Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2022 – Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Owning a gaming mouse is just the first step towards having a professional-level aiming skill.

You also need to have the best gaming mouse pad to complement the mouse itself, making for a smooth surface.

Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2022

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse Pad 2022

A few years ago, possessing the gaming mouse pad meant a flashy logo over a high-quality mat.

However, that is no longer the case.

The best ones bring about RGB aesthetics and even wireless charging.

A gaming mouse pad is just as important as any other gaming peripheral.

Searching for perfection, you’ll quickly realize just how many options are at your disposal.

This list today will guide and aid you in choosing the best gaming mouse pad for 2022, leaving you secure for the year to come.

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface
SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface
  • It’s a very thick mousepad
  • Esports pros top choice
  • 12.6″x10.8″ Size Gaming pad
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Razer Sphex V2
Razer Sphex V2
  • Optical and laser sensors both enhance its design
  • Having high ultra impact with rip and tear strength
  • Gaming mouse mat Ultra-thin (0.5mm)
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Razer Firefly Chroma Hard
Razer Firefly Chroma Hard
  • It weighs a nice amount for a medium pad at 381 grams
  • It gives extra personalization with 16-17 million colors
  • RGB Customizable Chroma Lighting size 14″x10″
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Logitech G440 Hard
Logitech G440 Hard
  • Gaming mouse pad and it’s a tough, long lasting and friction free
  • Very Suitable size 340x280x3mm .
  • Strong polymer core and very hard tracking surface.
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Corsair MM600
Corsair MM600
  • Durable consistent glide, rigid and very light weight.
  • It’s of a 352x272x5 millimeter size.
  • It’s options match to any Gaming style with Less Friction and very High control.
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VicTsing Mouse Pad
VicTsing Mouse Pad
  • Top Gaming mouse pad which offers extended coverage and good smooth surface.
  • It sizes 260x210x2 millimeter.
  • Stitched and Durable Edges.
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UtechSmart RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
UtechSmart RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
  • Best Gaming mouse Pad has more than 10 lighting modes.
  • It is 80x300x5millimeter in size
  • Base with Anti slip Rubber.
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Razer Goliathus Chroma
Razer Goliathus Chroma
  • A micro-textured and very smooth cloth surface.
  • It is 255x355x3millimeter in size
  • Built-In Mouse Cable Manager
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SteelSeries QcK Diablo III
SteelSeries QcK Diablo III
  • Smooth and soft cloth covering surface
  • It is 270x332x2millimeter in size
  • Printed with Original game graphics.
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Corsair Gaming MM400
Corsair Gaming MM400
  • Most peoples like it for its perfect size.
  • It is 370x270x3millimeter in size.
  •  It allows precise tracking.
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Top Choice for eSports

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface - Top Choice for eSports

  • Measures 320 x 270 x 2 mm.
  • Comes in small, medium and large size.
  • Has a micro woven cloth surface.
  • Reusable box.
  • Comes in an all-black colour.
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Size and Design

SteelSeries is an old player in the gaming market. They’ve been in this game for a long time now and are veterans in realizing just what it takes to make the best product.

The QcK Gaming Surface by SteelSeries is the overall best gaming mouse pad money can buy in 2023.

Measuring 320 x 270 x 2 mm, this mouse pad is designed for most users with an average amount of real estate on their gaming desks. These dimensions are of the medium-sized variant which is the most popular one. However, small and large variants are also available with this.

With a minimalist design, QcK Gaming Surface is an all-black pad with a SteelSeries logo printed in the corner in white color. The top of the mouse pad is the standard QcK micro woven cloth designed for low and high DPI sensitivities.

Lastly, the bottom is made with a sticky rubber which helps maximize friction and keep the QcK mouse pad from moving about the table.


