These 5 Indie Game are going to Rock 2020!

These 5 Indie Gaming are going to Rock 2020

The independent (indie) games are either created by the individuals or small teams of developers without the financial support or collaboration of any big gaming publisher.

This gives the indie game developers the freedom to take a dig at innovation and to come up with some extremely exquisite and engaging games.

Here are our favorite picks from the upcoming indie games which we anticipate to make big in 2020.

#5 Duru – Mole Rats & Depression

At No. 5 spot we have Duru.

The game is a 2D puzzle platformer and set in the West-African inspired mole rat colony setting.

The game is created by the developers from Berlin and will be made available for home PC and mobiles later in the year.

This is a highly emotive game that is about depression, insecurities, and friendship in which Tuli goes through different tasks along with her friend that is an AI character.

#4 Minute of Island – Transformational Journey in a Faltering World

Ok, so this game looks as beautiful as an animated coloring book.

The game will be made available in the coming months.

You would get to play as the character “Mo” who lives in the otherwise beautiful but now polluted island.

Mo will try to rescue the island from deadly spores and antennae installed by giants with the help of his Omni-tool by heading out in wilds.

#3 The Pedestrian – Signs, Looks Great!

The game is developed by the Skookum arts and creating a buzz right after its release in recent weeks.

A very different, very catchy, very witty and very addictive game is based on environmental puzzles.

The game is so visually attractive and designed in such a unique way that it will make you stick to your screens for hours even if you are not a fan of puzzles.

The game is made available for home PCs, Nintendo switch and for all other devices as well.

#2 Mind Seize – The Saviour Dad

This 2D single Metroidvania is just launched on 30th January 2020.

In more than 10 hours of the gameplay, you will get to play as the M.C Fox who will try to take down an evil criminal organization naming “The Ascended”.

After the initial encounter with the leaders of The Ascended, M.C Fox’s body will be paralyzed and he will transfer his consciousness to a robotic body and will control the robotic body through the mind.

The robotic body will be carrying out different upgrading transformations and adaptations during the ultimate chase and combat.

#1 Temtem – Remember Pokemon?

On No. 1, it’s Temtem.

A Pokemon inspired massive multiplayer game where you will collect and tame different creatures.

What could be better than a massive creature-collecting adventure along with your temtem squad in the beautiful Airborne Archipelago?

The game will get you to indulge in a dynamic online world where you’ll catch and train the temtem creatures and will have a chance to battle with other tamers.

The game also comes with customizing options for your home in the virtual world.

Released just a week ago, the game is already creating hype and is anticipated to go a long way!

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  1. Temtem has pretty good marketing and visuals. It also comes at a good time seeing as the old giant of the genre is getting some flak lately.


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