Top 10 Biggest Titans in Attack on Titan (AOT)

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Top 10 Biggest Titans in Attack on Titan (AOT)

The popular anime series Attack on Titan debuted on 7th April 2013 with the first episode titled “To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1”.

Since its inception, the Anime has gained a considerable fan following and somewhat of a cult status. The series is a commercial as well as a critical success, winning numerous awards. The Anime’s popularity has risen so much that The Guinness World Record has awarded the show as the most in-demand anime TV show of 2021.


  1. The Female Titan
  2. The Attack Titan
  3. The Armoured Titan
  4. The War Hammer Titan
  5. The Beast Titan
  6. The Wall Titans
  7. The Colossal Titan
  8. Rod Reiss’s Abnormal Titan
  9. Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan
  10. Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan

As the name suggests, the show revolves around fictional creatures called Titans, which are somewhat brainless beings that crave human flesh. As the show progressed, it revealed that the titans are not simply brainless human flesh-craving creatures, well most crave human flesh, but there’s more to it.

Types of Titans

The show revealed that titans are of three types, namely the Pure Titans, the Abnormal Titans, and finally the Nine Titans. Some brief info and facts about these Titans are mentioned below:

  • The Pure Titans and the Abnormal Titans

They are revealed to be made primarily by injecting a special liquid called the Titan Serum into an Eldian. However, later in the series, other methods of creating pure Titans were seen, such as using the Spinal fluid of the Beast Titan, followed by a scream of the Beast Titan to transform everybody who has ingested the spinal fluid.

The Nine Titans however are passed on differently. After the death of Ymir Fritz, the 9 Titans were passed down from the Eldians by eating the previous owner of one of the Nine Titans. The person eating the original owner of one of the Nine Should be in a state of being a pure Titan, to inherit the Titan. If a person with one of the Nine Titans dies without inheriting it, a random Eldian will be rewarded the ownership of one of the Nine Titans. 

General Size of The Titans

If you have been watching the series for a while one thing you might wonder is how tall the titans are in Attack on Titan in feet or meters. Pure Titans are usually really small in size. While they’re still relatively larger than humans, they’re small when compared to the Titans in the top 10 list. Their height varies from 2 – 15 meters or 6.5 – 49 feet. 

In contrast, the other brainless titan, the Abnormal Titans vary in size and are much bigger than their Pure counterparts. 

So, in this article, we will discuss the top 10 Biggest Titans from the Attack on Titan (AOT) Anime series in terms of their Height and Size. 

The compiled list has Titans which belong to the Abnormal category as well as from the Nine Titans. 

Top 10 Biggest Titans in Attack on Titan (AOT)

We have compiled a list of Titans in the order of smallest to largest (terms of height and size), as per the information given by the author of the Attack on Titan Manga and its anime adaptation. 

So, below is the list of the Top 10 Biggest Titans in Attack in Titan (AOT):

10. The Female Titan

The Female Titan

The Female Titan is one of the Nine Titans. This Titan stands at 14 meters or 46 feet, making it the 10th Biggest Titan on our list. 

This Titan being from the Category of the Nine Titan possesses unique abilities. The Female Titan can copy selective attributes of other Titans to gain an advantage over combat. 

It possesses the ability to copy the attributes of the other titans. Additionally, it possesses high endurance and mobility which gives it an upper hand in Titan combat. 

The Female Titan can also selectively harden parts of its skin to protect itself from harm. It can also attract pure Titans with a scream to aid in battle. Currently, this Titan is in the possession of Annie Leonhart. 

9. The Attack Titan

The Attack Titan

The Attack Titan is the Titan with the most screen time in the series. This Titan is inherited by Eren Yeager, the main protagonist and later the main antagonist of the series. 

In the series the Attack Titan is depicted to be 15 meters or 49 feet tall, making it the 9th biggest Titan on our list. 

As the show progressed, the Attack Titan’s abilities were depicted gradually. The main ability of the Attack Titan is its raw strength. On top of that, the Attack Titan can allow future memory inheritance, which is unique to this Titan. The other Nine Titans only allow memory inheritance.

