speed and airflow.
  • PMW controls adjustment.
  • Easily compatible.
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upHere 120mm
upHere 120mm
  • 8 ultra-bright RGB LED lights.
  • 5 blades design.
  • Remote with a battery.
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Arctic P12
Arctic P12
  • Low Budget PC fan.
  • PST connecting rods.
  • Noiseless fans.
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  • USB Connectivity.
  • Remote to control 4 speeds.
  • Elastic Wires.
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Best RGB Case Fans 2022

DEEP COOL RF120 - Best RGB Case Fans 2022

  • Can Be plugged into 12v motherboards.
  • No cable-controller needed.
  • 6 pcs Deep Cool RGB devices are well-supported, including Captain EX RGB, Gammaxx GT, etc.
  • Comes with excellent fan speed.
  • High Air Flow (56.5CFM) and Minimum Noise Profile (17.8~27dB).
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Deep Cool has given much thought before presenting their very impressive case fan. Obviously, when it comes to RGB they exactly know what the product should incorporate to provide the best gaming experience to gamers.


Cool fans come with a 4-pin connection consisting of new PWM technology that lets you control the speed of your pc fan according to your preference. You can increase or decrease fan speed and control its power consumption and noise profile.


It is made of thin frosted-plastic and there are some grooves present along the side of the blades. The rigid structures are for reducing turbulence and act as air stabilizers. This reduces the vibration and noise. The smooth fan blades are placed with a minimum 0.8mm clearance between them and the housing which provides a better airflow with high-speed motion. Maintaining a cool temperature environment of your system is the main goal of DeepCool RGB fans. It has 6 tiny LEDs giving the fan a vibrant look.

Motherboard and Control

These fans are usually controlled by the motherboard of your PC but you can also control them by using separate software. It is pretty compatible with 4-pin RGB of the motherboard, provided the working software like ASUS Aura Sync, Gigabyte Aorus, etc.

Cost effective

Deep Cool fans are very cost-effective and easily be bought within your budget plan. They come with 2-year wear and tear warranty. So, if somehow your fans get damaged or stop working, you can get them repaired in the warranty period.

Noticeable fact

Although, the fans have classic high-class machinery, yet there is a little lapse in the bearing. The DeepCool fans use a magnetic bearing that works on the magnetic repel phenomenon instead of using a physically attached bearing.

  • Chic fan design.
  • Great airflow.
  • Cost effective product.
  • Magnetic bearings.

Best Budget Case Fans

Rosewill 120mm - Best Budget Case Fans

  • 4 Pack of Black Rosewill 120mm Case Fans.
  • Comes with 3-Pin and LP4 Connector.
  • Quite low noise profile of 22dBA.
  • Long Lifespan with quality parts (Sleeve Bearing).
  • Consists of 7 Fan Blades providing 1200RPM meaning great speed.
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Airflow and Speed

The Rosewill 120mm comes with 7-blade fans that are quite fast on spinning. It rounds up about 1200 rotations in a minute and promises good airflow at 38.2 CFM. Plus with four fans in a pack, you get 4× times of this speed. This ensures that your pc remains cool while you play games.


The fans are plastic-made with very slim structures to ensure easy setup. So, these fans can also be used in compact spaces and still provide a great cooling effect to your gaming PC. The Rosewill 120mm comes with a full fixture kit that has plastic mounts. These are reinforced mounts that can be easily screwed to fix the fans in a single position. This way you can station your fans to effectively cool your gaming PC.

Motherboard and Control

The fan comes with a 3-pin connector and LP4 connector that can be used with the motherboard connection for controlling the fan. It has a sleeve bearing for the attachment of Blades. The sleeve consists of a plastic sheath that attaches the bearing to 7 fan blades. A sleeve bearing usually lasts longer than other bearing types. Moreover, it provides a very low noise because the sleeve operates quite effectively even when its plastic sheath has worn out.

