Command & Conquer Hyped Fan Expectations as the Release Date of its Remastered Version is Coming Near

Command and Conquer Remastered Version

Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are making a comeback with style, as they are coming bundled together in a 4k mastered collection.

EA confirmed this news itself last year. The reason for this could be that EA wants to give a gesture of goodwill towards the fans, but the primary reason it seems is to have content for the EA’s Origin Access Premier subscription service that is for PC players.

Read on to find everything we know about the remaster of Command and Conquer, including updates on how much progress on development has been made. Discussing these specific remastered versions of the games is being done a lot by EA as we can see we are receiving regular updates on the Command & Conquer subreddit, which is nice to have.

Command & Conquer: Release Date

The release date is still unknown, but it wouldn’t be anytime soon as EA revealed when it was making the C&C remasters that Command and Conquer hadn’t even reached the initial phase of development.

Moreover, the game began alpha testing by July 2019, so it’s entirely unclear when we can expect the game.

Command & Conquer: Gameplay

The gameplay has an exciting feature that EA producer Jim Vasella thinks will be appreciated by the fans. There will be an in-game toggle that will allow you to switch to older classic visuals and change back to the new visuals. Jim Vasella further explains the features to be added in the remaster in a Reddit thread, where the gameplay teaser was shown off by EA.

The toggle requires you to pressing a single key to change from Remastered assets to original Assets being at resolution 3840 x 2160 and 320 x 200 respectfully.

Vasella is hopeful that this new feature will be quite famous among fans and says that it is really fun to play with. There also be a camera to zoom in to capture “high definition detail.’

The initial preview of the remastered Command and Conquer shows the construction yard, and it looks beautiful as it has got the feel of the original game. EA, along with Petroglyph, promised they would be maintaining all the originality and the authenticity of the unique classic in-game assets, which has been done beautifully looking at the preview. The good thing is that the developer has said that it is open to feedback on how the final remaster will look. There one thing fans of the original franchise will for sure like is that EA has not attempted to remake the game but to remaster it, and that is something EA keeps stressing, that it won’t do anything that will take away the authenticity.

The problem with remastering old classics is that some of them have their source code lost or missing. Classics that suffered from failed systems include HD versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3 for the consoles. Vasella, however, confirmed that they have access to the majority of the code of both the classics, Red alert, and C&C. Vanessa further adds that the archive is not a complete one, and it will take some work to validate the usability of the code.

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