Best Casual Video Games Of All Time

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Best Casual Video Games Of All Time

When you’re looking for something to take your mind off your concerns, a casual game might just be the answer. A casual game is one that you can easily pick up and set down after a while, returning to every now and then to enjoy. Casual does not imply ease or simplicity – it’s about how you perceive it.

Casual games are a profitable business, with a range of new releases on PC, smartphones, and consoles. There’s always a perfect choice to play with friends even though they’re miles away and whether you have an outdated laptop or a new smartphone.

If you’re short of suggestions, here’s the list of the casual games that we’ve been fascinated and intrigued by over the years.



You’ve played it, and you enjoyed it. You control a yellow creature that eats dots while avoiding ghosts as it navigates a labyrinth. It’s a sensation that started out in arcades and inspired a slew of clones and spin-offs, including Mrs. Pac-Man.

If you’re a Pac-Man fan, you should try out Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. This PSN and XBLA redesign to the iconic arcade favorite enhances the Pac-Man dynamic by breaking the maze into two sections. It also has new sleeping ghosts that start chasing you as soon as you pass by them and different speed that grows as you pick up points and drops as you waste a life.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Taito’s retro video game, created by Tomohiro Nishikado and launched in Japan in 1978, dared gamers to stop an invasion of aliens. Users took command of a large laser blaster that they moved around the bottom of the board, firing at five rows of approaching aliens and sometimes space ships worth bonus points. The game featured a “high score” display at the top of the screen, which quickly became a common feature of arcade games.

Space Invaders Get Even, announced 30 years after the initial Space Invaders entered arcades, has gamers flying alien UFOs rather than defending them. This WiiWare title allowed players to command hordes of up to 100 invaders, using a range of strike tactics and blowing up aircraft, helicopters, warships, and other vehicles.


Tetris is a game that almost every person on the planet knows about. The “King of Puzzlers” was the model for a bunch of other games. Whether you first got familiar with it on your favorite Gameboy decades ago or just found out about it through a smartphone application, its endless addiction will keep you both relaxed and tense.

Electronic Arts’ popular ’80s puzzler was introduced to the iPad in the same easy-but-madly-contagious shape that made a success on virtually every platform. Tetris for iPad has multi-touch buttons, Endless Play Mode, and, perhaps most importantly, the original music, which you will be humming for days.

Even as games evolve, Tetris is here to last, aiming to bring excitement and anger to players everywhere.



Solitaire card games played with a standard deck of cards have been around for decades, dating back to the nineteenth century. But there’s no denying that the introduction of the desktop computer into the workplace and households has had a considerable effect on popularizing and bringing these classic games to the general public. According to Microsoft sources, Solitaire is the most successful software program in the Microsoft family, including Word and Excel.

One of the most popular versions, Spider Solitaire, became widespread thanks to Microsoft Windows, and odds are you’ve seen it on your computer alongside other popular games like Chess, Minesweeper, etc. Rumor has it that even President Franklin D. Roosevelt enjoyed it. Many people believe it to be the best solitaire game because it allows for masterful gameplay to transcend the luck of the draw and provides a fair amount of winning chances.


Zuma Deluxe

Zuma is a famous game with a special frog character who throws and matches marbles of the same color. As you connect the same marbles, they fade away, earning you points.

Zuma Deluxe is a flashier version that enables you to fire marbles of some new colors. Power-ups and combos will also help you boost your ranking.

The icing barrier is a unique feature of this Zuma game. You shoot a ball into frozen ones to break the ice, play hidden levels that aren’t dull, and eventually find yourself in the ultimate battle, which is the grand finale.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

When people hear the word “casual,” they usually think of this game. It’s the kind of game you’ll start and get addicted to overtime.

“Candy Crush Saga” is a free game in which players are given five lives. If a player fails to complete a round, they sacrifice one life, and after losing all five, they must either wait 20 minutes for the game to resume or pay 99 cents.

Tiffi and Mr. Toffee invite you to join them for a sweet journey through the Candy Kingdom. Travel through enchanted realms, see incredible sights, and encounter delightfully crazy characters! In this tasty puzzle game, you must shift and match your way through hundreds of stages. The most delicious game keeps getting tastier!

Wrapping It Up

Whether it’s a puzzle, a drawing game, a shooting game, or some other type, simplicity seems to be the norm for casual games. During tough times and bad days, people want distraction rather than a new task to add to their headaches, and with the pandemic still going strong, a lot of new users are seeking relaxation and a way to take their minds off things, which caused a big boom in the gaming industry.

The most popular casual games ever seem to have the right balance between challenging players and the easiness of the tasks. That’s why these all-time favorites are still collecting big money in the dynamic gaming industry.

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