Cost effective

Rosewill 120mm is absolutely the best case fan that you can get for your gaming PC if you have a low budget and don’t want to spend a lot. It is cheap yet works quite well in cooling down your computer.

Noticeable fact

It should be noted that the quality of Rosewill case fans is not compromised due to its low price in the market however, the low price does affect its design which is quite simple and not like other fancy competitors. Plus the airflow of the whole pack of four fans is better but a single fan can’t be trusted to handle the job alone.

  • Easy setup with slim size.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Long lasting bearing parts.
  • Low noise profile.
  • Low air flow.
  • Simple design.

Corsair iCUE Compatible

Corsair LL120 - Corsair iCUE Compatible

  • The fan speed is 600-1500 RPM depending on the requirement.
  • Total 16 RGB lights are arranged on two independent loops.
  • Consists of an easy and controllable software link via corsair’s powerful.
  • The blades produce low noise operation.
  • It weighs only about 2.88 ounces and adds almost no weight.
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Corsair LL Series is an RGB fan with 16 fully independent LEDs that are just software-controlled, the desired lighting effects are set up to build a quality fan along with less noise and great airflow.

Fan Blades

120 millimeter Fan blades generate high airflow with more performance. You can use all three modes of speed such that, minimum, medium, and maximum. The fan can be set up to requirements. For this model, you can have up to 16 RGB LEDs which are easily separable.

Pulse Width Module

It comes with a proper PWM controlling power which is capable of increasing the speed of the fan. The sound would be less noisy.

Service and Lifespan

The spinning speed is 600 RPM to 1,500 RPM that pushes up to 43.25 CFM. It has a lifespan of around 40,000 hours. Also, it has a hydraulic bearing which produces the perfect airflow and less noise.

Limited Software Controller

It is very limited in the effects when it comes to supporting. However, the hard-wired controller offers more versatility and variations.

Independent 16 RGB LEDs in each fan, divided between two light loops. Airflow is 43.25 CFM, noise level – 24.8 decibels. Corsair sells the LL120 RGB White 3-fan packs individually with an iCUE RGB LED controller.

  • Exceptionally excellent airflow.
  • LED lighting fan.
  • Produce less noise.
  • Expensive.
  • Cables are not sleeved.

ASUS Aura Sync Compatible

Asiahorse FS-9002 - ASUS Aura Sync Compatible

  • 15% Higher AirVolume and Wind Pressure.
  • 28 RGB LED lights and various light effects.
  • Long-term Hydraulic bearing.
  • 2.4G junction box and ARGB controller.
  • Synchronization with Gigabyte RGB Fusion, US aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync etc.
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Airflow and Speed

The Asiahorse 9002 comes with advanced fan design and technology that provides 15% higher wind pressure and volume of air with the same fan speed. This effectively increases the fan activity by a large factor and reduces the temperature gradient of your pc while you play games on it.


The fan base and blades have a nice-looking white appearance from the outside while the internal and external of the fan has 28 impressive RGB lights. The LEDs make it more appealing. The three RGB colors can be combined differently to give you the best lighting effects. The lamp bead consists of gold wire that greatly reduces the resistance and thus decreases LED exhaustion.

Motherboard and Control

Several LED modes with different light effects like wave, RGB spectrum, full light, flow, pulse, ripple, off, and blink, are controlled by a 2.4G junction box. It contains a Hydraulic Bearing for blade attachment and a unique self-lubricated system that keeps your gaming PC cool by using a friction-reducing substance for smooth operation. Analog ARGB controller is present for low-profile PC cases that don’t require RGB Cables to be connected with motherboards.

Support and Compatibility

The most important part about using Asiahorse 9002 is that this fan can easily be synchronized with your favorite gaming station. You can also control the fan’s lighting easily by selecting the addressable 5V RGB motherboards. It supports a variety of motherboard software programs such as Gigabyte RGB Fusion, US aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, etc

The product is not very expressive and can easily be bought without going out of your budget plan. The features are worth more than what it actually costs you.

