Top 9 Best Laptop Stands For Bed 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works” – Douglas Adams.

An ongoing urge to innovate new things in every field has made an impact in making our lives better and comfortable. That’s why laptop stands have been invented.

Best Laptop Stands for Bed 2021

Top 9 Best Laptop Stands for Bed 2021

When it happens to work on laptops, posture comes forth as a huge issue.

These laptop stands have been designed to keep in view your comfort level and physical health. They will not let you compromise your health on your endless work. So, if you are making your mind to avail this facility, stay tuned to find the best laptop stands for bed in 2021.

All the laptop stands are versatile in their features and price. Some are cheaper but don’t give maximum satisfaction regarding their usage. Some are expensive but can’t fulfill their needs. So after searching to a great extent, we have tried to include the top 9 best laptop tables for beds on the list.

Bamboo Lap Desk

Sofia + Sam Laptop Bed Tray - Bamboo Lap Desk

  • Be Productive & Comfortable.
  • Folding TV tray table.
  • Smartphone tablet lap tray.
  • Homework and study lap tray.
  • eating food bed tray.

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Adjustable Top

This laptop stand/table is equipped with an adjustable top which gives you more ease to keep laptops, books, edibles according to your desired angle and height.

Lap Desk

The laptop stand works as the lap desk for homework, working on the laptop, eating your food, etc. all from your comfort of the bed, couch, or sofa. Storage drawer: It provides you a storage drawer along with the bed tray. The drawer can be used to keep pens, mice, any edible, or whatever you want to put in.

Surface Area

This bed table is having the capacity to fit laptops up to 15’’ and tablets up to 9.6” along with a wooden bump on it to secure the laptops from falling. Tablet & Mobile phone holder: Moreover, it is also having separate slots to keep mobile phones and tablets in front of you in this laptop bed tray along with cord holes for easy charging at the same time.

Mouse Pad

It is equipped with a comfortable built-in mouse pad on the surface to use laptops more easily. Foldable legs: This feature makes it easy for storage at any place and makes it portable easily.


21.5″ Width x 13.75″ Depth x 9.25″ Height with PATENT: D799851


It can be bought under a $60 budget easily and will not let you regret spending this amount because of its multifunctional structure. Among the shortcomings of the product are its legs which can be folded but not locked so it creates difficulty. Sometimes screws are loosely held in their positions and come out after unpacking the product. Some customers had to face problems regarding the size of the tablet keep over it. Due to its built-in mouse pad on the right side, it can only be used by right-handed people.

Do you love to live in your comfort zone? Then this product is going to be perfect for you because of its multi-tasking features which include, a separate mobile phone slot, folding legs, wooden bump on the surface, and a storage drawer. It is going to be the perfect option for you to work from your home at your comfort level on bed, couch, and sofa, or wherever.

  • Separate mobile phone slot.
  • Adjustable top.
  • Built-in mouse pad.
  • Wooden bump to secure laptop.
  • Legs can’t be locked.
  • Magnets in the drawer which can wreck any electronic which is vulnerable to magnets.
  • Legs have balance issue.
  • Bad finishing.

Honeydew Mini-Table

Neetto Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray - Honeydew Mini-Table

  • Beautiful color.
  • Folded legs.
  • For both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • Standing desk.
  • Online support.

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Adjustable Stand

It is furnished with an adjustability feature. You can set it according to your desired height from 9.4″-12.6″ for easy usage with the help of two lock buttons on each side. Moreover, you can also adjust its surface angle from 0-35° according to your sitting position.


This is the multi-functional laptop stand to use at any place in any position. It can be served as a food tray, homework desk or laptop stand for assisting you in work from home.

Standing Desk

This regular bed tray can also be converted to a standing desk to help you in working while you are at the office or in the classroom and saves you from the health issues caused by long sittings. Lightweight: It is light enough which makes it environment friendly and can be used anywhere.


Due to its folding legs feature, I can be easily portable and thus helps you to take your workstation with you to any place.


20.47 x 0.35 x 11.81 inches Live online support: this product comes with 24 months of online live support, telephone support, and email support. We offer 24 months for normal use live online support Telephone Support and email support. A Video user guide is also available from Avantree for any kind of trouble in usage.


You can get it under the $60 budget. It is not good for working with it on the chair or small couch because its legs are far apart to be adjusted on the chair. Screws are loosely held in their positions so can come out easily and very soon after buying. Sellers don’t have a return policy.

