Call Of Duty Warzone Free-to-Play: The Greatest Challenge for the Battle Royale Rivals

Call Of Duty Warzone Free-to-Play: The Greatest Challenge for the Battle Royale Rivals

Call Of Duty has been one of the most popular games of the decade, and now the developers have created its battle royale mode known as the Warzone.

The gameplay is similar to many battle royale games where players compete amongst each other to reach the end; however, this game has its exciting touch elevating the strategy of battle royale.

This mode is available on Xbone One, PC and PS4 onwards, after its worldwide launch.

COD – Warzone: Battle Royale Mode

In the battle royale mode, every match will have three squads comprising of 150 people in total.

The games start with the player jumping out of a plane landing on the map of Verdansk having the only ammunition, i.e., handgun. Teams will begin to detect the weapon once they reach down, killing the rest of the players throughout the match. There will also be automatic detection of the safe area, which will ultimately shrink depending on the progress of the game. The only squad that will survive till the ends win.

All the teams will be having five vehicles, including cargo trucks, tactical rover, ATVs, helicopters, and SUVs, including ammunition that can be found around the map. Every vehicle will carry different numbers of people depending on size equipped with different types of armor.

COD – Warzone: Additional Features

Mostly it is observed in the battle royale games that players who are downed are eliminated. However, in Warzone, if a player is killed, he will be sent to Gulag, where they will compete for their second chance in the game. There will be a one-on-one match between two formerly killed players; the one who manages to survive will be brought back to the game. The one who loses will have to wait for their team to buy redeployment.

In the Warzone, the vital resource will be the money, which can be spent by players redeployment to bring their dead player back to the game. There will be a shopping cart icon available throughout the map, from which you can buy stuff.

In this battle royale, a team-based task has also introduced, which every team can avail only once. Additionally, the team which will be defending more location will get these task. If completed, that squad will receive money, ammunition, and special abilities.

Warzone is available to play now! People who play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will avail the Warzone, needing around 22 GB to download. Also, those who own the battle pass will be allowed to progress in the Warzone, resulting in more unlocking content by playing more matches.

If you play on PC, then you will need a account to play, whereas the Xbox players will need the subscription at Xbox Live. Also, you don’t need the PS plus subscription if you own PS4.

The best thing about this game is it has a crossplay feature, which allows players of all three platforms to compete with each other.

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