Best Gaming Desks Under $200 – Reviews, FAQs, and Guide

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When it comes to gaming, you can be rest assured there will be a lot of moving parts for the perfect ensemble.

Perhaps the foundation of this ensemble is the gaming PC that you will spend a fortune over, but the real foundation that provides stability to your setup is the gaming desk.

best gaming desk under $200 in 2023

Top 8 Best Gaming Desks Under $200

Since gaming equipment has a lot of range, gaming desks are no different.

Their price can vary from 100$ to 2000$, and hence we shall be looking at the few of the best gaming desk under $200 so that you can enjoy the gameplay at an affordable price.

AuAg Enhanced Larger Gaming
AuAg Enhanced Larger Gaming
  • Designed for the professional gaming
  • This desk built for gamers with a great dimension of 55 x 26 inches
  • It is constructed Highly durable with the Hexagonal construction of steel legs.
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Foxemart Computer Desk
Foxemart Computer Desk
  • The best gaming and traditional desk in this list.
  • Maximum stability by its sturdy design
  • It is constructed with MDF sheets that are waterproof and scratch resistant.
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GreenForest L-Shaped Gaming Desk
GreenForest L-Shaped Gaming Desk
  • L-shaped design give Elegant shape to this desk
  • With a three-piece design it easy to use for any purpose.
  • Constructed with particleboard (P2 eco friendly)
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Coleshome Modern Computer Desk
Coleshome Modern Computer Desk
  • High quality Desk Panel and super sturdy frame for the gamers.
  • Multiple sizes are available in this great desk.
  • Adjustable leg pads and Metal legs make it more comfortable.
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Coleshome L Shaped Desk
Coleshome L Shaped Desk
  • Modern design with a smooth Wide desktop.
  • High Quality Material and best Stability enhanced its quality.
  • Having Switchable Sides and its Easy to assemble it.
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SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk
SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk
  • Best for the dorm room it saves the space and give you elegant look.
  • Constructed with Environmental particle board having wood grains on it.
  • To store stationary and place gaming accessories it has multiple shelves.
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Walker Edison L Shaped Glass Computer Desk
Walker Edison L Shaped Glass Computer Desk
  • Smooth and such a elegant look by its wide glass panel.
  • You can easily place more than one monitor on it.
  • PC stand is dedicated with it.
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Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Gaming Corner Desk
Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Gaming Corner Desk
  • Cubiker Modern L Shaped desk is constructed with MDF boards and with metal frame.
  • Best for its durability.
  • Having two way monitor shelf setups.
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Best All-Rounder Gaming Desk

AuAg Enhanced Larger Gaming - Best All-Rounder Gaming Desk

  • Large surface for gaming – 55″ x 26″.
  • Gaming mouse pad covers the entire desk.
  • Steel legs ensure durability.
  • Four leveling feet provide stability and adjustable heights.
  • Convenient cable management with dual cutouts.
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The AuAg gaming desk boasts a large playing surface with a footprint of roughly 55″ x26″. It is large enough to house even ultra-wide monitors with ease as well as two 27″ monitors. The spacious setup provides gamers with the comfort of placing all their peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard, etc.

Another cool feature for the gamers is the three millimeters thick gaming pad that runs across the length of the gaming desk. The gaming pad also is waterproof so that you can enjoy your gaming conquests to the fullest.

The gaming desk features hexagonal steel leg construction to improve the durability; meanwhile, the four-foot leveling system provides the utmost stability to the whole desk and keeps it horizontal at all times.

The cable management on this gaming desk is efficient and well thought of as it boasts two separate cutouts for managing all the system’s wires. The cutouts are large enough to house all the cables, and also offers a concealed power strip box so that you can neatly tuck away all the wires.

Other features include a cup holder, a hook for your gaming headphones, and adjustable leg pads for maximum utility. These additional features provide a clutter-free space to enjoy your gaming as well as peace-of-mind with the durable and sturdy construction of the gaming desk.

The AuAg 55″ gaming desk is a marvel for all gamers, and that at an affordable price. However, there are small things that would go on to make this even better, such as the headphone holder present on the other side of the desk. Most users find this configuration a little inconvenient. Similar is the lack of an RGB gaming desk, as most gamers would love to see a bit of lighting to the environment.

Overall, the AuAG 55″ is well worth your money with its brilliant carbon-fiber sleek texture that provides you a top surface for gaming. Additional features such as holders and excellent cable management add to the appeal of this gaming desk.