The QcK has been widely used in the eSports industry for many years now. That goes to show how well designed this is. The micro woven cloth provides the perfect surface to make for smooth mouse and wrist movements. It helps provide frictionless sliding of the mouse, letting you climb up the competitive gaming ladder. In fact, this micro woven cloth is arguably the best mouse pad material.

The QcK has found itself in the usage of many professional Fortnite players and streamers as well. 

  • Non-slip rubber base: The rubber base at the bottom prevents this pad from sliding.
  • Can be easily rolled up: Roll this pad up and take it with you wherever you need to. It’s as simple as that. 

The only downside to this pad is that it is not waterproof. Because of that, it can soak up the sweat from your palm and wrist quite easily. It can be cleaned with the help of wet wipes, however, not being waterproof means you have to do it quite often.

The Conclusion

From a price to performance perspective and overall quality, the QcK gaming mouse pad is as good as it gets. SteelSeries has made a memorable mouse pad here and it deserves praise.

You can get this for different sizes and enjoy it for a long time.

Not being waterproof might cause some problems, especially for people with really sweaty hands. However, its overall quality is exceptional nonetheless.

  • Can be rolled up easily.
  • Ideal for both low and high DPI.
  • The rubber base prevents sliding.
  • Not waterproof.

Ultra-thin Mouse Pad

Razer Sphex V2 - Ultra-thin Mouse Pad

  • It has 355 x 254 x 0.5 mm dimensions.
  • It has an ultra-thin design.
  • Features polycarbonate surface.
  • Has a very durable design.
  • Sticky adhesive surface at the bottom.
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Size and Design

The Razer Sphex V2 is a very thin gaming mouse pad that takes on a different style.

It is just 0.5mm thin and is 355mm and 254mm in length and width respectively. The top layer has a hard plastic feel about it and is a polycarbonate surface. Unlike the previous one, this is not an all-black mouse pad. On the contrary, it is quite colorful. There is a full-color spectrum on this mouse pad. Unfortunately, though, it can get a little obtrusive for some people. At the bottom, you have a sticky adhesive surface that lets this pad stay in a fixed position.


Razer knows very well how to handle the needs of a gamer. The polycarbonate surface works to a great extent to provide a solid and very durable surface for your mouse. This very polycarbonate surface makes this mouse pad ideal for both optical and laser mice. In addition to that, if you have an RGB mouse, the colorful surface will complement the colors quite well.

  • Ultra-thin design: With a height of less than a millimeter, this ultra-thin surface is very unobtrusive and lines your mouse perfectly with the table.
  • Polycarbonate surface: The polycarbonate surface has been tested against rip and tear in intense gaming sessions.

The Razer Sphex V2’s RGB surface has caused many heads to turn away. The surface has a full spectrum of colors printed on top of it. While it can work for some, many others have found this surface to be really annoying as it just gets in the way.

The Sphex V2 is an excellent choice for a gaming mouse pad. Razer is known for having an expensive price tag on its products however, this one is relatively quite inexpensive. For what it offers, spending money on this will be a good investment.

  • Ultra-thin design helps line the mouse and keyboard.
  • Durable polycarbonate surface.
  • The sticky adhesive at the bottom helps keep this pad stay stationary.
  • The colourful surface is quite obtrusive.

The Coolest Mouse Pad

Razer Firefly Chroma Hard - The Coolest Mouse Pad

  • It measures 355 x 254 x 4mm.
  • Comes with a USB cable.
  • Features a hard micro-textured surface.
  • Has RGB lights around the corner.
  • RGB lights work with Razer Synapse.
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Size and Design

Another mouse pad by Razer, we have Firefly Chroma Hard. This one measures 355 x 254 mm and is 4mm thick. Unlike your traditional mouse pad, you can’t just set it down and start using it. This mouse pad comes with a 7mm long USB cable that plugs into your PC. The USB cable is responsible for turning on the RGB lights on the corners of this pad. It is quite a low-profile mouse pad however, you can’t roll that up. That’s a given with the RGB strips running inside it. The hard micro-textured surface helps deliver pinpoint accuracy and precision.


