Top 5 Gaming Projects on (AVAX) Avalanche Blockchain 2022

Gaming Projects on Avalanche Blockchain Platform

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology are rapidly adapting to the modern world. What was initially developed for an alternative payment service, has now evolved into a whole new realm of Technological applications.


  1. Crabada
  2. YieldHunt
  3. TaleCraft
  4. Avaxtars
  5. Heroes of NFT

Roughly speaking, in the entire Cryptocurrency world, things such as Crypto tokens, NFTs, DeFi, and many more are possible because of Blockchain. We can say that Blockchain is the backbone of the entire Cryptocurrency domain.


Initially, when Cryptocurrencies took off, there was only one Blockchain available, the Bitcoin Blockchain. However, other Blockchains, with more functionality popped up soon. Blockchains like Ethereum transformed the Crypto space into what we see today.

Ethereum Blockchain has smart contract functionality, which allows it to be used for applications such as NFTs and DeFi.

Avalanche Blockchain’s development and success

AVAX Blockchain Development

However, the Ethereum Blockchain is infamous for its high gas fees. Gas fees are what you pay for a transaction on the Blockchain network. Naturally, many other Blockchains with more features and fewer drawbacks came into play. This is where our Blockchain in the discussion, Avalanche comes.

Avalanche Blockchain is relatively new in the Blockchain world. Taking off in September 2020, it grew rapidly. The partial cause of the phenomenal rise of the Blockchain can be pointed out to be the faster consensus protocol. The major drawback of existing Blockchain Technologies was their slower consensus mechanisms. For comparison, Bitcoin and Ethereum offer a figure of 6 and 15 transactions per second respectively. However, Avalanche possesses the ability to process a whopping 6500 transactions per second.

While this is an impressive figure for existing Blockchain Technology, it is no match to the centralized payment systems of the world. For comparison, Visa claims to have the processing capability to execute a staggering 24,000 transactions a second. While Avalanche is far behind Visa in terms of the capability to perform transactions, it is still a milestone for Blockchain Technology, which might be the reason for its phenomenal success.

Gaming Projects on Avalanche Blockchain Platform

Avalanche has smart contract functionality, which makes it possible for developers to create dApps or Decentralised Applications on the Avalanche Platform. Projects such as DeFi apps and NFT marketplaces and much more can be made utilizing the smart contract functionality of Avalanche.

Blockchain-based games can also be made using smart contracts. So, let’s find out the top 5 Gaming Projects based on the Avalanche Platform.

Top 5 Games Based on the Avalanche Blockchain Platform

1. Crabada

Crabada game on AVAX

Crabada is an Avalanche based idle-game that can be considered somewhat similar to another really popular NFT based game Axie Infinity. Crabada can be considered similar to Axie Infinity but it is unique in its own way.


The game lets players create a team made up of Hermit Crabs for fighting battles. A player can position their crab team strategically in a battle to gain the upper hand. To improve the team a player has to “breed” their craba. Each crab or the Crabada is an NFT.

Initially, in the “Crabada Origin breeding event” a total of 6,490 NFT characters were minted. This number is the total number of all the origin units. No more origin units will be circulated after this.

As of now, the game is still undergoing the development phase, but the play-to-earn feature in the game has propelled the game to the limelight. The game ‘pays’ the players two different tokens for different utilities in the game, by playing time in the game.

The game incentivizes the $CRA token by staking activity or simply by participating in the gameplay. This token is used for in-game governance.

The other token is the Treasure Under Sea token ($TUS). This token is Crabada’s in-game currency. A player can earn TUS by looting, mining, and leading crabs in the game. Both of these tokens are popular among investors, who see them as investments due to their utility in the game.

To get started with the game, a player has to purchase 3 Crabadas for each battle. A player with a higher-ranked Crabada can defeat other Players with a lower Ranked Crabada using the unique skill of his Crabada. To upgrade their Crabadas a player can use their $TUS tokens to boost their performance.

Analytics of the game

As per DappRadar, Crabada’s active userbase has been steadily growing. This might be partly due to the rapid adoption of the Blockchain on which this game is based upon. According to the website, the game has had about 6.28k active users in the last month. Additionally, the website states that the gaming platform has crossed over a staggering 3.3 Million transactions in the last thirty days.

The developers have talked about the roadmap of the game. They talk about the future of the Game in 2022. Soon the platform will make its debut on Smartphones if everything goes right. The game might also add a land-owning feature in the game. A marketplace is also in the works as per the roadmap by the developers. Once all this is done, players might get the feature or cross-platform compatible battling modes.

2. YieldHunt

Yieldhunt Game on AVAX

YieldHunt is a relatively new runner in the list of Avalanche Blockchain games. This game is also somewhat similar to the Ethereum Blockchain-based game “the Wolf Game”. However, what makes the game different is the addition of many new features.


The game is about two main character models. These are the adventurer and the hunter. The adventurer can be perceived as the “hero” of the game, whereas, the hunter can be called the “villain”. In the game, Adventures ventures into the unknown forest to gather $GEMS. $GEMS are the native token of the game. Meanwhile, the Hunters are for stealing those gathered $GEMS.

An adventurer through minting can recruit another adventurer after they have got more $GEMS. The game is also an NFT based game, meaning both the characters, the Adventurer and the Hunter are NFTs. Their minting probability is fixed at 90% for the adventurer and 10% for the Hunter, by the Blockchain.