  • Large enough surface to meet all gaming needs.
  • Sleek carbon fiber build adds to aesthetics..
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Excellent cable management.
  • A sizeable waterproof gaming mouse pad.
  • No RGB lighting.
  • Not spacious enough to house three monitors.
  • Headphone hooks may cause some inconvenience.

Mixture of Simplicity & Durability

Foxemart Computer Desk - Mixture of Simplicity & Durability

  • Mid-size desk – roughly 55″ x24.”.
  • Easy to Assemble and Versetile.
  • The sturdy design maximizes stability.
  • Scratch-resistant, waterproof, MDF construction.
  • Two-year warranty.
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The Foxemart computer desk is one of the more traditional desks on this list of best gaming desks. The sturdy design and a no-nonsense approach make the Foxemart computer desk ideal for gamers who do not look for many additional features. 

The 55 by 24 computer desk provides ample real-estate for all your system peripherals, including ultra-wide monitors or a dual monitor system. The desk also comes with an easy to assemble philosophy, which hardly takes a quarter of an hour.

The construction of this MDF computer desk is a thing to marvel; it provides sleek durability that most other desks fail at. The leg pads can be adjusted as per requirements, the steel brackets with a triangularly designed junction offer the utmost security for your items placed on the desk. This secure structure also lets the desk withstand considerable weights.

The MDF constructed panel on the frame of the desk represents a state of the art construction that boasts qualities such as water-resistance, anti-collision, and being waterproof amongst others. MDF is a versatile material that is lightweight yet gives a traditional wooden feel.

The desk has a minimalistic design that makes it a perfect bet for carrying out diverse functions around the house. So if you do not require the desk for gaming purposes, it can be efficiently utilized elsewhere.

The Foxemart does not have the underpinnings of a gaming desk that most avid gamers would be looking for due to a simple design. It lacks any particular features or extra storage option or cable management options.

What the Foxemart computer desk lacks in features, it more than makes up in the durability and simplicity department. You can rest assured of the longevity that this desk can provide if you use it as your gaming desk. With little fuss and maximum ease, this gaming desk is one for the minimalists.

  • Durability and strength.
  • Can support hefty loads.
  • MDF construction gives a rustic look.
  • The steel frame is sturdy and stable..
  • Sleek, contemporary design.
  • No RGB lighting.
  • No extra storage or hooks for accessories.

Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

GreenForest L-Shaped Gaming Desk - Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

  • Elegant L-shaped design.
  • Easy to use with a three-piece design.
  • P2 eco-friendly particleboard construction.
  • Graceful metallic curved frame.
  • Adjustable height feature.
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Gaming systems typically have a large footprint and hence require full-size gaming desks. Horizontal desks can fulfill the requirements, but nothing fits the bill more than the L-shaped gaming desks, which conveniently provide ample space for all things gaming.

The GreenForest l-shaped gaming desk features precisely the same functionality along with a chic design. The desk is the fusion of a contemporary artistic look with a touch of metallic durability in the shape of a black curved metal frame to give the most pleasing aesthetics.

The construction of the desk panel is another win-win as it boasts P2 particleboard construction that is considered more eco-friendly than the typical MDF constructed boards. The particleboards provide a water-resistant and scratch-resistant surface for all gamers to ply their gaming skills with the utmost ease.

The curved metal frame also provides a beautiful and simple look along with the durability of peel-resistant paint. The sturdy l-shaped gaming desk can easily withstand high loads with the capability of housing multiple monitors on it at a time.

The three pieces of this ensemble can be easily rearranged for better orientation as per the gamer’s requirements. Even more so, a gaming chair and a new desk attached can transform the desk into an able U-shaped desk meant for even higher gaming stakes.

The gaming desk that boasts simplicity and sleekness doesn’t possess features such as RGB lighting, extra storage compartments, or even a mouse gaming pad.

Despite the traditional nature of the GreenForest gaming desk, it still provides a suitable platform for gamers to enjoy their gaming adventures and use the 3-piece desk in a versatile manner without having to worry about the durability.

  • Elegant design.
  • The curved metal frame provides beautiful aesthetics.
  • Contemporary, eco-friendly build quality.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Highly affordable desk.
  • No RGB lighting.
  • No extra storage or hooks for accessories.
  • A tad difficult to move around.

Best Contemporary Gaming Desk

Coleshome Modern Computer Desk - Best Contemporary Gaming Desk

  • Thick and sturdy aluminum frame.
  • MDF panel with teak color for an elegant look.
  • Spacious design allows multiple accessories to be put on.
  • 150 kg load carrying capacity – suitable for gamers.
  • Adjustable pads help improve stability.
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If you’re short on space and require a sturdy option for your gaming desk, then the Coleshome computer desk may fit the bill. The 55″x24″ desk provides ample space for placing your gaming system and its allied accessories. The ample space means you have some to spare for your audio device and other related peripherals. 