  • Good Compatibility.
  • Multiple light effects.
  • Classic design with Hydraulic bearing.
  • No manual speed control.

PC-M120R Computer Compatible

Pccooler 120mm - PC-M120R Computer Compatible

  • 5 pcs 120mm full function PWM fans.
  • Fan speed of 1000~1800±10% RPM.
  • Sync with Motherboard’s RGB/ARGB Port.
  • 12 RGB/5v ARGB sync connector, 4 pin PWM power connector.
  • Hydraulic Bearing.
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Airflow and Speed

The PC cooler 120mm fan spins at a good speed and completes approximately 1000-2000 rotations per minute. The speed of the fan is automatically controlled by the motherboard based on an intelligent temperature control system that monitors the cooling effect and airflow.

Motherboard and Control

The fan has a 4Pin PWM connector which connects with a 1-to-5 female port of strip cable instead of the motherboard. Fan speed is controlled by the motherboard’s PWM signal. These fans consist of a 4pin 5v ARGB connector for connecting with an RGB box. The RGB LED lights and fan’s RGB signal can be controlled by the remote.


The fan is designed with 8 soft rubber pads attached to the mainframe for absorbing shock. The rubber also makes the internal operation stable and reduces the noise output of the fan. It also has 12 lighting modes of RGB LEDs, each containing eight different colors and speeds, providing a rather colorful lighting effect during streaming. It also contains a double-sided ring and ARGB glare-effect design which gives a beautiful design to the cooling system.

Technology Lifespan

It has an effective hydraulic bearing system for blade attachment with a lifetime of 30,000 Hrs. This means it can be used to cool your system for a long gaming marathon.

Support and Compatibility

The fan’s ARGB connectors are connected to the RGB control box properly. Plus it has silk mark instructions to avoid any reverse placements of connections. This case fan is suitable for a liquid cooler and supports a variety of radiators. (120/240/360mm)

Noticeable Fact

The RGB remote control box with its many connections sometimes gets really irritating. The setup is not that small to fix in compact systems however it is easy to use. But the product, with its low-cost price, provides a better cooling system for your gaming PC.

  • Low budget product.
  • Minimum noise profile.
  • Long life bearing.
  • Good compatibility.
  • Low airflow.
  • Poor Controlling.

Compatible with Molex 4 PIN headers

upHere 3-Pack - Compatible with Molex 4 PIN headers

  • The speed is 1200 RPM ±10%(PWM).
  • Air Flow is 18.1-50.9 CFM ±10%.
  • It enhances performance of cooling with Higher air flow.
  • Comes in 3 in 1 Value pack.
  • Provides ultra quiet operation at 19 dBA.
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Uphere is a Double-Ring Red Green Blue (RGB) LED Case Fan with CPU Coolers and with a combination of low noise and striking lightning. Moreover, connected with two sets of RGB lights and 120 RGB case fans along with 6 series.

Color transformation of RGB LED

The color transformation is unlimited with an asynchronous change of colors, meanwhile, fans can be set statically as per color changes solely with wireless remote. One controller can connect up to 8 RGB fans.

Speed Controller

You get options of four different speeds with a remote controller which can set to minimum to medium, as well as maximum.

Makes less noise

The rubber pads and hydraulic bearing which are present in it can greatly improve efficiency and reduce noise.

Service and Lifespan

The case fan has a good quality Hydraulic Bearing, the lifespan is around 20000 hours with high-speed rotation condition. Pulse Width Modulation Control The PWM function permits the motherboard to run the fan at the required speed. This assures minimal noise and perfect cooling.

The LED seems dim or solely turns off at low speed. It may simply turn off below 60% fan speed. And also they do make some noise at high speed.