We are here to guide you honestly about each product’s review. In addition to having some pitfalls, it is rated as the best adjustable laptop stand for a bed. So you can easily decide on which product you should spend your money.

  • Facility for online support 24/7.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Adjustable surface angle.
  • Compatible for 17’’ laptop.
  • Price is too much higher as compared to feature.
  • Needs some improvements.

Adjustable Riser

PWR+  Bed Table  - Adjustable Riser

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Light weight.
  • 360 degrees rotation.
  • CPU cooling fans.
  • Mouse pad.

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Ergonomic Design

It is an adjustable, collapsible, and foldable laptop, ultrabook, MacBook, Gaming notebook stand with fully sturdy adjustable legs. It works as high strength aluminum stand with the capacity to rotate at 360 degrees

Cooling Fans

It is equipped with quiet CPU cooling fans which reduce the operating temperature of your laptop by allowing steady airflow around it. The base of your laptop gets quiet and even air by its active cooling methods. These fans are USB powered with a USB cord included without affecting the battery life of your laptop.


The stand can be quickly collapsed and portable easily. Mouse stand: it comes with a mouse stand and you can attach it on either side of the stand as per your ease.


You can use it any way you want it. It can be used as a food tray, standing desk, book tray, writing desk, tablet holder, gaming table with the function of rising at any height according to your comfortable position and saves you from neck and back pain. You can use it anywhere as per your comfort, like on the bed, sofa, couch or wherever you wish.


The legs of this stand make it unique in style. The legs can get locked in place at different angles according to your need. Surface: It can accommodate till 17’’ laptops and holds it firmly and steady Weight: It is very lightweight which makes carrying easy.

Best Gift

It can serve as the best gift to give anyone on any occasion to give them comfort in using a laptop. Warranty and customer support: It comes with 30 days refund and 24 months exchange policy. PWR+ is WA, USA-based company that provides friendly customer support at any time.


It is available on a $45 budget. This product is good only for fat laptops, not the slim ones because during using slim laptops the lower metal edge of this tray will go about 1/4 inch straight up into your wrists if you have to type for a long causes severe pain and then you will have to throw it out.

Do you like stylish things? Then here you go! The overall design of the stand makes you attractive and provides you with the facility to use it wherever you want as per your need and it will prove the best budget laptop stand for bed.

  • Adjustability.
  • Portability.
  • Auto-lock joints.
  • Cooling fans.
  • Needs some improvements.
  • Slippery legs.

The best option!

Etable Foldable Laptop Tray - The best option!

  • Innovative.
  • Facility of light.
  • Built-in power bank.
  • Wide surface.
  • Multi-functional.

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Innovative Design

Its innovative design comes with many interesting and useful features like a built-in power bank led light and mouse pad. So it will let you enjoy your work from home.

Power Bank

Built-in 10000mAh Rechargeable Power Bank will never let you stop doing your work due to power disturbance.

LED Light

LED flashlight providing illumination so you can see properly.

Charging Table

This stand can be used as a charging table for your phones and tablets. Portable: Its foldable legs make it portable easily to anywhere with you either in the in-home environment or outside.


It is a multi-functional stand that can be used as your workstation, reading table, writing table, food tray, the standing desk in the office, and wherever as per your comfort need.

Adjustable Height

You can adjust the height of your laptop or tablet according to your comfortable using this stand. This will give you the perfect viewing angle to enjoy your movie or any show.

Durable Design

It is made of durable ABS plastic strengthen with tungsten steel. This is a sturdy stand and carries a weight of up to 25kg and a 15’’ laptop. It is gracefully polished. In addition to durability, it is lightweight to carry anywhere due to foldable legs. Moreover, you can store it if not in use.


This stand comes with wide space to manage your laptop, reading, or writing material easily. The table is not much sturdy to stand on properly without buckling, the legs do not lock sometimes and get expand often during working which is an annoying thing.

If you are looking for the best laptop stand while working at home with your comfort level, so this stand will be a good deal to spend money on it. It comes with multi-functions thus providing you with your all needs in one place.

  • Built-in power bank.
  • Durability.
  • Easy to store.
  • Light weight.
  • Expanding of legs.
  • Absence of storage drawer.

A Bamboo Lap Desk

SONGMICS Wooden Laptop Bed Desk - A Bamboo Lap Desk

  • Renewable bamboo.
  • Tilting top.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Food table on a picnic.
  • Storage drawer.