Space will no longer be a problem with this elegantly designed gaming desk. The desk structure is minimalistic, with a steel frame powder-coated to enhance the durability. The panel’s MDF construction ensures a myriad of benefits; durability, scratch resistance, and waterproofing.

The desk is easy to install and super easy to clean, giving you a clutter-free environment to enjoy your gaming exploits to the maximum. The MDF panel provides a sleek look with teak color and adds to the grace of the desk.

There are multiple variants available for this model, and depending upon the gamer’s needs and space limitations, they can opt for a smaller one.

The gaming desk can withstand loads of up to 150 Kgs that makes it durable enough to be loved by all gamers out there. Moreover, the adjustable metal leg pads add to the stability of the desk with fine adjustments possible.

The traditional look of the desk may appeal to the minimalists but not to some gamers who want a bit of flare from their desks. The usual accessories linked with a gaming panel such as RGB lighting, hooks and extras storage, and full panel mousepads are missing.

The Coleshome desk provides you with excellent aesthetics for your space with an easy to maintain gaming desk. It may not have the flare, but it sure does possess a rustic traditional look which individual gamers would love.

  • Minimalistic design.
  • Efficient space usage.
  • Good load-carrying capacity.
  • Contemporary yet traditional look with teak MDF panel.
  • Lacks any special features.
  • No storage options.

Sleek and Sturdy L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Coleshome L Shaped Desk - Sleek and Sturdy L-Shaped Gaming Desk

  • The L-shape design ensures spaciousness.
  • Comes in two variants – African walnut and White.
  • Sturdy metal frame with extra brackets.
  • Switchable arrangements of larger pieces.
  • Leveling studs keep desk stable.
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The Coleshome l-shaped gaming desk is another excellent desk from the house of Coleshome. The gaming desk speaks of elegance, grace, and simplicity with three pieces of desks that can be arranged in different ways to meet each user’s individual needs.

The two variants, African walnut, and White add to the beauty of the gaming desk. All modern gamers will specifically enjoy these colors as they provide a contemporary look when combined with the sleek, black metallic frame.

Moreover, the frame is made of sturdy metal that can hold multiple components of your gaming system with ease. At the bottom, extra metal brackets add to the stability of the desk’s design and give more grace.

The panel is constructed from MDF, which ensures an anti-scratch and waterproof surface for gamers to enjoy playing games. Furthermore, the smooth surface is effortless to clean and maintain, thereby giving a clutter-free environment.

The ease of use is paramount with this gaming desk; the spacious underside provides ample leg space when playing games. The installation is easy, with a manual aiding you in that respect. The smaller desk contains a small tray-shelf for extra storage.

Contemporary and minimalist touches inspire the desk, thereby it lacks the additional features that the gamers may be accustomed to, such as RGB lighting, hooks for cups and headphones, and gaming mouse pad surfaces.

Apart from the apparent additional features that may make you look away from this gaming desk, it provides ample desk area for all your gaming needs, and that too with an elegant aesthetic.

  • Elegant contemporary aesthetics.
  • L-shaped design enhances space utilization.
  • Switchable larger desks for individual’s needs.
  • Metallic brackets provide stability and minimalistic touch.
  • Additional shelf-tray for documents or small accessories.
  • Does not have any extra features.
  • 20″ width maybe a little less to house large monitors.

Value for Money

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk - Value for Money

  • Wooden espresso finish.
  • L-shape design enhances space management.
  • Storage shelves to store books and other stationery.
  • Two cutouts to support cable management.
  • Easy to install setup.
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The SHW l-shaped gaming desk can be a good budget edition to anyone looking for a space-saving option that gives a traditional desk look. The particleboard construction with an espresso finish does just that.

The desk has a practical design with a neat look so that you can easily use it in a living room or a bedroom. The multiple shelves on the desk provide storage options to remove clutter from the desktop and organize them efficiently.

Overall, the desk provides a nice setup for all gamers who want to house multiple monitors, gaming mouse, keyboard, and speakers. The cable management is achieved through two cutouts on the opposite end of the larger desk.

The lower part of the desk also has a particle board running across the length and can provide good leg-support. Moreover, the desk is super easy to assemble and hardly takes more than twenty minutes for assembly.

Apart from the apparent spacious design, the desk lacks any additional features to lure gamers towards itself. Moreover, particleboard construction can sometimes look less sturdy. Another flaw in the design is the plastic pieces that join to complete the arrangement; they lack the desired stability.

