Apex Legends’ Fuse bear character has been accused by Indie Studio

Fuse bear character apex legends

Apex Legends, known to be a great battle royale shooter game, is expected to launch a whole new season this February with a new character which is the 16th playable character in it – namely Fuse. Recently, Respawn Entertainment has shown up with the trailer of Apex Legends’ Season 8 which seems to show a quite interesting game story about Fuse. Now, many of the Apex legends fans are keen to test out its new character but this testing seems to be pointless as NOWWA, the developer of BulletVille claims that the character already exists.

According to him, this character as known as Fuse was taken from one of their games. They laid out a whole document of similarities between these characters. From his eye patch to his mustache, even the color scheme was quite similar to this character called Hunter from their game, says NOWWA. Some other apparent similarities were a biker attire, a skull belt, a mechanical arm, a belt of grenades, gloves, a necklace, a vest jacket with a circular symbol on the back, Leg holsters, and even a characteristic grey stripe of hair.

In particular, the Respawn Entertainment is being accused to copy the character design of the Indie Studio’s third-person multiplayer hero shooter game called BulletVille as the character Hunter was around for last two years now. There are proofs about “Hunter’s design was first developed” from the earliest public postings in May 2019. According to these posts, all the features of Hunter were the same as Fuse. Even there was testing out session of this game with EA (Electronic Arts) last year in October and November. A deal with EA in 2020 was signed due to which NOWWA had to give access to their still under development game to them. There are chances that this might be the reason for a similar character design of BulletVille and Apex Legends. It might be possible that EA had leaked some information about the game without NOWWA’s consent.

Apart from the fact that both of these characters are physically similar, they even use the same weapons and another shocking fact is that their weapons work in a similar way as well i.e. both are rocket launchers.

As NOWWA is a small developer and their game isn’t launched yet, they are at more risk of being called the design thief. The small indie group stated that, however, they were quite happy with the fact that the well-known game developers like Respawn Entertainment liked our character’s style and wanted to recreate it. Moreover, they said:

“We were even hoping for an eventual crossover! Nonetheless, we are afraid that, as a small indie game producer whose game hasn’t been launched yet, we’ll be called a ripoff of Apex Legends, which is certainly not true.”

If we talk about shooter games it is quite common to have some similarities in games, for instance, PUBG, Overwatch, and even Call of Duty (the mobile version) are coming up with some similarities however that similarity is not as great as a similar character design. Adding to this, it is quite hard to sometimes say which was intentional copying and which was co-incidence.

This may be a coincidence or maybe a preplanned conspiracy. It also can be NOWWA’s stunt to gain more sales. However, there are no reports that Respawn Entertainment has reacted to this situation till now due to which this accusation may be the reality or who knows. No one knows if this disagreement between these two game developers is appropriate or not as no one is sure about the truth yet.

What do you think, will Respawn Entertainment will ever take this situation seriously or not?

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