You don’t want to oversaturate your setup with too much RGB. The Firefly Chroma does just that. It boosts the aesthetics of your setup while making mouse movements just effortless. There is just the right amount of friction in the micro-textured surface of the Firefly. The mouse movements are precise and work great with not just low but high DPIs as well. If you have other Razer products, the RGB can be synced with the Razer Synapse software. All of this working towards giving you the ultimate gaming experience.

  • Chroma lighting: Customize your setup with the 16.8 million colors at your disposal.
  • Micro-textured surface: The micro-textured surface is a tried and tested and is among the higher end of surfaces.

With such a great gaming mouse pad offering really cool RGB options comes a high price tag. The Firefly Chroma is among the pricier gaming mouse pads. If you absolutely do not need the RGB flair, you can pass on this pad. However, if you do decide to get it, your money will not be wasted.

The only off-putting thing about the Razer Firefly is the fact that it boasts a very high price tag. Due to that, many people will question whether having an RGB gaming mouse pad is an absolute necessity for them or not. Regardless, the Firefly is not only the coolest mouse pad, but it is also a very effective one.

  • Comes with Chroma RGB lighting around the edges.
  • Makes for incredibly smooth mouse movements.
  • Sync lights with Razer Synapse.
  • Quite expensive.

Extra Real Estate

Logitech G440 Hard - Extra Real Estate

  • It measures 340 x 280 x 3mm.
  • It has a 3 layer design.
  • The top surface is hard polymer.
  • The surface is matched to work best with Logitech’s G Sensors.
  • Durable and rigid construction makes for long term usage.
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Size and Design

The Logitech G440 Hard is another mouse pad that has been used for a long time now and remains widely popular.

With dimensions of 340 x 280 x 3 mm, the G440 proves to be a large enough mouse pad for most users. It looks a little similar to the SteelSeries QcK in the sense that they both have a minimalistic design. An all-black surface with the logo at the bottom. This has a 3 three-layer design with the top layer being a hard polymer, the middle being polystyrene and the bottom being rubber. The rubber at the bottom doesn’t stick to the surface, however, it provides sufficient friction


The size of this mouse pad provides the users with ample real estate. Regardless of the fact that you’re a high or a low DPI user, you will always have enough space to work with. The design is a minimalist one and it does not interfere with your setup as well. As for the surface, it works just as good as any

  • Low friction surface: The polypropylene surface has very little friction about it, helping you glide your mouse across smoothly and effortlessly.
  • Big size: Because of the size of this mouse pad, gamers with high and low DPI can both benefit greatly.

The edges of the Logitech G440 are hard and might take a little getting used to. Folks who are directly switching from a cloth mouse pad to this might find their wrist digging into the corners

With the Logitech G440, gamers of all types of playstyles are satisfied. The hard surface might take some time before you’re used to it. However, once that settles down, you’ll find the Logitech G440 to be an excellent inexpensive investment.

  • Large size makes sure you never find yourself running out of space.
  • Minimalistic design works with just about any setup.
  • Low friction surface ensures surface does not interfere with mouse movement.
  • Hard edges take some time to get used to.

Twice the Fun

Corsair MM600 - Twice the Fun

  • It is of a 352 x 272 x 5 mm size.
  • Features an aluminium sheet in the middle.
  • Dual-sided mouse pad.
  • Features a “precision” and a “speed” side.
  • Very durable and will last a long time.
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Size and Design

Corsair offers a variety of PC products, including gaming mouse pads. Additionally, with the MM600, Corsair gets right to business. The MM600 gaming mousepad is a 352 x 272 x 5mm pad with dual surfaces. The MM600 features a “speed” size and a “precision” side. Both sides have different textures that help them do their jobs. In the middle of the two sides is an “aircraft grade” aluminum sheet. As for preventing this mouse pad from slipping, there are 4 rubber pads on the corners. They elevate the pad a little so that the fabric does not directly touch the ground while also providing friction.


