AMD Launches its New Flagship Processor: 64-Core Threadripper 3990X

AMD Launches its New Flagship Processor: 64-Core 128-thread processor
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AMD comes with another flagship processor, The 64-core and 128-thread Threadripper 3990X for desktop with the price of 3990$.

This processor is going to be a monster performer especially designed not only for gaming but also for video editing, 3d animation, and other content creation chores.

This CPU will be offering more frequency and higher power budget with few memory channels, fewer PCIe, and a lower memory capacity support because the CPU is a variant of AMD’s Enterprise EPYC processor line.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990x

This 64-core processor includes a 2.9GHz base clock with boosts up to 4.3GHz and 288MB total cache. The cores and threads of this processor are double the previous of AMD’s flagship which was 2990WX.

AMD’s latest 64-core Threadripper is not going to do wonders in the market like other series such as Ryzen 5 did in past because it won’t be able to make its way to mainstream desktop PCs or even gaming rigs anytime soon because firstly, this much power is not needed for gaming and the other element is its cost.

Who would like to spend that much amount on a gaming PC? It makes sense right. It is also going to open the door for the company to drive the costs down of manufacturing these chips so we might see these chips hitting the mainstream in the future.

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