Coronavirus to Affect Nintendo Switch Production

Coronavirus to Affect Nintendo Switch Production

If Nintendo’s hit portable console is on your wishlist, then you better hurry up because it’s supplies are suffering because of the coronavirus outbreak. European and U.S markets are likely to see a deficiency in the number of switch consoles because of the shortage of components from China.

Production Moved to Vietnam

Nintendo doesn’t depend on China completely for its production of the Switch console as part of the switch production was moved to Vietnam last year.

Although some components do come from China and lack of them is enough to cause a production slowdown by the beginning of April.

An Apology by Nintendo

An apology was issued by Nintendo when it was announced that Japan would be suffering a shortage in hardware and accessory shipments because of the halt in production due to the virus outbreak.

Retailers all over Japan are out of stock as the demand for the portable console increases. Suppliers from China said that Chinese factories would take at least a week before going full operation again.

These factories are the source of components for a large variety of electronic products. One fear stated by the suppliers is that if they resume production too early, they might have someone within the factory infected with coronavirus which would then cause an outbreak, spreading to other coworkers in the factory.

Apple also voiced a similar statement in a conversation with investors.

The Virus Causes Trouble for All

Nintendo Switch’s production is not the only one affected by the viral disease.

Uber has been rumored to suspend rider accounts in fear of the infection spreading among the people. Moreover, one of the biggest trade shows of the year, Mobile World Congress 2020, has been canceled due to the deadly virus.

Grab it Whenever Possible

So if you are looking forward to buying a Nintendo Switch, grab it while you can. Production is expected to return to normal after a few weeks, and maybe the supplies won’t be impacted as severely as expected.

Still, as coronavirus continues to spread, the situation can be unpredictable.

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