As mentioned above, the Corsair MM600 has a “speed” and “precision” size. The speed side has a smooth polymer surface which provides the least amount of friction between the two sides. On the other side is the precision side with a bit of a textured polymer surface. The precision side helps in a more controlled mouse movement for maximum aiming accuracy. Both of these sides work very well and provide the optimum about of friction for smooth mouse movement

  • Dual-sides: The Corsair MM600 is among the rare mouse pads that do the dual-sided bit correctly. Both of the sides work very smoothly and you will not encounter any problems there.
  • Long-lasting lifetime: Along with being a very versatile mouse pad, it is also quite durable. Both sides will work for a very long period of time before they start to wear out.

The Corsair MM600 has rubber feet on its ends, giving it a little height boost of about 2mm. However, because of that, it can feel like the wrist is digging into the ends of the MM600. With the metallic plate in between, it can get a little uncomfortable. Additionally, another thing about the MM600 that can bother people is its high price tag. So be wary of that.

The two-sided Corsair MM600 is a fantastic gaming mouse pad. Both sides handle their jobs and execute them very well. The elevated design can be a cause for some discomfort, however, if you are a variety gamer and play different sorts of games, the MM600 will benefit you greatly.

  • The dual-sided design makes it ideal for different types of gaming styles.
  • Very durable and long-lasting.
  • A little expensive.
  • Height elevation can be a little uncomfortable.

Budget Pick

VicTsing Mouse Pad - Budget Pick

  • It measures 260 x 210 x 2 mm.
  • Double-stitched ends.
  • An inexpensive choice.
  • Washable fabric.
  • Easily foldable and portable.
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Size and Design

The VicTsin has a size of 260 × 210 × 2mm, which is not as big as the previously mentioned mousepads, but sufficient enough. The sides are stitched and have double-stitched patterns that reinforce the ends. The surface of the VicTsing mouse pad is a normal polymer surface that you find in budgeted mouse pads. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it will get the job done. Surfaces like the VicTsing one are known to wear out quicker. As expected, the bottom is a rubber surface that should prevent this mouse pad from moving about too much.


The size and the material of the VicTsing mouse pad are a testament that this indeed is a budget mouse pad. The material is a low-friction one however, it absorbs the sweat from the wrist quite easily. Over time, that leaves a mark on the surface of the VicTsing mouse pad. However, as budget mousepads go, this one gives really good money value.

  • Washable fabric: With the VicTsing mouse pad, you can easily wash out any marks or stains with water. 
  • Stitched edges: stitched edges help prolong the lifetime of the fabric as it does not get damaged even when you fold it up.

The fabric of the VicTsing mouse pad can wear out in a shorter time span as compared to the other mouse pads. This means that this mouse pad is not as durable as the rest. On top of that, the fabric also absorbs body oil and sweat. Over time, you will start to notice marks on the surface which will result in uneven surfaces

As budget picks go, the VicTsing is a really good one. By spending just a few bucks, you get a mouse pad that will easily get you through the day. This mouse pad may not last as long as the rest but it works really well. The VicTsing is the cheapest gaming mouse pad on my list but it is a valuable one.

  • Washable fabric makes cleaning a cinch.
  • An inexpensive choice with decent friction levels.
  • Not very durable.
  • The fabric absorbs the sweat and body oil.

