How to Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe from loading at Startup

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How to Disable Adobe AcroTray.exe

The world of Acrobat software solutions is filled with several useful applications including the Acrobat Reader. It is one of the most popular applications for viewing PDF documents and by default is present on almost every other PC.

Adobe software is not limited to just the Reader, Adobe Photoshop is a premium product for professionals and helps make them earn their livelihood. While Adobe’s products are seamless and user-friendly, one aspect of their software solution may be a bit nagging for users.

This software add-on is the AcroTray and comes installed by default whenever you install Adobe Acrobat. Now, why is this AcroTray a hassle? Let’s find out.

Why is AcroTray Annoying?

The reason for the AcroTray being an annoying add-on is the ability for it to start during the Windows startup even though you have disabled it from the settings. Plus, there is no need for the AcroTray software to boot up as you don’t need it at the time of startup.

Malware may pose itself as AcroTray.exe and slip past the attentions of daily users. It is important to disable the auto-starting of the application to avoid this.

Also, more items placed in the startup means slower the bootup. The PC becomes bogged down and users have to wait longer for Windows to startup as applications take up memory and eat up memory resources.

AcrTray is one of those programs that you really don’t need but get anyways when installing a rather useful application. Adobe Acrobat is the useful application with which unwanted program comes attached to. Let’s look at the ways that you can try to disable it from opening during startup.

4 Quick Ways to Disable AcroTray from Opening on Startup

Here are some of the ways you can disable AcroTray from running during the startup run of Windows.

#1: Use Windows Task Manager

A useful solution mentioned on an Adobe forum is to use the Windows + R function to open the System Configuration page.

You can check the items that are mentioned under the startup column, mentioning the applications that run during the startup.

Use Windows Task Manager
A typical Windows Task Manager will list the applications running during startup. If AcroTray is present, right-click to disable it.

A window will appear just like the one shown above. If you find the application AcroTray on it, right click on it, and disable the application to start on startup.

This should do the trick at most times, however, it still persists, follow the other steps mentioned in this guide.

#2: Check Corrupted Files

You can also check for corrupted files in the system as this may help you with the AcroTray problem.

Open a command prompt from the Windows tab or by searching. Right-click the command prompt icon and choose run as administrator.

A dialog will appear in which you type ‘SFC’ and a few options will appear.

Type SFC /scannow at the system prompt for the system to check for any corrupted files. According to web forums, this step can also help with the AcroTray problems.

Another possible solution to fix corrupted files is to install the software Restoro Repair Tool. It scans for any missing or broken files by scanning all the system directories. Hence, if the problem of AcroTray starting upon startup is due to any system corruption, Restoro will be able to fix that.

#3: Install Autoruns Applications

Another easy and simple way to remove AcroTray from starting on startup is by installing the Autoruns software.

  • This software is easily available online. Once, you’ve downloaded the file, unzip it.
  • Look for a file named Autoruns.exe in the directory and right-click for more options. Select the option ‘Run as administrator’ and the program will open.
  • Find and locate AcroTray amongst the list of applications running and disable it to run on startup.
The AutoRuns application when opened looks like this and will contain a list similar to Task Manager.

#4: Disabling AcroTray in Services

Another possibility to disable AcroTray is from the services menu. It can help you disable services from Acrobat that run automatically on startup.

  • For this to work, press Windows + R, and type “services.msc” in the dialogue box.
Type services.msc in dialogue box
  • Once you see the list, manually select anything related to Acrobat services. (It can be Adobe Acrobat service, Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service, or Adobe Acrobat Update Service. Whatever the form may be, right-click on it and open properties.)
Disabling AcroTray in Services
The Services tab populated with the applications running.

Another dialog box appears, and select the startup option. Normally, it is turned to automatic but you should change it to manual.

Adobe acrobat services
Select the startup type from this window and choose manual.

Restart your PC and the AcroTray will probably not start now.


AcroTray is a fundamental part of the Adobe Acrobat services that are needed on daily basis by the average PC user. However, its presence at the startup of the Windows can be annoying as it eats up vital system resources. For this purpose, we have discussed various ways to disable the AcroTray.exe from initiating during the startup of the Windows.

Not only will this save system resources but the bootup of the system will be faster and smoother. You can invoke the AcroTray whenever you are running Adobe related services only and not when you are performing other tasks.

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