Acer steps bigger by introducing multiple series of gaming monitors!

Gossip begins when Victor Chien, President, Digital Display Business, Acer Inc said: “Our newest gaming monitors feature the industry’s newest technology to give gamers smooth performance and comfortable ergonomics,” He further mentions “Designed to appeal to the most power-hungry gamers as well as those who just want to have fun, the new Predator and Nitro-branded monitors are available in a variety of designs and sizes to support just about anyone in the market for a gaming monitor.”

From this tweet, Acer explicitly mentions that they were stepping up their game in the monitor’s market as they are introducing 6 new predators and nitro models with top of the line technology not only for gaming professional but for casual players to experience the advanced form of technology.

Further, Acer claims that they are the first brand to offer TUV Rheinland Eye safe gaming monitors certifying that they are programmed to filter out the blue light and still manage to give crisp and vivid colors.

Taking you to the journey of Acer’s new launch in CES 2021 is their XB3 series monitors which have displays with FHD (1920x 1080) or QHD (2560×1440), and a screen resolution of VESA Display HDRtm certifications. This series has 3 different monitors and each monitor has different areas where they excel.

The XB273U NV is optimized in a way that it is eyesight friendly and is soothing for the user’s eyes, the XB253Q GW has a refresh rate of 280 Hz (overclockable) and boast a responsive time of 0.5ms (G to G), and the XB323U GX has the color accuracy of almost 99% and remarkable coverage of RGB Adobe resulting in stunning and vivid visual lights.

The next series of predators is the X34 GS monitors, which are built on the foundation of targeting the gamer community as this extends the users peripheral view by having a 34- inch curved UWQH screen of (3440x 1440) and also containing Agile- Splendor IPS panel that contributes clear images for wide angles.

Further, they come with built-in 7-watt speakers which null the use of an externals speaker, and they have a flexible stand that allows the users the ability to adjust its tilt to the point where they feel comfortable.
Then comes the amazing and most awaited production of Acer: their Nitro series monitors, which have 2 models i.e. Nitro XV272U kV and Nitro XV272 LV. The fundamental idea of this new invention is that these monitors are designed for casual gamers who are ready to attain as much advantage as they can from their tech gadgets. They have 2.1 HDMI, certification of eye-safe, Agile- Splendors IPS panels, light sensors, built-in speakers, and adjustments of tilt, height, pivot, and swivel.

The pricing and availability of each series and model differ as each monitor is designed with different criteria and possess different features. These also vary by region because of market specification and market prices

The Predator XB273U NV, Predator XB253Q, and Predator XB323U GX will all be available in North America in January 2021 with prices of USD 549.99, USD 429.99, USD 899.99 respectively.

The Predator X34 GS will be available in North America and, EMEA in the month of December with the pricing of USD 399.99 and Euro 469 respectively; in addition, in China, it will be introduced in November at the price of 2,999. Lastly, Nitro XV272 LV will be available in North America, China, and EMEA in December with prices of USD 279.99, RMB 1,999, and EUR 319.

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