RGB Base for Keyboard & Mouse

UtechSmart RGB Gaming Mouse Pad - RGB Base for Keyboard & Mouse

  • It has a size of 800 x 300 x 5mm.
  • An extended mouse pad for keyboard and mouse.
  • RGB strip at the corners.
  • The lights are controlled with a single button.
  • Waterproof fabric.
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Size and Design

The UtechSmart RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is an extended mouse pad that encompasses your mouse and keyboard. This is an 800 x 300 x 5mm mouse pad with an RGB strip around the edges. That means that you get a uniform base with RGB lights for both your mouse and keyboard. The top of this mouse pad has a button that lets you control the different modes of lighting effects as well as light intensity. The surface is a woven fabric that is also waterproof. That’s an added benefit with this. The ends are also stitched with the RGB strips. However, there are a few ripples here and there that are observed on the surface. The ripples are probably caused due to the stitches being too tight.


For an extended gaming mouse pad that features RGB lights, you’re really getting what you are paying for. The ripples can cause a few problems but if going for this product is what you have decided then you can work around it. The surface works well and really gets the job done.

  • Plug and Play: Just connect the USB cable and you’re good to go. Change the RGB effects using a single button.
  • Waterproof fabric: The surface is waterproof, meaning you never have to worry about spilled drinks and cleaning with this mouse pad.

The UtechSmart RGB gaming mouse gets these ripples and bubbles that start to form upon it over time. This causes uneven surfaces and not so smooth mouse movement. At times, the mouse pad itself starts to curve and that can be a really unpleasant sight.

As large-sized gaming mouse pads go, the UtechSmart RGB is a very decent choice. The fabric quality, although nothing too special, is smooth and frictionless. So much so that your average joe will have nothing to complain about. Offering great price value, it is safe to say that the UtechSmart RGB is one of the most cost-friendly and best-extended gaming mouse pads.

  • Waterproof fabric.
  • Control RGB lights with one single and convenient button.
  • Ripples start to form on the fabric over time.
  • Bumps cause the mouse pad to curve and bend.

Built-in Mouse Bungee

Razer Goliathus Chroma - Built-in Mouse Bungee

  • It measures 255 x 355 x 3 mm.
  • Comes with a mouse cable holder.
  • RGB lights controllable with Razer Synapse.
  • A micro-textured woven fabric surface.
  • Medium-sized.
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Size and Design

Starting things off, the Razer Goliathus Chroma has a size of 255 x 355 x 3mm. The size is pretty average and nothing too big, however, with a price tag that the Goliathus Chroma has, you’d expect it to at least be bigger. At the top left corner is a USB connector for the RGB strip which has a mouse cable holder built in it. The surface of the Goliathus Chroma is a micro-textured woven fabric. This provides a balance between speed and precision mouse movements. However, this woven fabric is subject to easily catching dirt.


The micro-textured surface of the Goliathus is fairly popular in the mousepads market. The performance is on par with the higher-ranked gaming mouse pads on this list. You just plug in the USB cable and you’re all set. The power to the RGB strip is provided via the USB cable however, it needs the Razer Synapse software for customization. 

  • Mouse cable clip: Along with the RGB controller, the top left corner also has a little clip that holds the mouse cable in place, acting as a bungee.
  • Micro-textured surface: The micro-textured surface of the Razer Goliathus Chroma makes it so that there is a balance between all types of mouse movements.

The Razer Goliathus boasts a rather expensive price tag. Although the performance and smoothness are on par with the higher-ranked mouse pads, it still takes a hit. The price value of the Razer Goliathus is quite poor. Even after investing all that, you get a mouse that is of quite a little size.

If you are looking for a mouse bungee, we recommend our more in-depth guide on the best mouse bungee for gaming.

Razer Goliathus Chroma took on the Firefly model and added RGB on the already existing Goliathus mouse pad. However, with that comes the addition of the price tag. The Goliathus is still a good performing mouse pad, however, it does not offer a really good price value.

  • Micro-textured surface offers a blend between all types of mouse movements.
  • RGB effects controllable via Razer Synapse.
  • Not really good price value.
  • It is quite expensive.

