Best Gaming Mouse 2023 – Reviews, FAQs and Buyer’s Guide

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The best gaming mouse is an integral attribute of any PC game, except for racing and flight simulators, and you can not do without it.

Computer games have long become a part of modern culture and unlike consoles, PC Peripherals are advancing way faster.

Best Gaming Mouse 2023


Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse 2023

If you are going to buy something “gaming,” with expanded functionality and more comfortable performance for you, then you should always ask yourself the question: “What will I play?” And based on this, it’s worth picking up a device by hand.

With additional buttons and functions, everything is also quite simple: if in 30-60 seconds you cannot immediately name the role of the button in the future, then you are unlikely ever to be able to figure out how to use it.

Therefore, do not chase universality and other “whistles” that you don’t need because a professional gaming mouse, like shoes, should be comfortable and sized.

Best Gaming Mouse 2023

Logitech G703 - Best Gaming Mouse 2023

  • LIGHTSPEED wireless technology.
  • PMW3366 sensor.
  • Wireless charging system.
  • RGB light equipped.
  • Six programmable buttons.
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Logitech G703 has a classic asymmetric shape inherited from the G403. The top panel is made of smooth but rather tenacious and pleasant to the touch black plastic.

The panels of the main keys are separate, but the gaps near them are minimal, and they themselves practically do not stagger.

The resolution toggle key is glossy and recessed into the recess between LMB and RMB. Pressed with little effort and a clear click.

The Logitech G703 is an excellent example of a wireless gaming mouse. It combines a simple and practical form of the case, high-quality materials and assembly, the best optical sensor, good switches, a scroll wheel, and a durable battery with the possibility of wireless charging (with the POWERPLAY module).

The mouse can also work through the wire; if necessary, it is not necessary to interrupt operation during charging. And the process of changing the operating mode takes a matter of seconds.

All this is complemented by the LIGHTSPEED wireless communication system, which provides the mouse in wireless mode the same speed as wired. Plus, there is an RGB backlight and the ability to change the device’s weight.

Logitech G703 is the most balanced proposal for combining price and quality in a wireless gaming mouse segment.

There are no critical flaws in the Logitech G703. But some features are worth paying attention to. First of all, the receiver should be located almost near the mat to achieve minimal delays in signal transmission. It is both convenient (the charging cable is always at hand) and not very aesthetically pleasing (extra wire on the table). Secondly, the scroll wheel has a mechanical encoder, which is well implemented by itself, but less hardy than the optical encoder installed, for example, in the G903.

The Logitech G703 is one of the best mice in the world for gaming and is used by millions of users worldwide for many good reasons. It is an intelligent addition to your overall gaming system, with a sporty look and heavy-duty work.

  • Super-fast.
  • Responsive sensor.
  • Lightweight.
  • Asymmetric shape – comfortable navigation.
  • Backlight diodes do not correctly produce white and yellow light.

Most Lightweight Gaming Mouse

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja - Most Lightweight Gaming Mouse

  • Sporty look
  • Aesthetic design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Best for eSports
  • Multiple colors
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The Finalmouse Air58 Ninja has been the most popular gaming mouse of the past year. The mouse was developed by Finalmouse in collaboration with popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Currently, the Air58 Ninja is completely sold out in America and Europe. The unique thing about this mouse is the weight because the Finalmouse Air58 Ninja only weighs 58 grams. That is twice as much as the SteelSeries Rival 710 from this list with the best eSports gaming mouse.

This coolest gaming mouse is used by many professional gamers. Because the mouse is so light, you feel that you are not even holding a mouse. This makes you one with the game.

Yet the weight of a gaming mouse remains primarily a personal preference. If you like a very light mouse, the FinalMouse Air58 Ninja is the best gaming mouse for eSports. A gaming mouse for eSports has no input delay and should be comfortable in hand, but it often remains a personal preference.

