Cyberpunk is Just a Few Months Away, Here is Everything you Need to Know

With the release of several new video games, gamers are demanding better quality and features.

After the successful hit of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the CD Projekt Red has launched one of the most ambitious games developed to date known as the Cyberpunk 2077. The developers have recently released the details about the gameplay, characters, setting, and release date of the game.


Initially, Cyber 2077 is based on the pen-and-paper RPG developed in 1990, having weapons and players designing the character’s features.

So, if you are aware of the Cyberpunk 2020, you will know what kind of game this is. It was announced early in 2012 by CD Projekt Red that this kind of game will be released; however, it didn’t discuss any aspect of the game.

But, now, due to its resemblance with Cyberpunk 2020, we know that it will have a retro-future look with cool technology and cyborgs.

Setting & Story

The game revolves around a character V, who is a cyberpunk living in Night City.

You can adjust the avatar, gender, and looks of your character. After the start of the story, you get to choose a life path of V, from three origin stories, including nomad, Corpo, and the street kid life path. Nomad refers to the rural life, Corpo focuses on running the megacorporation of the city while street kid deals with the street or miserable life of the punk.

Cyberpunk has more than one endings, as hinted by the developers. You get to choose dialogue and critical moments while playing, which will lead to a different end.

Body Modification

In many trailers of the games, many improvements have been seen comparing other CD Projekt games. These improvements include:

  • Change in mobility.
  • Your character can double jump, run on walls and also swiftly dash.
  • You can use the mechanics of bullet time.
  • Guns have been modified, which lets you shoot bullets around walls to kill enemies.
  • The character has bionic arms that allow you to rip off doors and detach turrets.
  • You can also attach sword arms to tear enemies apart with melee combat.

CD Projekt Red hasn’t revealed many modifications; however, they have focused on the story and gaming experience giving you various options that will alter the way of choosing the quest.

Character Classes & Skill Trees

When talking about the character, other than its life paths, you will have three primary character classes known as Techie, Netrunner, and Solo.

With the help of character class, you can make use of the suggestions like Netrunners are expert hackers, a techie is a craftsman, whereas solo is excellent is the use of a weapon.

However, the skills of the character aren’t only based on the classes, so you will get plenty of room to divert your focus.

Release Date and Special Editions

The announcement has revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 will be launched on 17 September 2020.

It will be playable not only on Xbox One but on PS4 and PC also, with two editions including standard and collectors.

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