For the Diablo Fans

SteelSeries QcK Diablo III - For the Diablo Fans

  • It is 270 x 332 x 2 mm.
  • Original Diablo III art.
  • Comes in different art styles.
  • Has a cloth surface.
  • Non-slip rubber base at the bottom.
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Size and Design

The SteelSeries QcK Diablo III is a gaming mouse pad, measuring 270 x 332 x 2 mm. This is a medium-sized gaming mouse pad with a rubber base at the bottom. The rubber base prevents the QcK Diablo III from sliding too much around the table. The top surface of the QcK Diablo III is a cloth on which Diablo III’s arts are printed. The cloth surface is not the best for printing arts. In a not-so-long period of time, the arts will start to fade away, leaving for a very distasteful image.


The art design, while appealing to the Diablo fans, will run its course rather quickly. The color will start to fade away. As for the cloth surface itself, it certainly isn’t as good to boast that high a price tag. It gets the job done but the surface isn’t on par with the quality of a mouse pad that rocks the same price tag as the QcK Diablo III.

  • Original game graphics art: Diablo III art is printed with the original high-quality game graphics.
  • Non-slip rubber base: The non-slip rubber base prevents this mouse pad from moving too much around the table.

The SteelSeries QcK Diablo III has a normal cloth surface and comes in a smaller size than the other mouse pads at the same price. Despite all of that, it is still quite expensive. The money isn’t rightly justified.

The QcK Diablo III appeals to the Diablo fans quite easily. The high-quality prints are a start for one. It is a little expensive compared to how much the original and classic QcK costs. However, Diablo III fans can make do with this one too, provided they really need a Diablo III set.

  • Original graphics as the Diablo III game.
  • Price is not rightly justified.
  • Art can tear by the passage of time.
  • Smaller size.

Three Layer Design

Corsair Gaming MM400 - Three Layer Design

  • It measures 370 x 270 x 3mm.
  • Three-layer design.
  • Polymer substance on the top layer.
  • Low friction in the top layer.
  • Rubber layer at the bottom sticks to the table to prevent sliding.
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Size and Design

The Corsair Gaming MM400 mouse pad measures 370 x 270mm, with a thickness of 3mm. This should give you gamers plenty of room to work with. The surface of this mouse pad is a hard polymer, designed to give minimum resistance for fast and swift swipes. The MM400 features three layers, polymer at the top, rubber at the bottom, and polystyrene in the middle. The edges of the MM400 are rather sharp and cause discomfort. When resting your wrist on the edges for too long, you’ll start to notice marks that can, at the very least, cause itches.


The MM400 works just as you’d expect a hard polymer surface to. It is designed for high-speed gaming rather than precision, so movement will be freer. However, you will be able to take advantage of both types of mouse movement once you get used to the Corsair Gaming MM400.

  • Non-slip surface: The bottom layer of the MM400 sticks to the surface of the table, preventing the mouse pad from moving about too much.
  • Ultra-low friction: With the hard polymer surface, your mouse movement is made more swift and smooth.

Despite offering about the same type of material and performance, the Corsair Gaming MM400 boasts a very high price tag. I feel like a price tag that is not justified at all. There’s nothing extraordinary about the MM400, so why is it expensive? In addition to that, the hard edges can cause a lot of discomforts, especially when gaming continuously for long hours.

The Corsair Gaming MM400 is a mouse pad with pretty decent traction. It makes the mouse movement smooth and quite effortless. However, the few quirks bring this all the way down.

  • Hard polymer surface provides minimum resistance.
  • Expensive.
  • Hard edges can cause discomfort.
  • Not ideal for long gaming sessions.

Gaming Mouse Pad
Buyers Guide

A gaming mouse pad is just as important as any other equipment for the right gaming experience.

Its importance sometimes goes unnoticed and ignored. To be the best, you must possess the best.

However, you might ask yourself, “How do I choose which one is the best?