There is a huge range; therefore, choosing a gaming mouse is not easy. The gaming mouse of different brands have different weights, shapes, and looks different. To make a choice a little easier, go for the Air58 Ninja, as it is a good mouse for gaming.

Although you will definitely fall in love with how easy it is to use this technology. The FinalMouse Air58 allows you to plug in and start playing simply. It does not even have software to install, so you are ready to go.

However, once you use it, you will find its cable the most annoying thing in the world. Even with a cable bungee, the wire gets tangled and stuck here and there, which affects navigation. On the other hand, the built quality and material are not so good. It does feel like cheap plastic on the surface.

This mouse is ideal for you if you are not a fan of weighty and bulky gadgets. It is designed to offer agile navigation due to its extremely lightweight.

  • Lightweight.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Plugin and play (no software).
  • Popular product.
  • Long-lasting device.
  • Compromised on built quality.

Best Gaming mouse of All-time

Logitech G502 - Best Gaming mouse of All-time

  • Advance optical sensor
  • DPI lights
  • Dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel
  • Suitable for all game types
  • Comfortable to use
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Logitech G502 Proteus Core is a gaming mouse, which has two main, in our opinion, features an excellent sensor and a convenient universal shape. Due to this and the large number of well-located buttons, the mouse is suitable for all genres of games, including MMOs.

A few words about the features: although the quality of assembly and fitting of parts of the device as a whole is at a reasonable level, the braid of the wire requires some refinement to increase its resistance to wear. Despite the relatively large dimensions (132x75x40 mm), the G502 fits very comfortably in your hand and any of the three types of grip.

The choice of game controllers for today is wide enough, but models that are fully suitable for sports competitions can be counted on the fingers. And the reason for this is the bad behavior of the sensors under extreme loads (jitter, disruptions, cutting corners, the incorrect height of separation from the surface, etc.)

The user can reassign 11 mouse keys and select and configure the required resolution levels and the polling frequency of the sensor. You can assign standard mouse commands, Windows or keyboard commands, or write your own macros in the built-in editor.

A weight-balancing system is more of a marketing ploy than an imperative. And the real need is the release of an interchangeable lens for this model. Logitech would definitely want to keep these aspects in mind when designing a new model for this generation, and it is a bit disappointing to see why they would not comprehend such a need for gamers.

The cursor positioning always occurred accurately; acceleration, inertia, inertia, disruptions, or jitter were never seen.

In short, the Logitech G502 Proteus Core fully met its expectations and is one of the best mice for gamers.

  • Long cable, preventable from folding and cuts.
  • Responsive design.
  • Accurate cursor positioning.
  • Sporty look.
  • Top rated product.
  • Unfortunately, the amount of internal memory is not indicated anywhere – neither in the manufacturer’s specifications nor in the settings of the device itself.

Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hands

Razer DeathAdder Elite - Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hands

  • High Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles
  • Mechanical Switches
  • Rubberized Scroll Wheel
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
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The DeathAdder mouse series is a symbolic and iconic lineup in the Razer range. This is one of those mice, the shape of which fits perfectly in my hand (at least in mine). Therefore we do not see much point in praising its ergonomics once again.

The surface is made of a material that does not collect fingerprints and quickly evaporates the liquid so that the hand does not fog up. Rubber tabs on the sides provide a good grip on your fingers. All buttons are easily groped and have distinct tactile feedback. The weight and its axial distribution are perfectly matched.

But what about the sensor? The Pixart PMW 3389 is just wonderful. It does not break or have a parasitic tremor, drift, or problems with an arbitrary change in the separation height. The cursor, when detached from the surface and rearranged, hardly moves.

Acceleration and smoothing the trajectory in it is not felt, at least – at resolutions below 3000 dpi. As sensitivity values ​​increase to maximum, it becomes a little less predictable, but it is unlikely that someone will use the mouse at the maximum dpi values. The form of DeathAdder Elite is suitable exclusively for right-handed people for any type of grip.

We think that this lightweight gaming mouse will lie in the palm quite comfortably even for users with small hand sizes.

