Among Us: How this simple multiplayer game has gained so much popularity?

Among Us: A simple popular game!

InnerSloth’s latest social deduction game Among Us is quite the craze now. Available on multiple platforms, this real-time multiplayer game has suddenly hit immense popularity with gamers of all ages.

What’s interesting that this “new” game actually launched two years back. It came out for Android and iOS devices in June 2018 and on the Microsoft Windows platform in November that year.

So, how’d it suddenly acquire so much fame this year? Let’s have a close look.


As a simple yet very addictive social deduction game, Among Us consists of bright, elementary graphics and fun little alien characters. A group of four to ten players, whether friends or strangers, start within a spaceship setting.

Depending on how many total players are in the group, there will be one to three imposters and the rest are termed as “crewmates.” Crewmates must find out who the imposters are, while the imposters sneak around trying to kill crewmates. Don’t worry – it’s not that kind of horrific “kill” you’d think of when gaming comes to mind.

All players have different tasks to do around the spaceship as well. The main idea is if crewmates reveal enough imposters, they win, otherwise, if the imposters kill too many people, they win.

Simple and to the point, right? that’s why it’s just so fun to play.

The Among Us Craze

Speaking of fun games, people have downloaded Among Us more than ninety million times. It’s also the third most popular stream on Twitch and the third most played game on Steam.

It’s safe to state InnerSloth’s Among Us is currently one of the top games worldwide. The craze is so evident that phrases from the game are becoming common now – like using “sus” and “imposter” in normal conversations.

There’s even fan art and Among Us products in the market.
InnerSloth also released the game on Nintendo switch only two weeks back.

So, how come it’s gotten extremely popular now?

The main question on everyone’s mind: if the game has been around for a while now, how come it became so popular particularly this year?

We can partially attribute this sudden rise to fame to the COVID pandemic’s quarantine period. At the beginning of 2020, the game helped keep people busy and stay connected with their friends on the outside.

However, there was another huge Among Us wave later in the year.

The power of social media

We can thank streamers on social media for this next wave of intense popularity. These individuals are well-known personalities in the video game world that put up gameplay footage.

Once social media celebrities like Sodapoppin, Ninja, PewDiePie, and Shroud started streaming Among Us, its popularity surged.

Then, even US politicians Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the US Navy esports team streamed the game. We can only imagine the love it received after that.

The politician’s Among Us stream was the third top viewed stream in all of Twitch history.

What’s next?

What can Among Us fans expect for the future? As far as we know, InnerSloth is presently working to improve the current version of the game, rather than launching Among Us 2, as rumors suggested before.
So, keep enjoying this spectacular game and always keep an eye out for anything “sus!”

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