Blizzard Unveiled The Latest Member Of Overwatch, Echo Now Runnable on the PTR

Blizzard just took the covers off their newest character, which will be coming to Overwatch, Echo. Echo was created by Dr. Mina Liao and is the 32nd hero to come to Overwatch, revealed in the new origin story trailer. Echo is currently playable on PTR, and the team uploaded an update video that gives you everything you need to know about her loadout. Blizzard also gave us a lot about her background story and what she can perform in the game.

Read on to know the essential things you will need when you start testing out Echo.

The game director, Jeff Kaplan, says that Echo is a bit special than the rest of the characters as the players of Overwatch have known her for a pretty long time. In the Overwatch 2 cinematic we saw Echo, and we also got a name, but Echo didn’t start from there as she was known to players for a long time. Echo was first in the earlier artwork for Overwatch. Moreover, she was also seen in the Reunion cinematic, where she is freed from the Deadlock Gang by McCree.

Kaplan also revealed more details about Liao. She came from the Omnica Corporation, which is the company that created the Omnics, and when it was the end of the Omnic Crisis, she drove her mind to create an “adaptive learning robot,” which would change and adapt to fill s\roles as required.

Later an attack on her laboratory caused the demise of Liao, which then forced the Overwatch team to stop working further on the project, and Echo was stored in cold storage. Her freedom came as a result of a train being hijacked that was transporting her by the Deadlock Gang. This led to her rescue by McCree, and then later, she decided to join the Overwatch team.

Echo carries the memory of Mina Liao through her, the game director added, saying that the personality of Liao is pretty much absorbed into Echo. Still, since Echo is built to adapt, she is also adapting to different agents around her.

Echo’s adaptive nature is further seen in her gameplay. Tri-Shot is her primary attack ability, and it fires three shots in a pattern that makes a triangle. Her secondary shot fires sticky bombs that are great for executing low health, retreating enemies. She has another ability that is dangerous for players with less than half health, called the “focusing beam,” which does a significant amount of damage to players with less than half health.

Her ultimate is something unique. It’s called” Duplicate,” and what it does is that the Echo takes the form of an enemy character and have access to the enemies’ character abilities. Kaplan did stress that this ultimate is not used as a disguise as the original player models and Echo’s model will have differences, which will make it easier to differentiate between the two. Nonetheless, gaining another character’s abilities is pretty over-powered, and that is why Kaplan has said that they might nerf Echo depending on how the balance plays out in the PTR.

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