AMD Dominating the CPU Space as Road Map Reveals Zen 3, Zen 4, and 5nm

AMD Reveals Zen 3. Zen 4, and 5nm
Source: AMD

AMD has been behind Intel in the CPU rivalry for quite some time, as everyone preferred Intel to fill their CPU space. AMD finally made a comeback with its Zen series, which was a massive success, so AMD has decided to continue along the same path. Workforce Crimson just revealed zen three and the 5nm Zen 4 EPYC Genoa chips in their newest processer roadmaps.

AMD chose to ride back into the competitive game of the semiconductor market, which eventually led to the surprising node advantage over the previous dominator of the CPU market Intel, with the Zen-architecture, which is chipset based paired with the 7nm process from TSMC. AMD’s Zen-architecture brought with it, performance, processing power, and a clear cost advantage over Intel’s chips in the same competition.

On Financial Analyst Day 2020, we got to see AMD’s newest roadmaps, which told us that the company would progress further. It has introduced new CPU microarchitectures and denser process nodes; this came along with promised improvements at every step and flow of release dates that will be both predictable and reliable. In contrast, Intel has been quite back in terms of the competition being still stuck on the 14nm node.

AMD’s roadmap extends towards the next year, 2021, which is a year less than the roadmap that is released for the operations of its data center side. AMD explains this by saying that since customers related to data centers need longer roadmaps for their enormous investments which then have a long-term return, and it does make sense. Moreover, The company continues to take a large part of the pie when it comes to Intel’s market share. It has cited the competitive nature of the client CPU market tying to show that its desktop PC roadmap will see a lot of changes to tackle new tougher challenges or maybe to keep their precious plans in secret.

By the end of 2020, we are expected to get the 4th gen Ryzen chips along with the Zen 3 architecture, which is perfectly aligned with AMD’s release date flow map for its desktop processors. AMD says that we should get the first Zen 3 chips at the end of 2020. However, the company adds it will require time till the end of 2021 for the chips to be “fully in the market” for all segments.

Intel is already facing severe competition for its Intel’s Cascade Lake lineup by AMD’s EPYC Rome processors, and further problems for Intel have shown up because of the follow up of Milan, which is showing no delay in increasing the heat of the competition. 10nm Ice lake sever chips by Intel will also be in the market by then adding to the overall intensity of the game.

The semiconductor company AMD is also not far behind when it comes to GPU as it releases a GPU roadmap and gives a ton of other information. Additionally, “X3D,” as called by AMD, the entirely new 3D stacking technique, was also announced during the event.

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