This l-shaped gaming desk is an affordable option with some extra storage, then the SWL desk may be the one for you. Its espresso finish lures the traditionalists in, and the efficient space management achieved by the l-shape is enough for gamers to buy the desk.

  • Takes only twenty minutes for assembly.
  • The L-shaped desk makes space utilization more efficient.
  • Two cutouts for well-organized cable management.
  • Espresso finish desktop provides a traditional wooden touch.
  • Enough space to house multiple monitors.
  • Can be utilized for a home office as well.
  • Particleboard construction.
  • Plastic joiners that are not sturdy enough.

Corner Gaming in Style

Walker Edison L Shaped Glass Computer Desk - Corner Gaming in Style

  • Utilize corner spaces efficiently.
  • Glass panels provide a sleek, elegant look.
  • Supports more than one monitor.
  • Dedicate PC stand.
  • Keyboard tray.
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The Walker Edison l-shaped gaming desk is one of the most elegant desks available on the market. The glass panels give the desk a highly contemporary and chic look. The glass panels are well built and bordered with a steel frame to provide the requisite ruggedness to the setup.

The steel frame, though, quite thin, provides enough sturdiness to hold over 100 lbs. The desk is sure to excite gamers who are looking to efficiently utilize small spaces while maintaining a certain panache about the setup. 

It is a gaming computer desk for multiple monitors, and it holds up quite well with spacious width to accommodate such a setup. Moreover, the desiccate CPU stand underneath provides a convenient way to house your PC away from other peripherals.

The three pieces of the desk can be arranged in multiple ways allowing users some diversity in usage. The two larger desks can be placed side by side or in the more traditional L-shaped design to cater to individual needs.

The glass desk is certainly a sleek addition to any user’s gaming cave; however, being a glass panel desk, it is prone to scratches and marks. Also, the keyboard tray is not large enough to house larger gaming keyboards, and most users don’t find it very useful. Moreover, the simple design provides no cable management options; hence, users are advised to invest in some zip ties to manage their cables around the desk.

Overall, the walker Edison desk provides a particularly chic style to gamers and a neat look at their gaming setup. Apart from the obvious flaws, it may just prove to be an excellent addition for avid gamers who are looking for a budget gaming desk for a small space.

  • Two larger desks can be placed side by side..
  • Universal CPU stand.
  • Sleek glass structure.
  • Sturdy even for a small frame.
  • No cable management options.
  • Extra storage is not available.
  • Small keyboard tray.

The Desk to House Multiple Monitors

Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Gaming Corner Desk - The Desk to House Multiple Monitors

  • L-shaped gaming desk for increased space utilization.
  • Simple architectural design.
  • Can house three monitors at a time.
  • A separate monitor shelf.
  • Scratch-resistant and waterproof panels.
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The Cubiker Modern L-shaped desk is modern by name and modern by style. The simple architectural frame provides a neat and elegant look; meanwhile, high-quality MDF construction ensures durability.

The l-shaped gaming desks are in fashion due to their high efficiency in the utilization of space in small rooms. The steel frame is sleek yet sturdy and provides enough stability for you to put loads of about 100lbs, onto the desk.

The desk can comfortably house more than two monitors and even a gaming laptop on the separate monitor shelf. This separate monitor shelf can either act as extra storage for your documents, put the laptop on it, and work in a standing position.

The MDF constructed desk panels provide a traditional look with the qualities of durability, scratch-resistance, and moisture resistance. The desk is easy to assemble, and the curved design of the small desk accentuates the aesthetics of any corner space.

The Cubiker modern desk can be a great addition to any small space; however, like some other budget l-shaped gaming desks, it doesn’t possess cable management options and has average load-bearing capacities.

Overall, the desk provides ample room for any gaming venture that most ardent gamers would want to accomplish. The desk combines a neat and contemporary design to achieve a minimalistic yet efficient design for gaming fans.

  • Simplicity at its finest.
  • A sleek yet sturdy frame.
  • A separate monitor shelf to work from a standing position.
  • Powder-coated steel frame increases stability.
  • Limited cable management.
  • Weight limit around 100 lbs.

Gaming Desk Under $200
Buyers Guide

Just like any other peripheral, the gaming desk also requires inevitable scrutiny.

It is since the average person gets to buy some kind of furniture during their lifetime, and even if they don’t, they are well-versed with its functions and unique characteristics.

However, we still have put a few things together for the gamers who want the best foundation for their gaming ensemble.

