Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is going to update this week

Keeping in mind that Call of Duty: warzone was suffering from real glitches and the game audience had started to feel frustrated by the game and deterring the name of the game itself, the Activision team smoothly announced the mid-season update for call of duty called the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season One.

Treyarch, one of the developers of the game, confirmed through a blog post that the new season will be available on Thursday, January 14, having a variety of new interesting features for the COD enthusiasts and promises to solve most of the foundational bugs the game holds.

Now before moving onto the new features provided to us by Patch Notes update on the Treyarch blog, let us recall the errors or problems faced by the game owners in the Call of duty: Warzone. First, fans experienced a glitch when the helicopters that were to be piloted manually were becoming invisible, resulting in the helicopters being temporarily removed by the Raven Software, after that many of the Call of duty: warzone players were reported by other users, can also be quoted as ‘haters’, and being shadowbanned from the game entirely. This was principally done on the basis of cheats and hacks used by the clever players to attain better or easy performance in the game, but when the famous YouTuber ‘Tomographic’ released a rather discouraging video on Christmas day on how he was shadowbanned by other players, who reported him of cheating even though he was actually using a broken rifle really gave all the shadowbanned people a platform to foul mouth the entire the game itself. With the reputation of call of duty at stake, the lift on Tomographic was uplifted but the reporting tool, which shadow bans players, still exists as it aids the Activision and the infinity ward to eliminate unlawful players and maintain the game’s integrity.

Coming back to the new features obtained from the Patch Notes update on the Treyarch blog is the new Sanatorium map, also called the Fire Team map. This map will result in the launching of the new multiplayer mode, the map will be shown on top and incorporates a Dropkick challenge, where the player will be asked to fight a 6 vs 6 battle on the terms of “fight for control of the nuclear codes.” Not much has been revealed about this latest mode but obviously, it will be well explained once the update is launched.

Not only the Sanatorium map, the new mid-season update promises new content related to the programming of the zombies. The zombie players can enjoy the variant zombies introduced in the popular multiplayer cranked mode where “every zombie killed resets the timer counting down to your demise”. For PlayStation owners, a new map accompanying the Onslaught mode also called the Black Ops 2 map Raid has been added to the pool. Lastly, to fight the horde of the Zombies, a Dark Aether Intel is acquainted with the players.

Further, the new modes have additional tasks- a gunfight blueprint task in which two teams will be asked to fight with an assortment of randomized weapon blueprints. Another task is allowed in the fire team mode, called the Dirty bomb duos, which remits or challenges the player count to accommodate 10 teams of 2 players only.

In conclusion, call of duty was already in the spotlight because of the shadowban scandal and this new update will not only give players something more challenging but also help them retain the lost image created by the call of duty: warzone.

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