A negative can be given about its user experience. The only moment that can cause discomfort is the margin of freedom of the main keypad panels, which can cause the feeling of double pressing, especially if you press on the panel in their upper part, which is closer to the middle of the case.

DeathAdder Elite is the best mouse in the company’s assortment and one of the best available on the list for today. It’s a complete gaming mouse and would be a suitable addition to your gaming PC – making it one of the best PC mice for gaming.

  • Highly programmable mouse.
  • Robust design and appearance.
  • Offers better grip and accuracy in navigation.
  • Endorsed by modern gamers.
  • One of the Bestsellers.
  • May take an average user some while to get used to.

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2023

Logitech G Pro - Best Wireless Gaming Mouse 2023

  • HERO 16K Sensor
  • Ergonomic Ambidextrous Design
  • LIGHTSPEED Wireless
  • Ultra-Lightweight
  • Made for pro gamers
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Considering the capabilities of Logitech G Pro Wireless, I’ll say it has no equal. All thanks to the original energy-saving HERO sensor. Now HERO is returning with even better parameters, acting based on my favorite, perfect, almost unsurpassed PixArt 3366.

Two patented Logitech technologies – HERO and LIGHTSPEED – allow the wireless gadget to work for gamers for more than 60 hours on a single charge. This is an excellent result, given that the sensor operates at a frequency of 1000 Hz, reducing the delay between the game and the device to less than 1 ms. All this while maintaining sensitivity up to 16,000 DPI, with stable accuracy and without artificial acceleration.

Wireless office mouse has several times more delay. While you’re working on Word, surfing the net, or playing Heroes of Might and Magic, that doesn’t matter. However, each delayed millisecond matters on Call of Duty, PUBG, or CS: GO servers. It’s like acceleration from 0 to 100 in a race car.

Any delay above one millisecond will disqualify the wireless mouse and make it slower than competing devices. Fortunately, Logitech has excelled in this area. This is one of the few companies that make the difference between cable and wireless communications minimal, without any marketing tricks.

Paradoxically, the biggest drawback of Logitech G Pro Wireless is that it is so perfect and boring. This product is not really for someone looking for a flashy item that looks like it is made for gaming or any heavy-duty purpose.

No computer mouse has such an advanced sensor with continuous operation on a single battery charge. Logitech boasts the best wireless product in its category. After analyzing the operating time, sensitivity, accuracy, weight, and price, you will understand that you can’t find the best wireless mouse.

  • Up to 60 hours on a single charge.
  • The refresh rate is 1000 Hz, and the delay is not more than one millisecond.
  • Additional, removable, customizable side buttons.
  • Versatile and very comfortable shape.
  • Inductive charging.
  • Visually boring device for fans of flashy designs.

Best Gaming Mouse for Professionals

BenQ Zowie EC2-B - Best Gaming Mouse for Professionals

  • Ergonomic design for righties.
  • No driver required.
  • Coating of the body on top and side is rough plastic (does not peel off and is easy to clean).
  • Mouse DPI adjustment: 400/800/1600/3200 DPI.
  • New optical sensor: Pixart 3360 (instead of Pixart 3310).
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BenQ’s Zowie introduced two new gaming mice. The Zowie EC2-B is addressed to cyber athletes. There are already many Zowie products in the BenQ portfolio; among other things, these are gaming monitors. This model is equipped with a 3360 sensor.

The wheel turned black, not white. The buttons on the sides began to click quieter than in the previous model. So, EC2-B is much larger. To make the mouse more convenient to use, the manufacturer equipped it with a switch with an LED indicator, which shows the polling frequency of the USB.

This will ensure ease of configuration. There is also a DPI setting LED below. Instead of the large legs that the previous models had, Zowie uses four small tiles. The main buttons still have a clear, elastic, dull, and slightly tight but informative click, and the wheel deservedly gets the title of the loudest ratchet among all existing wheels.

