ASUS TUF M5 Gaming Mouse: Complete Review

Asus Tuf M5 Gaming Mouse Review
Source: ASUS

Predominantly talking about games, gamers, and the gaming world, there is a lot to mention.

Gaming enthusiasts are the ones who are more interested in the devices they use for gaming. Various hardware and electronics brands work for the enhancement of the previously designed products. These brands are also in the constant struggle of producing new and innovative inventions, which can be amazing yet helpful for gamers, developers, and programmers, making it as handy as possible.

Similar to them, ASUS multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company, which was established in 1989, also works for improving its hardware quality and produces a better product with every launch. Being the top three notebook vendors, ASUS revolutionized the PC industry since 2007 with its Eee PC, which became widely known in North America.

TUF Gaming M5

ASUS launched its TUF gaming mouse in January 2019, which is one of the most popular amongst gamers as it is mainly designed for them.

TUF Gaming M5 is an exceptional gaming mouse, which delivers comfort with proper performance and steadfastness. It is specially designed for prolonged campaigns and is lightweight as well. One of its key components is high accuracy optical sensor that provides gamers an edge in battle, as it is validated explicitly for severe duty. 

One of its most amazing options is that it also features customizable ASUS aura synchronized RGB lighting, which allows a player to dominate in their adapted style. 

Asus TUF M5: Specifications

The most tempting part of any hardware is its specifications. ASUS is famous for adding something unique in its hardware every time. The following are the specs of this mouse.

ConnectivityWired connectivity technology, supported by non-braided cable, which can be easily moved around up to 1.8 meters.
OS SupportIt can support any kind of operating system, including Windows 7, 10, and even Mac OS.
Dimensions & WeightThe size of this mouse reaches up to 111 millimeters in length, having a width of 61 millimeters and 42 mm height. It is very light in weight as it is 110 g with cable and just 85 g without it.
Resolution & SoftwareIt is of 6200 DPI, which works on the popular ASUS software named ROG Armoury II, where its tracking can be done optically with more handiness and comfort with the PixArt PAW3327 sensor.
Main SwitchesIt has a main switch of Omron D2FC-F-7K(50M) with one side button on the left. It is an ambidextrous mouse, can be used by both right and left-handed people efficiently with perfect grip and less finger-strain.
Wheel EncoderThe wheel encoder built on the bottom is of Kailh brown with a height of 11 millimeters.
Polling RateThis mouse has a polling rate from 125 to about 1000 hertz.

Asus TUF M5: Features

This fantastic gaming mouse has many features and improvements than many other pointing devices, some of which are as follows:

Accurate MovementWired connectivity technology, supported by non-braided cable, which can be easily moved around up to 1.8 meters.
Advanced GripAsus Tuf m5 is a specific USB wired optical gaming mouse. This mouse was explicitly designed for the comfort of gamers. The mouse is very convenient to fit the claws easily, and the fingertip grips are made accessible with six programmable buttons.
Million ClicksThe Omron switches are designed for easy swapping with an ample amount of clicks. In a survey, it can take up to five hundred million clicks.
Optical SensorThis TUF mouse is specially tailored with a gaming-grade of 100-6, 200 DPI optical sensor. It can easily track up to 220 inches per second. This mouse is widely appreciated in terms of its accuracy and speed. It is one of a tremendous competitive gaming mouse in the market.
ToughnessThe mouse is designed with a unique feature of its outer shell, as it is designed with a high-quality coating that keeps the movement smooth and swift.
Programmable ButtonsIt features six programmable buttons, which is specialized for the configuration of the layout of a gamers’ personalized play.
MemoryIt has an onboard memory, which allows a gamer to look up for three profiles, and the gamers can have the settings in their hands no matter wherever they go.

Further, the TUF Gaming M5 mouse is specially built to provide the years of service in the frontline. Its outer shell structures an excellent specialized coating that is fortified to endure a battery of more than ten rigid scratch, fiction, and secretion tests. Its technical buttons are carefully designed with high-performance quality for at least 50 million clicks. Whereas, its base features will help in enhancing the Teflon feet to keep the movement smooth for countless multiple hours.

What is in the Box?

As you open up the box, you will find a less complicated bundle as most of the mouse packages don’t have a much simpler set.

It just had a hard-wired mouse with a manual to start. It is straightforward to use as it has a USB connector, you just have to plug it on any of your USB port, and you can play any game swiftly.

But, if you want to customize the settings, including lightings and sensors, you can install the software.

What is it good for?

This is also a matter of consideration that this mouse is easily accessible to which type of gamers. It can be said that it is a recommendable or the right choice for gamers;

  • Small Hands Those who have small-sized palm or hand, or those looking for a small gaming mouse, and usually, those who are right-handed gamers in general.
  • Left Handed People: Being feasible for ambidextrous, it can be easily used by the left-handed people as well.
  • RGB Lovers Those who always are in search of RGB lightings for their gaming accessories.
  • MOBA Players Certain games can be played while using this TUF mouse, including first-person shooter games, battle royale, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). These games can be played very quickly with ASUS TUF mice.

It can be said that ASUS has never disappointed its consumers in introducing efficient products. It has always brought a tremendous positive revolution for the gamers by complementing their needs, providing comfort and ease with its numerous products.

It has kept the people engaged and involved in the gaming and technological world and has always lived up to the expectations of its consumers and gamers.

The ASUS TUF Gaming M5 mouse has many good things going for it:

  • It has outstanding design and reliable build quality.
  • It provides comfort for the usage of a long period and can be used for both gaming and office work, with a high comfort level.
  • Its RGB lighting effects can also be accessed to other ASUS accessories as well.
  • It has its replaceable and robust Omron switches.
  • It offers a reasonable price with high quality and efficiency.
  • Though its small size is accessible to those who have small hands, it provides a little discomfort to those with larger hands.
  • It has an RoG armory software that requires proper updates and improvements so that it can compete with other similar software.

Quality Tests

During the production of the TUFF gaming M5, ASUS tested it several times through the unique methods to measure the quality and toughness. Two of them are as follows.

Sweat Test

In this test, the mouse underwent several temperature levels from lowest to highest to test how swiftly it will perform in different degrees of temperature. Taking reliability tests at 50-degree Celsius to prove, performance won’t get affected by the increase in temperature. Then, the coating test was held at the worst condition of 70-degrees, to measure its ruggedness.

Rubber Friction Test

In this test, friction is determined using the element of rubber as most mousepads are made of it, and human skin is near to it. Taking the test by moving it through the cycle so that the quality can be estimated. In one of the tests, it turned out that it can take up to 200 cycles at the initial level.


The ASUS TUF Gaming M5 being an ultimate gaming mouse displays the best work by the ASUS team of developers having trustworthy quality and price ratio. This mouse offers some of the best optical sensors with high accuracy, with long-lasting Omron switches and signature design.

The only drawback that comes in the way is its smaller size, but if you have a smaller or average hand size, then its good to go for you, as people with a bigger hand size deserve bigger and comfortable gaming mouse.

All in all, it’s one complete package with high-quality programmable buttons having swift moments.

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