How do I decide which will help me secure those dubs in Fortnite?”. I’m here to guide you through that as well.

gaming mouse pad buyers guide


Gaming mousepads come in various sizes. You want to get yourself one that will make sure that you never run out of space in the middle of a game. Those who have experienced that know how annoying and painful that can be. You need to adjust your gaming mouse position in the middle of a game. Sometimes, that can be the game-deciding moment.

Look for a gaming mouse pad that has enough surface area that you will never run out. While doing that, keep in mind how much actual real estate you have to spare on your desk or table.


The material and its quality are contributing factors in deciding how smooth your mouse movement is going to be. Textured surfaces are designed for more precision-based gaming. On the other hand, smooth surfaces are for effortless and high-speed aiming. Decide what kind is going to benefit you the most and then pick your poison.

RGB Effects

It has been established already that adding RGB to your rig increases your overall FPS by 10. Plus, it just looks cool. Gaming mouse pads by vendors like Razer provide you control over the effects via their proprietary software. On the other hand, budgeted RGB pads just let you choose different modes with the help of a button.

With the addition of RGB, the price goes a little high as well. So choose whether you want RGB or not and streamline your picks.


Just like any product, there are always ones that will burn a hole in your wallet. However, the majority of people either just can not afford that or are not willing to spend that much. Price is the ultimate deciding factor in whatever purchase you are about to make. Set a budget for yourself and choose the best one according to that.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a gaming mouse pad?

Are you going to find yourself in long gaming sessions? Then the answer is a resounding yes. Owning a gaming mouse pad can make a huge difference. Most gaming mice these days come with surface calibration sensors. They detect what kind of surface the mouse is on and adjust the calibration accordingly. Gaming mouse pads provide the right amount of traction and are designed to complement these sensors.

What is the difference between an extended and a non-extended mouse pad?

Extended mousepads are of a much bigger size. They occupy enough space underneath your table to have not just your mouse but a keyboard as well. A non-extended gaming mouse pad is simply just for your mouse.

How does a gaming mouse pad differ from a regular mouse pad?

In gaming, you need as much space for your mouse as possible. Gaming mouse pads always tend to be bigger in size as compared to normal ones. In addition to that, the quality of the pad is designed to make sure that your mouse experiences no hindrances.

Should I get a portable gaming mouse pad?

Most of the time, gamers tend to have one primary set up at their home. In that case, you will do just fine with a gaming mouse pad- portable or not. Portable mousepads are easily foldable and they are not damaged when you do so. If you’re going to be traveling, get a foldable mouse pad that you can take along anywhere you wish.

What is the difference between a textured surface and a smooth surface?

The surface of a mouse has a huge impact on the traction and glide of the mouse. Smooth surfaces are designed to have less friction and thus, make speed aiming more effortless. FPS games benefit greatly from smooth surfaces because you need to quickly adjust your aim and be on the move constantly.

On the other hand, the textured surface provides more traction and friction. Through that, you have more control over your mouse and cursor positioning, thus, making for more precise mouse movements.

How do I choose between a soft and a hard padded mouse pad?

Saying one is better than the other will not be right because the matter is entirely subjective. Soft mousepads are made of rubber and have a softer core. Hard padded mousepads have plastic components on the surface and have additional padding. Choosing the one for you simply is a matter of choice. If you’re used to a particular type, you should stick to that.

Why are gaming mouse pads more expensive than regular ones?

The gaming market is a niche one. Gamers require a mouse pad that will ensure high performance along with enhanced comfort. The mousepads for gaming intents are designed with that in mind and hence, are made from special materials.

Will a more expensive gaming mouse pad be better than a budgeted one?

Although price plays an important role in giving you a rough idea about the quality of the mouse pad, it is not the only factor. As is the case with our top pick of this list, the SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mousepad is an inexpensive one but it is the best one. So no, investing a lot will not guarantee that you get the best pick.


Owning a gaming mouse pad might just be the very thing missing which would help you get the wins you desire.

This list should help you decide which are the best mousepads and help you select the ideal one for yourself.

For further questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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