Crossy Road Castle Released as an Apple Arcade Exclusive Title

Crossy Road Castle on Apple Arcade

The successor of the famous Crossy Road game developed by Hipster Whale has been launched as an exclusive title for Apple Arcade.

This unique version of the game will be available on macOS, Apple TV, iPad, primarily for all iOS devices.

What is Apple Arcade?

What is Apple Arcade?

Back in September 2019, Apple launched a gaming service based on subscription allowing the user to play compatible games on their Apple devices, including Mac machines, Apple TV, iPad, iPhones, etc.

Initially, it had 50 games in its store with a gaming experience free of ads available in more than 150 countries worldwide. You can see it as a separate tab on your device’s App Store.

The price for a monthly subscription is $4.99, and the annual subscription is available for $49.99. If you are using Apple Arcade for the first time, you can get free excess for one month with every game available.

Background of the game

Initially, this game was available for both kinds of devices free of cost, including iOS and Android ones, which was in demand on both platforms.

However, this one is exclusive to Apple Arcade only; that’s why it has a price mentioned and is available on App Store only. You have to open your App Store and search the game; you will easily find it with a small logo on the top right, and Apple Arcade certification.

The origin of this game is the same as the first version launched in the earlier 2014, with a little twist of fun!

Early Gaming Experience of Crossy Road

Crossy Road Gaming Experience

The earlier version would show a vertical dimension to see how much you have covered the distance or how many cars have you dodged.

But in its follow-up, it is shown in the horizontal dimension. For that, you have to climb on higher objects to gain more points. It also has a spinning tower to which you have to jump while dodging the obstacle, replacing cars from the previous version.

You can easily play it on both multiplayer or single-player mode, with one or more than one device connected. It requires 273.8MB of space for iPhone or iPod devices with minimum iOS version 13.0. For Mac machines, this game involves macOS version 15.0 or more with 101.3MB space.

The main thing that makes this game worth the play is that it can be played even without an internet connection.

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