Best Gaming desk under $200 buying guide


Since this guide is limited to the gaming desks within a budget of 200$, it is safe to assume we will be talking about those desks only. If you don’t have this limitation, there are many guides, that will cater to gaming desks of different price ranges.

We may have a restricted budget here, but in all practicality, the first step when buying anything and, in this case, a gaming desk, is to set aside a budget for yourself. It will undoubtedly pinpoint the options that you can get within this price range. It will also enable you to prioritize a few things, such as size and shape, over aesthetics.

Space Available

Another important thing to consider is the space you can allocate for the desk in your room. This point is essential as it will make sure you get the most suitable option for the space you have, and the desk doesn’t look out of place.

For example, if you have a corner in your unused room, you can get an l-shaped gaming desk that will save a considerable amount of space.

The Surface Area of the Desk

Gaming desks come in a lot of variety and indeed many shapes and sizes. The L-shaped gaming desks are a common sight for gamers as they utilize the space more efficiently while providing a considerable surface for all the peripherals to be placed.

There is also consideration towards the monitors’ setup that the gamers use; this is important as most opt for gaming computer desk for multiple monitors. In this case, the surface area becomes crucial.

Moreover, the table’s width should be enough for large ultra-wide monitors to be placed with ease.

Storage Options

Most gaming desks do not come with any inbuilt storage options; hence if you’re looking for a desk to store your documents and books as well, the options will be limited. The gaming desks mentioned in this guide are mostly l-shaped desks or straight and straightforward traditional desks.

However, there are a few that provide compartments for storing documents and other stuff; there is also one with a shelf tray. Gaming desks should be clutter-free, but if you still need one with a bit extra storage, some of the L-shaped desks provide this feature.

Weight Carrying Capacity

The weight carrying capacity of the gaming desk must match that of your requirements.

It is paramount that gaming desks are made of sturdy construction to hold maximum weight as gaming systems evolve with time, and gamers look to add peripherals to their ensemble.

A Sleek, Elegant Design

Aesthetics may not top the list of requirements, but that is precisely why a gamer looks to buy one.

The desk design has some significance as players prefer sleek and elegant designs to complement their gaming system.

The aesthetics are sure to provide a more well-rounded gaming experience to individuals.

Construction of the Desk

A decent gaming desk carries enough weight to support your gaming peripherals and makes for a great gaming experience. The material of construction is another thing that you must keep in mind before buying a gaming desk.

The desk needs to be of sturdy material hence opt for a metal frame structure that can resist hefty loads. Other materials include wood, plastic, and sometimes glass. Wood is also a sturdy option, as well as providing a traditional look to your desk.

Glass desktops may be in fashion, but they require a lot of attention as they are challenging to clean. Avoiding plastic materials should be a must for gamers as they can be a bit flimsy.

Additional Features

Apart from the essential functions of keeping all your monitors and peripherals, the gaming desk sure can provide a whole host of services.

Nowadays, these include providing ingenious cable management, cup, and headphones holder, RGB lighting to complement the gaming system’s vibrancy, and full desk gaming mousepads, amongst others.

All these additional features must not be at the top of any gamer’s priority, but if the prerequisites of space and sturdy construction are met, these features won’t hurt if available in the budget.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should be the height of an ergonomic desk?

It is essential that the gaming desk is leveled with your elbow placement, this will ensure that your forearms are at right angles with the floor and hence in a comfortable position. The desk should not be higher or lower than this height; otherwise, it can lead to certain difficulties.

Does the shape of the desk change the way gaming desks function?

Although not of prime importance, the shape of the gaming desks somewhat matters for the space utilization of your setup. In essence, the configuration doesn’t affect the gaming environment per se; it only affords more space to house the peripherals.

What material should the desk be made of?

Although wood and metal both function appropriately for gamers, the combination of a metal frame with a wooden panel is the most affordable and suitable option. It provides sturdiness and excellent build quality while being under the 200$ mark.

Should I buy a glass desk?

Preferably no! A glass desk may look elegant, but gamers should avoid buying a glass desk if they have other suitable options. Glass desks are super hard to clean and also carry the risk of cracking under heavy loads.

How much time is required to assemble a gaming desk?

Gaming desks these days come in a lot of shapes and sizes, but the modern gaming desks are usually easy to assemble. For most uncomplicated desks these days, it takes around 15 to 30 minutes for assembly.


Overall, gaming desks are the foundations upon which the gamers set their world of gaming.

These desks carry immense importance and should always be bought to provide maximum efficiency and durability for them.

Additional features may be targeted once the primary objectives are met.

Best gaming desk under $200 Conclusion
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