The cut-offs are still soft, elastic, and rubberized. In addition, they are quite light. As always, Zowie does not offer any software. You can set the mouse using the buttons below. This is wonderful in our eyes since most Zowie users want just such a “clean” experience, making it one of the best PC mice for gaming.

The main buttons have a nice click; it is clean and clear; however, the side buttons are actually not that great. If you use them only for surfing in a browser, you shouldn’t have any particular complaints, you just need to get used to it, but you should not use these buttons for actions that require an exact click. For man users, this is a big drawback.

To summarize, ZOWIE EC2-B is a hardcore, simple and reliable mouse that won’t let you down at the right time of the game. She will execute all your commands as planned, and for this, she can be forgiven for minor comments on the backlight and switch design.

  • Superior performance.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Great cable.
  • Two sizes are better suited for different hands..
  • Lightweight enough for its size.
  • The scroll wheel is improved but does not give the same feedback as the mechanical encoder.

Mouse with OLED Display!

SteelSeries Rival 710 - Mouse with OLED Display!

  • TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical sensor
  • OLED display
  • Immersive, tactile alerts with vibration
  • Parts are swappable
  • 60 million click mechanical switches
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Let’s try to summarize all the changes that have occurred with the SteelSeries Rival 710 regarding the 700th model. Most importantly, the sensor has changed to TrueMove 3, and this is very good since it has increased accuracy in the range most often used by players.

More durable switches with 60 million clicks have been added to the mouse. Changed the back cover, changed the packaging design.

We inherited the new mouse and the flaws that the Rival 700 had. In particular, it’s quite a lot of weight (although this parameter is more likely to be an amateur), rugged signal cables, and the inconvenient location of the third side button. The scroll wheel creak was added to everything. Well, the price, unfortunately, remained quite high.

The Rival 710 was largely a cosmetic update for the 700th model, and the owners of the latter do not make sense to change it to a new version. Given that the best mouse in the SteelSeries assortment today is the Rival 600 in all respects, the 710 models should be considered as a curiosity or even a sample of the taste preferences of the audience of players.

In it, as before, there are many unnecessary functions, and the buyer decides whether to overpay for them on his own. On the other hand, in its characteristics and ergonomics, the Rival 710 is very good and can easily compete with the best offers on the gaming peripherals market.

Replacing the sensor from the Pixart PMW 3360 to TrueMove 3 did not significantly change the feel of using the pointing device. It is terrible that both cables, as they were, remained very rigid and require a holder for comfortable use.

This product is ideal for you if you are not particular about the tiny and intricate details. At a good price, it can fulfill all your needs for a gaming mouse.

  • Tactical vibrations change the entire experience.
  • High accuracy.
  • TrueMove 3 is a game-changer.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Long lasting product.
  • Cables offer an uncomfortable usage experience.

Editor's Choice

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 - Editor's Choice

  • Symmetric mouse for lefties and righties.
  • Pixart PMW3310.
  • No driver required.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Sleek design.
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Since its founding, Zowie has focused on releasing products only for those who love cybersports. Without exception, all game controllers have excellent assembly, excellent functionality, and a classic teardrop-shaped design.

The FK1 gaming mouse is positioned for both right-handed and left-handed users. The symmetry of the mouse is observed perfectly. The BenQ Zowie FK1 mouse is excellent for beginners. Classic lovers or experienced users will find a lot of advantages and conveniences in the manipulator.

The mouse has minor flaws, but this does not stop you from enjoying all Zowie’s benefits and high-quality products. FK1 can rightfully be called one of the best representatives of manipulators for cyber athletes. Wheel travel, the updated version, is quite tight and now has 16 positions.

Scrolling is pronounced. Failures and backlash in the scrolling operation are not noticed. While pressing the wheel, a muffled click is clearly audible.

Although the mouse does not have software bundled, this does not in the least prevent it from being one of the most advanced. The perfect combination of form and convenient features for right-handed and left-handed people, the flawless operation of the sensor and buttons raise the manipulator to a high level among similar products.