This Titan later gained the ability to selectively harden parts of its skin to aid combat and protection. Eren used the hardening ability to selectively harden the fists of the Attack Titan to aid in Hand to Hand Titan combat against the Armoured Titan. 

As this Titan is possessed by the primary character of the series, it is shown to be important and also an important plot element in the Anime.

8. The Armoured Titan

The Armoured Titan

Another member of the Nine Titans, the Armoured Titan is also a primary character in the Attack on Titan Series. This Titan is about the same height as the Attack Titan, with a height of 15 meters or 49 feet. 

This Titan can be regarded as the Tank of the AOT series. The unique ability of the Armoured Titan is its armoured skin and the ability to harden its skin. 

The Armoured Titan is covered in plate-mail kind of armour which makes it extremely resilient to physical harm. With its armour, the Armoured Titan is invulnerable to the steel blades used by the scouts to kill Titans. The armour also helps it to shield direct hits from cannon artillery. 

The Titan is shown to be Abe to withstand the Colossal Titan’s transformation which causes a massive explosion causing a lot of damage to the surrounding. 

Currently, this Titan is in the possession of Reiner Braun. 

7. The Warhammer Titan

The Warhammer titan

The seventh rank in this list belongs to the very less depicted War Hammer Titan. This Titan has the least screen time of the Nine great Titans. Like the Armoured and the Attack Titan, the War Hammer Titan also stands at a height of 15 meters or 49 feet.

This Titan is not much depicted in either the Manga or the Anime. The Titan has belonged to the Aristocratic Tybur Family of Marley for Generations until Eren Yeager ate Lara Tybur, to inherit the Titan for himself. 

The Titan has hardened Titan Flesh, which makes it as invulnerable as the Armoured Titan. Additionally, the Titan can make different structures with its body, such as its signature war hammer, a sickle, a cleaver, or a broadsword for use in combat. The Titan can also create spikes from the ground which are tall enough to impale Titans of their height. 

The special power of this Titan is that it can be operated remotely, without being in the name of the Titan, like the other Nine Titans. The owner of the Titan sits in a hardened crystal outside the body of the War Hammer Titan. 

Eren Yeager managed to break the hardened crystal structure encasing by using the Jaw Titan’s jaws to break open the crystal. After which he ate Lara Tybur to fuse the War Hammer Titan with the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan. 

6. The Beast Titan

The Beast Titan

Another iconic Titan that secures the sixth rank in this list is the Beast Titan. The Titan was the Main Antagonist of the series in the third season. This Titan is also one of the Nine Titans. But to be on this list, the Titan has to be tall and large. So now the question is how tall is the Beast Titan in feet or meters? According to sources, the Beast Titan stands at a height of 17 meters or 55 feet. 

On top of its tall and imposing frame, the Titan possesses some unique abilities and powers which are never seen in any other Titan. 

The Titan resembles an ape-like creature with thin legs and arms but a larger torso, making it look disproportionate in appearance. The Titan also has the ability to throw rocks at a devastating precision and speed that can wipe out entire buildings and destroy concrete structures. 

The Beast Titan can create Titans by feeding Eldians the spinal fluid of the owner of the Beast Titan. It can also control the Titans surrounding it. 

Additionally, this Titan also has the ability to harden its skin according to its will. 

Presently, this Titan is in the possession of Eren Yeager’s Older Half-brother, Zeke Yeager. 

5. The Wall Titans

The Wall Titans

The Wall Titans are fifth on this list of the tallest Titans of the Series. As the name suggests, the Wall Titans are the Titans that are encased inside the Walls of Eldia. These Titans are about the same height as the Walls, standing at about 50 meters or 164 feet. 

They are Abnormal Titans which have behaviour different from the Pure Titans. The wall Titan has an appearance similar to the Iconic Colossal Titan of the series. 

As abnormal Titans need sunlight to function, the Wall Titans cannot move until the walls are demolished.

The Wall Titans also have the ability to harden their skin which is why they are used for the Walls of Eldia. 

Similar to the Colossal Titan, the Wall Titans can create a lot of heat and generate “Titan Steam”.

4. The Colossal Titan

All Colossal Titans

One of the most popular Titans in the series and also one of the main antagonists in the first and second season is the Colossal Titan. As the name suggests, the Colossal Titan is, you guessed it, colossal. It stands at a massive height of 60 meters or almost 200 feet.

