Top 3 Best Voice Chat Gaming Apps for 2022

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Best Voice Chat Gaming Apps for 2020

If you are a gamer then you definitely know how important it is to communicate with your teammates while gaming in order to enjoy it to the most.

Even though, the new games allow users to communicate while playing but the quality and services are not that satisfying. So, looking out for a third party application that provides you better services is not a bad option.

Since there are so many software products that provide you voice chat services, so you may get confused that which one is right for you and your friends.

Well, do not worry anymore.

We’ll show you the top 3 best voice chat solutions for your gaming communication problems.

Discord App – Probably the best one!

Discord App for Gaming

Discord is a VoIP application that is designed for video gaming communities.

It is free of cost to access. It provides users to communicate in high quality through voice chat or even text messages. It can be used on the web directly or through the application. It is totally your choice if you want to download the app or not. You can add friends on discord in order to access them quickly. Users can even join different servers in discord to find new people to play with. Users can also make their own servers where they can stay and enjoy it.

While keeping in mind all of its pros, let’s have a talk about its cons too.

Some new users may not find Discord friendly to use since there is so much in one place. All the servers, friends, and channels. New users usually get confused about it. Other than that, all the servers of Discord are hosted through Discord, which means any problem at backend means all the servers go down and there is nothing you can do about it except waiting for them to get back stable.

Team Speak 3 – Perfect Audio Quality

Team Speak 3 App for Gaming

TeamSpeak is a software which is also specially designed for video gaming communities. TeamSpeak lets you communicate with your teammates in high-quality audio or even chat messages.

Just like Discord, you also need to join any server in order to use TeamSpeak. It gives a lot of permissions to the server’s administrators to manage and control their servers. You must consider this software since it is really easy to use and provides great services.

If we talk about the cons of TeamSpeak, it allows a fixed amount of people in a server at a time depending on server capacity. The UI of TeamSpeak looks like a bit outdated which needs to be updated now. Other than that, it offers great services.

Mumble – Low Latency & High Quality

Mumble App for Gaming

Specialized in low latency communication. Mumble allows you to communicate with your team with no lag at all. Just like Discord, you can host your own server in Mumble by downloading the server version of it but your friends need to have the client version in order to join the server. Mumble allows users to have everything in their control, from hosting the servers and to its usage, everything.

If we talk about the cons of Mumble, it lets you join only one server at a time and the user interface of Mumble is its worst feature. The initial experience of using Mumble can go wrong for you if you are not familiar with its interface but once if you get used to it, it is extremely easy.

Proper team communication is really important in order to win any multiplayer game. So, these were our top picks which are really going to help you communicate well with your teammates while gaming.

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