The lack of personalization and settings for the user makes the use of FK1 a little difficult, but if you are not actively using it during battles or highly intensive gaming environments, then it will not be difficult to get used to the simplified form of operation of this particular mouse.

The gaming mouse BenQ Zowie FK1 is ideally more suitable for gamers who are not looking to do professional gaming in dynamic environments. It is for gamers who are actually starting and getting the appeal of gaming on a fresh start.

  • Quality materials and assembly.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable symmetrical shape.
  • Plug and play (drivers and software are not required).
  • Wide sensitive range from 400 to 3200 dpi.
  • It is difficult to estimate the size and shape of the mouse due to the closed packaging.

Modular Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga Trinity - Modular Gaming Mouse

  • 16,000 DPI 5G Optical Sensor.
  • Three interchangeable side plates with 2, 7 and 12 button configurations.
  • Up to 19 fully programmable buttons.
  • Best for MOBA Gamers.
  • Ideally right-handed built.
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The appearance of the Naga Trinity mouse in the Razer range was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. Even more than that, in the whole past 2017, the company pleased its fans with new and original devices. And, from our point of view, their manufacturers chose the right development path.

What’s good about the Razer Naga Trinity itself? Yes, almost everything. The company finally realized that a multi-button mouse is a very narrow segment, and for most players, they are too specific.

And removable magnetic side panels with different numbers and button layouts, in this case, are the best way out. Like the Naga form, but prefer FPS games? It’s not a question, but two buttons with a rubber sidewall and get a manipulator comparable in the degree of convenience with DeathAdder Elite. Want to play StarCraft?

There are seven concentric keys. An avid MMO fan or an accountant? At your service are 12 buttons, if you can remember their location. That is, the Naga series has become universal and is no longer tied to a single genre of games, and these panels themselves can be switched literally on the fly, which none of the competitors can boast of.

Moreover, now the best-in-class sensor is installed here, which, again, is not available for competitors who nervously (literally) use unstable Phillips and Avago lasers. Well, here, it’s still worth adding all the other advantages of the device, such as a high-quality surface, convenient shape, soft cable, suitable switches, built-in memory, RGB backlight, and software.

Of the shortcomings, only a small play of the scroll wheel can be noted, arising from the fact that it can be tilted to the sides. And in general, this wheel is tuned slightly specifically – with very hard and noisy cut-offs, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

The second point – the Razer Synapse 3 driver has grown significantly in the volume and complexity of the processes, and it lacks stability in some places.

No matter which game you choose, this technology will always offer you a fantastic user experience. It is built and designed to offer satisfaction in all respects of gaming: design to performance.

  • Programmable buttons.
  • Best for highly intensive gaming environments.
  • Recommended by professional gamers.
  • Pixart PMW 3389 works exceptionally well.
  • Highly accurate navigation.
  • The scroll is a bit noisy.

Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei 310 - Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

  • Custom TrueMove3 12,000 CPI.
  • Legendary SteelSeries Sensei ambidextrous design.
  • Prism RGB.
  • Guaranteed 50 million click durability.
  • Sponsored by team Evil Geniuses.
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The Sensei 310 is a revival of the old brand through its significant improvement. The scroll wheel here is more successful than in previous models – it is less noisy, more responsive, and has tactile distinguishable fixation positions.

The legs cannot be called slippery. The mouse drives them normally but with virtually no inertia. The backlight of the logo and scroll wheel looks good and has adequate color reproduction.

The Sensei 310 is also a good gaming mouse that surpasses its past iterations in quality of execution and technical stuffing. This mouse is built on the same platform and is unified as much as possible. And the user can only choose between an asymmetrical or asymmetric form of the case and the presence of two additional buttons.

The TrueMove 3 optical sensor is a joint development of SteelSeries and Pixart based on the excellent PMW 3360 sensor. It is impossible to cause the cursor to stall; acceleration or angular snap can be activated if desired.