This Titan is taller than the wall, almost 10 meters taller, which allows it to peek over the walls of Eldia. 

The Titan has special powers and abilities, which include steam generation. Also, when a person transforms into a Colossal Titan, it creates a huge explosion which can cause a lot of destruction. The Titan has destroyed naval fleets and cities with just a transformation. 

The steam generation ability of the Colossal Titan gives it protection against attacks by not allowing anybody to come close. The steam is so hot, it can burn a human being if they are close by.

The steam generation, however, makes the Titan immobile when in use. Additionally, with prolonged use of the steam, the Titan starts to lose musculature which makes it weak. 

Presently, the Titan is under the possession of Armin Arlert who inherited the Titan after eating Bertholdt Hoover, the previous owner of the Colossal Titan.

3. Rod Reiss’s Abnormal Titan

Rod Reiss’s Abnormal Titan

Rod Reiss was a member of the royal family of Eldia. He is also the father of Historia Reiss. He became a Titan when he wanted Historia to eat Eren to inherit the Founding Titan from him. However, as Historia declined this idea, Rod in a last ditch attempt licked the Titan Serum from a shattered syringe, transforming into an Abnormal Titan.

Rod Reiss’s Abnormal Titan is the largest Titan form seen in the series, which doesn’t belong to the group of the Nine Titans. Reiss’s Titan was depicted to be about twice the size of the Colossal Titan making it about 120 meters or 400 feet tall!

Due to his enormous size, his Titan form is ranked as the third-largest Titan in the series. However, its body is not proportionate, with a very small head, legs, and hands. Also, the Titan had a large torso which made it impossible for it to stand upright. 

Immediately after his transformation, the Titan started marching towards the Walls which caused its face to get grinded off, exposing the inner organs due to the prolonged dragging and crawling earning it the title of the Mindless Titan.

The Titan also possessed the power to generate Titan steam, making it hard to approach to kill it. It was finally killed with explosives planted inside its ground open face to blow the head and torso portion of the Titan into bits. 

2. Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan

Ymir Fritz's Founding Titan

Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan was shown in the anime to be a towering figure that’s humongous compared to the elements surrounding it. In comparison, Ymir’s Titan looks enormously large to the trees and the soldiers in the anime. 

Unfortunately, the author didn’t give the exact size and height of the Titan, we still can predict the size of the Titan by comparing it to the surrounding. 

So now that we don’t actually have an exact figure, the question is how tall was Ymir Fritz Founding Titan? As per estimates, Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan is about 200 – 250 meters or 650 – 820 feet high. Making it the second largest Titan on the list. 

Having the combined power of all the Nine Titans, Ymir Fritz became a Titan after she was fused to the “source of all living matter“, making her the first Titan ever. 

1. Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan

Eren Yeager’s Founding Titan

The leader of this list is the protagonist and the later somewhat antagonist of the series, Eren Yeager. 

Yeager’s Founding Titan is the tallest as well as the biggest in the whole Attack on Titan Saga. Unfortunately, there are no exact mentions of the Titan’s height, it is known that it is about six times the height of the Colossal Titan (60 meters or 200 feet). This makes Yeager’s Founding Titan a towering 360 meters or 1200 feet in height, which is almost the height of the Empire State Building!

Additionally, the overall length of the Titan is twice that size, meaning that the Titan is about 720 meters or 2400 feet long. 

The Founding Titan has a special power that gives it the ability to control other Titans at its will. It can easily command Abnormal and Pure Titans to do what it desires. However, the power is less effective on the Nine Titans, but they still feel the influence of it. 

Rod Reis has claimed that the Founding Titan has the potential to entirely wipe out all the Titans if used to its maximum ability. 

Ending Note

Attack on Titan is truly a masterpiece. Its Author, Hajime Isayama has dedicated a lot of time and effort to bring it to its true glory. With so much thought and consideration, he gave us a wonderful piece of art that has now been actively engaging the audience for almost nine years. 

We discussed the top 10 Biggest Titans from the Attack on Titan series and talked briefly about their powers and Abilities. Hope you liked this article.

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