  • Inexpensive for RGB with effects of light.
  • Enhance performance of cooling.
  • LED lightning is super cool.
  • Molex connector is pretty loose.
  • LEDs get dim with the low speed.

Compatible with All Standard Sockets and Screws

Noctua NF-F12 - Compatible with All Standard Sockets and Screws

  • Long lifespan with good compatibility.
  • Speed range of 300 to 1500 RPM with great Airflow.
  • Anti-vibration mounts with Low Noise Adapter.
  • Slim sized fan for easy fixing in most cases.
  • Award-winning classy design.
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This Noctua NF-F12 case fans are a great choice for your gaming PC with its custom design that focuses mainly on flow-frame to maximize the cooling effect. The framework wonders with 11 stator guide vanes.

Airflow and Speed

The fan produces good cooling effects with its clips acting on heatsinks. With this technology more heat is drawn away from your heated system and it gets cool quickly for more gaming. The fan comes with a low noise adapter that aims to reduce noise profile by giving the fan a high speed of 1500 to 1200RMP.


More blades mean better airflow and speed. The fan comes with 7 smooth blades great for cooling. The blades used in the product are optimized specifically to achieve a great balance between quietness and power. The model with its silicone-soft anti-vibration pads is capable of minimizing the vibration transmission to a greater extent.

Motherboard and Control

The fan speed can be adjusted via using PWM controls. But still, to make the product more efficient, SSO bearing (second generation) is incorporated within. The SSO bearing is capable of keeping it stable and providing great durability and precision to the fan.

Compatibility and Ease-of-Use

The Noctua fan is pretty compatible with a long list of CPU cases that may have different types of mounting systems. Plus it is not rocket science when it comes to installation. With its size and shape, the fan easily fits in most cases.

Noticeable Fact

The product is a little bit expensive as compared to similar options when it comes to pricing but its performance is well worth the price. You won’t have to buy a new case fan if you’re using this Noctua FS-F12 any time soon.

  • Very low noise profile.
  • Compatible with many cases.
  • Durable product.
  • Multiple units may be required.
  • Installation might feel tricky to beginners.

Best Budget RGB Fans

upHere 120mm - Best Budget RGB Fans

  • It is a 120mm fan with Red, Green, and blue LED lightning.
  • It has a radio frequency (RF) wireless remote through which you can control the lightning.
  • The design of 5 blades is made for high-volume air delivery with minimum level.
  • A noise produced for this operation is of about 14.8 (dba) which is considered a very quiet one.
  • There are solely two ways of easy installation; you can either draw cool air into the case or blow warm air out of your case.
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Following some of the features you should be aware of:

RGB Led Lightning

With 8 ultra-bright RGB LED lights, provides lighting to achieve the effects of magical lighting with multiple-choice controls as well as various distinct modes like static, breathing, and multi-color cycling etcetera.

Radio Frequency Wireless Remote

A Radio Frequency or RF remote is capable of controlling lightning of UPHERE 120mm and switching off the effects of lights just by using the remote controller.

Durability and Long Term Service

It has a long-term service life span of around 40,000 hours and with the help of resistant hydraulic bearing, it makes the fan run less noisy along with larger air volume.

Custom-Molded Blades

The blades are exceptionally translucent along with a frosted texture, which moreover adds to the led lightning, a dreamy effect.

Small Sized Remote Controller

Remote comes in a really small size which is easy to drop off and it makes it quite difficult for changing colors because of its size. Rings come off easily and are not attached to the fan, so this one is a turn-off.

  • It has a remote with battery.
  • Each fan has its own pads and screws.
  • Fans don’t really create noise.
  • Remote is really very small.
  • The rings may come off.
  • Colors are not separated.

