ASUS Introduced a new monitor called ROG Swift PG279QM!

Asus, a company always driven for innovation in its products, has recently announced an updated version of it monitor ROG Swift PG279Q monitor, called the ROG Swift PG279QM gaming monitors.

This monitor amazes the elite collectors by featuring the resolution of 2560x 1440, along with a diagonal screen size of 27 inches that runs an astounding refreshing rate 240Hz, G-Sync VRR support, and the response time of 1ms GTG, resulting in the user enjoying a certified panel of VESA display HDR 4000 that outputs almost 95 percent of the wide DCI-P3 color space.

This higher resolution will enable the gamers to experience many clear images, eventually assisting them to easily explore and interpret things, while the faster refreshing rate will ensure that during fights and races no command by the user is being missed.

Therefore, gamers have shown keen enthusiasm for this product as they can play games like FPS and racing stimulators with pro-level technology. Just like every brilliant new invention is being launched at CES 2021, this new monitor will also be showcased at CES 2021. Unfortunately, ‘The ASUS company’ has only revealed the upgrade’s existence, and no further information is dispatched for the public regarding the product’s retailing price and when this will available in the global markets for purchasing.

These new gaming monitors are the best choice of purchase if the buyer is looking for screens for their high-end PC, a PS5, or an Xbox series X as they can experience their gameplays without any glitches in 4K resolutions at up to 120 frames per second. As per designing the update ROG Swift PG279QM has a soothing and incredible design similar to the ROG Swift gaming PG32UQ gaming monitor, by additionally adding new and slightly different color schemes. Slight off note, the ASUS ROG Swift gaming PG32UQ gaming monitor is also a notable invention as it has variable Overdrive technology, display stream compression technology, with 32 inches displays along with 144Hz refresh rate, 4K resolution, a 1ms response time, fantastic RBG lighting and two HDMI 2.1 ports making also a great option for the latest gaming consoles.

As per the monitor’s processors, the ROG Swift PG297QM support both NVidia’s G-Sync and the Ryzen 3000- series processors making it a very compelling choice. Also, this processor also matches the monitor’s refresh rate to the frames that are created by the GPU and, this technology utilized the NVidia G- Sync processor with such dedication that it eradicates all the artifacts as well as the screen tearing and shuttering, which enable the gamers to experience as an immersive and smooth gaming experience. Further added, NVidia Reflex Latency Analyzers are also supported and featured by these processors, which allow the elite techs to analyses input lags sources in their systems and grant them the best responsiveness they desire.

Hence, this technology is being generated for most competitor gamers as they can get a significant edge on how long it takes from the input from any mouse movement being translated into the movement of the screen because it can be measured.

Finally, the Asus company completes the finishing of the model ROG Swift PG279QM by building it with an adjustable yet concrete stand to adjust the screen’s height according to user’s preference, while adding the Aura sync lighting, also called the RGB lighting, at the back of the monitors LEDs, after all this is a gaming monitor.

Moreover, the stand can also be adjusted having the footprints minimized with the ROG Desk Mount kit. The port that is built in this monitor by ASUS include:1x DP, 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x USB 3.0.

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