Sensei 310 has only two drawbacks: the backlash of the left panel and the difficulty of cleaning silicone sidewalls. They are unpleasant but uncritical. And the manufacturer has every chance to fix them.

A top-rated product that has all the highly technical stuff integrated to pair up the smooth gaming experience. It is used by professionals and is highly recommended for all kinds of gaming.

  • On the go programming.
  • Lightweight mouse.
  • Accurate navigation.
  • Highly responsive sensor.
  • Advanced jitter reduction.
  • Difficult to clean the product.

Best Gaming Mouse 2023
Buyers Guide

If you think, after reading all these reviews, you can just go ahead and buy the best gaming mouse in 2023, YOU ARE WRONG!

Always look for the following specifications in a gaming mouse, no matter which brand you opt for.

Best Gaming Mouse 2023 Buyers Guide

Connection: Wired or wireless

A wired mouse provides constant and stable operation and a minimum delay in the cursor’s reaction to mouse movements.

In addition, electromagnetic interference will not affect its operation, and you will not have to change the batteries right in the midst of some kind of virtual battle.

At the same time, there are expensive wireless mice on the market and hybrid premium models, which are not inferior to cable models in quality, stability, and connection speed.

Sensor Type: Laser or Optical

Laser Mouse vs Optical Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse: Laser or Optical

Modern laser sensors, which are the “heart” of any mouse, can work on almost any surface, even uneven ones, and in most situations, they behave faster and more accurately. They also have lower power consumption.

However, optical sensors also have advantages.

For example, some connoisseurs of first-person shooters especially respect the fact that in mice with optics algorithms for predicting or correcting movements are not used, which is why it conveys them more honestly.

In addition, optics are less sensitive to contaminated and dusty surfaces – but the cursor on models with a laser sensor will begin to jump on such coatings.

But a good optical mouse needs a high-quality mat.

Sensor resolution

One of the main characteristics of a sensor is its resolution (DPI / CPI or dots per inch).

The higher it is, the better the mouse feels when you play on high-resolution screens. Some models today reached 8,000 dpi, but in practice, a resolution of 3000 dpi for most computer games is enough.

Moreover, it is more accurate for fast shooters to aim when the sensor’s resolution does not exceed 1800 dpi.

But in strategies, especially in MOBA, this indicator should be higher – so here, you yourself have to decide which games to take the mouse for.

Therefore, such devices are especially appreciated where it is possible to adjust the sensor’s resolution.

Maximum Acceleration

In the specification of a gaming mouse, it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum acceleration (G) – this is the acceleration of the “rodent,” in which the cursor breaks and suddenly flies off into the sky, making several turns around its axis.

The higher the speed, the higher the cursor stall threshold. And by the way – optically, mice, as a rule, more confidently transmit the coordinates of the cursor during sharp swings.

Although in high-quality laser counterparts, the maximum acceleration is also at altitude.

Response Time and Poll Frequency

These are also essential characteristics that you need to consider when choosing a gaming mouse.

The polling frequency of the USB port affects the smoothness of the cursor/sight: accordingly, the higher it is, the smoother the cursor movement.

But the mouse’s response time, on the contrary, should be as short as possible. In professional gaming models, it is within one millisecond, which means that it is during this time that the signal from the mouse reaches the computer or laptop.

Software Functions

Gaming Mouse Functions Software

Adjust the dpi value and not only allows the presence of programmable functions in the gaming mouse.

It will also help to configure the assignment of mouse keys, assign sequences and combinations of commands to them, determine the time intervals between commands, etc.

In addition, if there is a controlled backlight, you can programmatically change the colors and the glow mode, which will change depending on the game and which specific actions are in it.

Built-in memory

If the game mouse has internal memory, then it will allow you to save several different profiles and individual keyboard layouts that you pre-configure for different genres and tasks.

Then, having come to the club with such a mouse, to the e-sports championship, or just to visit a friend, you can connect the device and immediately start playing, rather than reconfiguring everything for yourself and installing drivers.