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Adjustable Top

When used as a food table, it has 5 angled positions with 5 slots for different viewing experiences. Its height can be adjusted for all ranges of people. It is also having the facility of tilting the top with different adjustments to put on a tablet for a better view.

Multi-functional Table

It can be used as a floor desk, food table, laptop tray, writing table, tablet tray with 5 angled positions, and adjustable heights for different viewing experiences.

Built to Last

Its 100% bamboo nature makes it long-lasting and it comes with a renewable bamboo facility. It’s not only an eco-friendly laptop stand but also durable due to solid wood. It can bear heavy loads without being deformed. Moreover, it is equipped with 2 metal bolts which prevent leg shaking.

Storage Drawer

This stand comes with a storage drawer to keep all the little accessories like pen drives, pencils, or whatever you want. The drawer has magnets inside to prevent it from sliding out when moving the table around.


There is no need of connecting any part to use it. It is ready to use after unboxing. This product comes with a 24/7 customer support facility in case of any inconvenience.

Portable and Storage

Due to foldable legs, it can be stored anywhere and easy to carry with you. However, it is a little bit heavy as compared to other laptop stands due to bamboo manufacturing. It can be unbalanced anytime due to loose metal locks.

Songmics Bamboo lap desk can be a better option for you in your budget. If you are thinking to buy a laptop stand for yourself then it will be the best laptop stand for lying in bed.

  • Multi-functional.
  • Legs with lock.
  • No assembly required.
  • Durable due to solid wood.
  • Heavy.
  • Rough skin.
  • Loose leg locks.

Your Best Study Partner!

Nearpow XXL Laptop Bed Tray - Your Best Study Partner!

  • XXL Bed Trays for Eating.
  • Book stand.
  • polished wood surface.
  • legs padded with silicon.
  • ergonomic design.

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Ergonomic Structure

This laptop stand has been manufactured with high quality and durable materials consisting of aluminum legs with silicon on the bottoms which prevents it from slipping. It is having a polished wood surface with padded round edges and an ABS wrist rest board which ensures comfort for the user.

Size and Dimensions

The area of the surface is extra-large 25.6’’ * 19.3’’ and can accommodate laptops up to 17’’. There is enough space to keep the keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. The total height of the stand is 11.8’’ through which you can easily stretch your legs while using it.

Bookstand and Drawer

It is also equipped with a bookstand over the surface for better study purposes. The bookstand is removable and can carry books of all average sizes. The side storage drawer is a great facility for the users to keep their small things inside it while working on the table. The drawer can also be used as your coffee cup stand and you can enjoy coffee along with working.


It can be used as a standing table, writing table, picnic tray, bed workstation, etc. It comes with separate tablet and mobile phone slots. So you can keep an eye on your devices during your work. Return or refund policy: This laptop stand comes with a return or refund policy in case of any inconvenience.


It is expensive than the other laptop stands and you may get it under the budget of $71. Everything is great about this product except for the lack of adjustment. Moreover, you may find this product is heavier than the other stands.

Are you looking for something very best? If you a good budget and you don’t want to compromise on quality too, then this is the right and best laptop bed stand. It will prove to be a very convenient and the best option for you.

  • Mobile and tablet slots.
  • Removable book holder.
  • Extra-large surface area.
  • Arm friendly structure.
  • Drawer is on left side.
  • Expensive.
  • Legs cannot be adjusted.

Honeydew Stand in Bed

Avantree Adjustable Laptop Bed Desk - Honeydew Stand in Bed

  • Adjustable.
  • Portable standing desk.
  • Table for kids.
  • Light but sturdy.

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This table comes with an extra size of 23.62”x12.99”x0.35” (600x330x9mm) and can accommodate a 17’’ or larger laptop with a mouse. It is available in three sizes:

  • TB101S – smaller size to use on bed and couch
  • TB101 – medium size for laptops less than 17’’ size
  • TB101L – Large size to use for laptops of sizes above 17’’


This is a multi-functional laptop stand that can also be used as a standing desk in the office, a snack tray for watching TV, a food tray in bed, and a workstation in the home environment as per your comfort.


It comes with customized 5 adjustable heights from 9.4’’ to 12.6’’ with two auto-lock buttons on both sides. Moreover, its surface can also be tilted from 0-30 degrees by pulling a lock button and releasing it at the desired angle.