Compatible Processor Series

Arctic P12 - Compatible Processor Series

  • It is a 120 mm black case fan solely consisting of Five Pack.
  • It provides Pulse width module (PWM) Sharing Technology (PST).
  • Static pressure is optimized with 200-1800 RPM.
  • Heatsinks, radiators and partially covered case vents.
  • Push and pull is quite possible and easy.
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Arctic P12 is a black computer case fan of 12cm. Its features are exceptionally redesigned fan blades and high static pressure is optimized for this. Therefore P12 is extremely effective when used with high air resistance and on heatsinks.

CPU and GPU Temperatures

The CPU consists of a Water cooler i7 4770k which is approximately 58c and previously it was 61c. The GPU has Nvidia GTX 770 4GB which is 76c maximally and was previously 79c.

Bear High Quality

The friction within the bearing is reduced enough with greater efficiency and this combination of lubricant or alloy has been made possible by Germany as it is developed there.

Unorthodox Design

The fan blades are innovatively designed to improve the airflow and also facilitate the ventilation of high efficiency.

Service Life and Warranty

Its service life is quite high because of the bearing capacity, also the dynamic fluid bearing avoids the leakage of lubricants as it comes with an oil capsule. The warranty lasts for 6 years.

The fan speed is 1800RPM, level of noise: 9dB at 1800 RPM. The speed is not as maximum as it should be, so you would get a bit less cooling with a bit less noise. This ARCTIC P12 masterpiece comes in black and in 120mm size.

  • The fans are noiseless and inexpensive.
  • It includes PWM and PST connecting cord.
  • Longer cord allows connection to reach more distant fans.
  • Reduces PC temperature.
  • Wire management is required.
  • Speed is not maximum.

Compatible with Turbo Wall Adapter and Multifan Models

AC Infinity MULTIFAN S5 - Compatible with Turbo Wall Adapter and Multifan Models

  • It is a USB cooling MULTIFAN S5 with DUAL 80MM.
  • This fan is solely designed to cool components like electronics via USB.
  • Multi-speed controller to set the speed of fan within airflow levels and optimal noise.
  • Both of these fans are connected permanently by a cord of feet 2.5 and moreover, they share the same multi-speed controller.
  • MULTIFAN S1, S2, S3 and S4 contain a single fan but MULTIFAN S5 contains two fans.
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Certain features of AC Infinity MULTIFAN S5 make it look different from the other versions, let’s have a look at some.

They have a service life or lifespan of about 67,000 hours also allows the fans to stand upright or laid flat. The fan can be powered by a USB plug through USB ports. An in-line multi-speed controller is included by the fans along with a power-switch which sets up the fan speed to optimal noise as well as airflow.

Connectivity of Various Units

The power source of a similar USB can be shared with up to four fans and a thermal controller is likely to be shared by six fans altogether.

Unnecessarily long Cable

The cable is unnecessarily 1m long, it’s more prone to be plugged into the adjoining device. Moreover, a small zip tie is provided in the box, but it is way too small to break the whole cable.

AC Infinity MULTIFAN S5 is 80mm duality, can be connected via USB. Lifespan is about 67,000 hours, Airflow: 52 CFM, Noise: 18dB with dual-ball bearing. Altogether it is a good package under the budget.

  • Removable grills, screws, and grips.
  • Contains four different speeds.
  • USB connection is provided.
  • Very flexible wires.
  • Nothing! Really they are great pairs.
  • Unnecessarily long cable.

Case Fans Buyers Guide

We have come up with the most important features that you may need in your case fan to have it work best with your gaming PC.

We’ve selected the listed Fans due to their amazing features of compatibility options, airflow, fan speed, and control methods.

Best Case Fans 2022 Buyers Guide

These are not randomly picked from the pile but chosen carefully to work best with your gaming routine.

If you’re looking for a best-case fan to keep your gaming computer cool while playing, we have crafted a list of features that you need to pay attention to in your search for a suitable base case fan.

Cooling Capability

As the name indicates, cooling capacity is one of the most important features that you may be looking for in your best case fans intentionally or unintentionally. The fan must be able to quickly cool down your PC by dissipating heat energy from your gaming system.