Additional Keys

Mouse with additional buttons
Best Gaming Mouse: Tons of Buttons

The presence of additional keys is especially suitable for lovers of strategies and online RPGs – they allow you to tap without touching the keyboard on “hotkeys quickly”.

In such game models (the most famous example is Razer Naga), there are 10-12 programmable keys. Many jokingly call them calculators.

But for those who prefer shooters, the presence of additional keys can only interfere.


A good gaming mouse should fit comfortably in your hand.

Best Gaming Mouse Ergonomics

And it is unlikely that gamers will fit too small, miniature mice.

The question is whether your hand is working – right or left.

Most models, of course, are sharpened under the right-hander: they have an anatomical shape and are close to the natural curve of the palm, having different lateral hollows for the fingers, smooth transitional lines of the body, etc.

Under the left-hander, such options can also be found.

In any case, it is precisely those mice made under the left or right hand that is more convenient and ergonomic than the symmetrical models that are most on the market today.

Although high-quality, expensive universal “rodents” are also very convenient to use.

Body Material

Also, pay attention to the material the mouse is made of.

An ordinary plastic surface is not protected against slipping fingers.

Mouse Body Material
Best Gaming Mouse: Material Matters!

Therefore, it is better than the case that uses matte, rough, or pimpled plastic or steel.

Rubberized coatings are also especially popular – they are much more pleasant to the touch. Such models hold on to the hand tighter, eliminating fingers sliding on buttons, even when wet.

It is also important that the mouse has Teflon legs that improve gliding.

They are small and quickly erased in low-cost models, and the Teflon legs should be thick and large.

The Weight

On the one hand, a heavier mouse allows you to aim more accurately, and on the other hand, in this case, the speed of movement decreases.

Best Gaming Mouse Weight
Best Gaming Mouse: Adjustable Weight!

Although if you prefer not shooters and action games, but, for example, strategies, neither of these will hurt you.

In any case, a gaming mouse with a special weighting agent and weights, with which you can adjust the weight within 20-40 grams, will be ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to look for a specific brand’s product while looking for the best gaming mouse?

It will not be necessary.
It hardly matters at all when you are buying a gaming mouse. Just look for a product with a good reputation in the market, and you may also go for a popular name in this case.

Can a mouse affect my overall performance as a gamer?

It definitely can.
Some of the mice mentioned in our list are specially designed to offer a state-of-the-art gaming experience and directly impact your performance.
Gaming environments are highly intensive, and attention to detail is very significant.

How far can I trust user views?

The views are a great way to learn about the product besides the details you will read elsewhere.
Some users offer their opinion just to help other buyers make the right choice.
A user review should be carefully read, and purchases should be made based on it.

Can I use an ordinary mouse for gaming?

It is generally not recommended to use your everyday mouse that is designed for domestic and office use.
Those kinds of products are not built to sustain the environment of gaming and will affect your performance.
Some of the standard mice will not be compatible either.
Check the differences between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse.

Are all gaming mice supposed to be expensive?

It is not an assumption that gaming mouse is expensive.
All PC gadgets used for gaming can be a bit pricey since they are integrated with several highly technical features and technologies.
Companies spend millions in R&D and other processes when designing the right product.

How often should I replace my gaming mouse?

The replacement of your mouse only depends on your experience.
If you have been using it for quite some time and feel that it fails to perform up to the mark or how it used to in the past, then we suggest it is time for a change.

Are gaming mice overrated and completely useless?

It is not true.
A gaming mouse is a fine piece of technology built by tech giants after years of research and development in the art of gaming.
They are unique gadgets and offer a different experience in use.

Should I choose a heavy mouse over a lightweight, fearing durability?

In the market, some products are built using light materials.
They are specially constructed to be light in weight as well as remain durable.

Conclusion: Best Gaming Mouse 2023

All-in-all, the right product can make an astounding difference in your gaming experience.

You should flip through multiple products and run tests before making your purchase.

I hope you will find your best gaming mouse!

best Gaming Mouse 2023 Conclusion
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