This is a lightweight stand to easily move around, environment friendly, and strongly durable due to 100% quality wood.

Portable and Storage

This is a foldable stand which makes it portable easily and you may do your work anywhere as per your need and ease even you can take it with you on your vacation. Furthermore, its collapsible feature makes it easy to store when not in use.


It is available at an easily affordable price of under $65. Among the shortcomings of the product, its legs are too far apart to use on a chair with arms. The screws are too short to come out easily and it doesn’t come with a return policy.

Still, thinking about the best laptop stand? This product is going to be the best laptop stand for bed and sofa. If you are getting too many features in this budget, then it will be a great deal.

  • Ready to use.
  • Five Adjustable heights.
  • Multi-purpose table.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Too much slippery surface.
  • Needs some improvements.
  • Expensive.

Fall in love with simple Life!

Huanuo Lap Desk - Fall in love with simple Life!

  • Handle to carry easily.
  • Wrist pad.
  • Tablet and phone slots.
  • Built-in mouse pad.
  • Dual bolster cushions on below side.

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It can be used as a lap desk for laptops, tablets, phones, books, writing, drawing as per your comfort level whether you are sitting on the couch, or in bed. It can put up laptops till 17’’. Moreover; it is having two separate slots for tablets and mobile phones to keep it in front of your eyes while being busy with your work.

Comfortable Design

It comes with a wrist pad which will never let you tired while writing or using a laptop. This wrist pad also secures your laptop from being slipped. A dual bolster cushion on the bottom side gives you comfort level while working on the desk and keeps your laptop at your desired angle.

Mouse Pad

It is equipped with a built-in leather mouse pad which increases your work capability. Portable: this laptop stand is very lightweight and has a handle to carry it. So it can be easily portable to anywhere with you with just one hand.

Environment Friendly

This lap desk is designed in this way that you can use it for your office work even during travel.


Its framework is manufactured with wood, cushions with soft foam, and slots with plastic.


You can get this lap desk under the budget of $50. However, there are also some pitfalls of this product. The wrist pad is too high to feel comfortable. The leather mouse pad is not durable, it just glued on the surface which starts to peel off soon.

Do you love simple things? Then it is going to be perfect for you. Or do you want to find something very relaxing in use and feel more comfortable? Go and purchase this simple lap desk with multi-functions and never stop your work in any environment.

  • Working with comfort.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Easily portable with handle.
  • Too much expensive.
  • Mobile phone and tablets fall forward.
  • Not suitable for short heighted users.

Large table, less price!

NEARPOW Laptop Stand for Bed - Large table, less price!

  • Tablet slot.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Rounded edges with padding.
  • Silicon padded legs.
  • Multi-functional large stand.

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Durable Design

This laptop bed stand is made up of durable materials; polished wood surface with aluminum legs padded with silicon at the edges, rounded edges of the top surface with silicon padding, and ABS wrist rest board which will not let you tired during working on a laptop. Moreover, it comes with a mobile phone or tablet slot on the top to be alert about your messages and call during your work.


This table can be used for various purposes like a food tray, laptop bed table, study table, standing table for office, picnic table, writing table, and for kids. You can use this table as a workstation anywhere as per your comfort; sofa, couch, floor, etc.


Did you ever feel the need for such product which you wish to have to put your things on when going out??? This table is equipped with foldable legs so you can carry it with you anywhere and this table will assist you in putting many things.


This table is having a large top surface with the size of 25.6″ * 15″ which can accommodate laptops up to 17’’. There is enough space on the top to put on your keyboard, mouse, and some other accessories over it. The total height of the table is 11.8’’ which enables you to stretch your legs under the table comfortably.

Refund Policy

This table comes with 12 months replacement and refund policy in case of any defect. So you can buy this product with confidence. However, this table doesn’t come with adjustable legs according to height. It just possesses one height which is not a big deal. It pretty good table for your various needs.

This bed table is highly recommended to buy for its durability and high performance which comes due to fine materials and ergonomic design in the affordable budget of $44 that makes a big difference. So far, this is the best-rated laptop stand for bed.

  • Multi-functional table.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Refund policy.
  • Best rated bed table.
  • Legs are not adjustable.


So, here we conclude our list of the top 10 best laptop stands for beds, you can buy in 2021. We really hope you found what you were looking for. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below.

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