What makes this game so attractive for the players is that on top of being so fun, players can trade the collected $GEMS token with other tokens in the Avalanche Platform. Decentralized Exchanges or DEX such as Pangolin or TraderJoe can be used to trade these $GEMS.


DappRadar has also analyzed the performance of Yield Hunt. According to the website, the game has had about 7.18k active users in the last month. Additionally, the website states that the gaming platform has crossed over 100k transactions and about $1.5 Million in volume in the last thirty days.

3. TaleCraft

Telecraft game on AVAX

The third game on the list is the first of its kind, play to earn card game. TaleCraft is another game that is designed using the Avalanche Blockchain Platform. This game is unique as it uses a state-of-the-art minting and crafting mechanism. The game also is NFT based, where users can acquire powerful cards by minting and crafting methods.

Weekly, an elemental base card sale happens on the platform. Using these elemental base cards, a player can then mint and craft their NFT cards. NFT cardholders are rewarded by the game with AVAX that is generated in the game. To promote the immersive environment of the game, the game rewards loyal and skilled warriors more rewards from the AVAX yield.

To avoid inflation, the game has adopted a new feature which we’ve talked about in the beginning. This new feature is never done before and is unique to TaleCraft. It is designed to bring scarcity into the game’s domain. When a base card is used to craft a higher tier card, the base card is burned. This method brings sustainability and stability to the Platform and also helps with stabilizing the long-term economy of the game.

Additionally, the game also has its native token, the $CRAFT token. To unlock a chest in the game, the $CRAFT token is consumed. The smart contracts make sure that the chest and the $CRAFT tokens are burned which creates a stable economy in the gameplay. NFTs’ supply is based on the community’s demand principled on free-market practices of demand and supply.

The game uses the ERC-1155 standard of token generation. This weighs the game’s unique crafting system. The gameplay allows users to battle other players using their crafter cards. The battles provide a competitive tussle ground for players to demonstrate their skills and powers of their cards.


DappRadar has performed the analysis the TaleCraft. According to the website, the game has had more than 2000 active users in the last month. Additionally, the website states that the gaming platform has crossed over 59k transactions and about $187 thousand in volume in the last thirty days.

4. Avaxtars

Avaxtars Game

Avaxtars is of the famous genre of Science Fiction games. Avaxtars is also an idle game just like Crabada and is also based on the Avalanche Blockchain Platform.


Avaxtar is a character, or should we say an avatar that is generated digitally. As they’re Blockchain-based, each Avaxtar is an NFT. The NFTs are unique ERC-721 Tokens registered on the Avalanche Blockchain.

On top of that, the game has included 3 different utility tokens for different functionalities in the game. They’re the $AVXT, $ENXT, and $DGC tokens.

The game has initially capped the total number of Gen1 Avaxtars at 10000. The $DGC or The Digital Genetic Code is unique to the Avaxtar, it points out the Avatar’s uniqueness level. Gen1 Avaxtars have a rarity level in 4 different tiers, ranging from common, uncommon, rare, and epic. The probability of getting them is Blockchain verified. 

The Gen1 Avaxtar can be used to create a newer generation of Avaxtars called the Gen2 Avaxtars through Avatar farming. When creating a Gen2 Avaxtar, a player gets to earn extra $AVXT tokens or they can generate the $DGC token. 

The Personal Avaxtar Generation Machine (PAGM) allows two Gen1 Avaxtars to be placed in it to form a Gen2 Avaxtar. 


DappRadar’s analysis of the game reveals some important stats about this game. According to the website, the game has had more than 1.1k active users in the last month. Additionally, the website states that the gaming platform has crossed over 4.3k transactions and about $115 thousand in volume in the last thirty days.

5. Heroes of NFT

Heroes of NFT

Heroes of NFT is another Play to Earn Card Gard game based on the Avalanche Blockchain Platform. Like many card-based games, the game has collectible NFT based cards.


The game offers turn-based play where users can battle in an arena to showcase their card skills. These cards are based on unique heroes. The different traits of the cards make the game competitive and give room for elaborate strategies to excel in the game.

In-game items might change the course of the game a lot in the future. Tournaments will allow users to battle other players to win attractive rewards. Limited edition NFT Hero Cars being one of them.

Additionally, players can purchase spell cards, weapons, and cosmetics for their Heroes. They are added for extra power-ups and customization to make the game more fun. These items will be sold on the NFT marketplace in the near future.

The game rewards users with mintable $HRM tokens when engaging in player vs player and player vs environment mode. More prizes are given in tournaments. The game’s native token, the $HON token will be used by the players to purchase items from the marketplace, giving them an upper hand over other players.


DappRadar’s analysis of the game reveals some interesting stats about this game. According to the website, the game has had more than 600 active users in the last month. Additionally, the website states that the gaming platform has crossed over 1.9k transactions and about 142 thousand in volume in the last thirty days.


With the ongoing adoption of the Avalanche Blockchain Platform, these games are expected to grow as well. It might seem that these games aren’t much popular at this stage, however, these games offer really attractive play-to-earn mechanisms which will lure more users in the future.

Established gaming corporations are also looking in the Crypto and Blockchain domain to tap into the potential of NFTs. However, widespread adoption is the key factor for these kinds of games to succeed. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait for much longer to find out their fate.

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