The product with the highest cooling capacity will obviously rank on top of your list of buying the best case fan. Therefore it should be able to reduce the temperatures of your system by a long shot with its effective cooling skills.

The cooling capability of the case fan is greatly affected by the airflow of that model. You can say that the cooling capacity is somewhat directly proportional to the airflow and vice versa.

The airflow is usually measured in terms of CFM which is what you should check first while buying a product. Think as Low CFM means lower airflow which means lower cooling properties and higher CFM means higher airflow which will ultimately have a greater cooling effect.


When you buy a product with your hard-earned money, you want it to work well for a longer period of time. This simply means that if you’re investing in best case fans for your gaming PC, it must be durable and have a longer lifespan.

The durability of the product mainly depends upon the type of materials that are used in the manufacturing of the product. In the case of PC Fans, it includes blades, bearings, body, wire material, LED, controlling software, and RPM. Having the top-notch Best case fan will greatly affect your gaming experience because of the level of performance that it delivers.

Nobody wants to buy the same product again and again if it lacks durability and has performance issues. If the product works great only for a shorter period of time, it is not worth your money. For this very reason, all the products listed above come with an ensured guarantee of great performance along with a durable build.

Bearing Type

The durability depends upon bearing type more than any other materials used in the product. The particular type of bearing used in the fan greatly affects its performance as well as its lifespan. The parts usually get damaged due to continuous usage and heated temperatures.

Make sure to check the bearing when buying the best case fan for your gaming computer. Some bearings can last longer than the other types. For example, the fans with fluid bearings are observed to work well for longer periods of time as compared to the ones that have a ball bearing because of less friction.

Noise Level

It is very common for case fans to be noisy and overly loud irrespective of the purpose for which the device is being used. For example, if you’re using a case fan with your PC, its main goal should not only be limited to providing a great cooling effect to the heated system but also a quiet sound environment is necessary to have a better gaming experience.

While gaming on your PC, you need to concentrate on winning the game, and if not winning, you definitely wish to enjoy the game to its fullest at the very least for which you need to focus your attention on the game. But due to the high noise coming from the case fans, focusing on the game is next to impossible.

The noise levels are usually measured in dBA which will always be given in the column of features by the manufacturer. The lower the noise level, the better will be your gaming experience.

Zero Interreptions

The noise profile of the case fans can be a great disturbance for the gamers. Therefore, in order to ensure uninterrupted better gameplay, you need to make sure that the fans you are buying must have a low noise profile so you don’t have to deal with the disturbing noise problems.

The products that we have picked for your gaming units are capable of keeping the noise profile very low and even inaudible in most cases. You will be provided with the quietest possible fan functioning greatly in cooling down your system as well.

The noise level is also affected by the rotations per minute at which the fan spins. Running your case fan at high speeds all the time will cause it to make more noise and it may get damaged soon.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Case Fan Necessary?

You might be wondering why to invest in a case fan at all so the reason is simple, for getting better performance, greater control, and long-term usage.

How Big Should Be A Case Fan?

The 120mm case fan describes the perfect size to be fitted in your system efficiently without complications. The smaller size makes the fitting procedure easier.

Are Bigger Case Fans Better?

People usually go for bigger case fans for their effective low noise profiles. If your system can support a bigger fan, no need to settle for anything less than perfect.

How Many Case Fans Are Needed?

A single quality case fan works fine but more will obviously work finest to ensure greater cooling effects. The more the merrier!

Are 140mm Fans Better Than 120mm?

The 120mm fans can move at greater RMP but produce more noise than 140mm which, on the other hand, produces less noise while giving the same cooling effect


A quality fan product not only cools your gaming system down but also increases the time limit for you to play your favorite games on your PC.

These case fans are specially designed to work well with whatever type of gaming system you may have. The products are well-known for their amazing performance and great compatibility options.

Best Case Fans 2022 Conclusion
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