Doom Eternal Meets Expectations as a Glorious Sequel

Doom Eternal Meets Expectations as a Glorious Sequel

When the Doom Slayer returned in Doom 2016, it went way past everyone’s expectations. It not only was praised by fans and critics but also set the ground for the new generation to experience the classic, which defined the first-person shooter genre.

We all had our fingers crossed, expecting nothing less from id Software to make a glorious deserving sequel. Previews confirm this saying that game is simply fantastic, and they went to as far as saying that after playing Eternal, the Doom 2016 feels something from a past, a relic, but do these claims hold?

Doom Eternal: Story

Unlike in original classic Doom, the 2016 game did have an effort put into the story. There were no artistic cinematic scenes, but the game had a lot of codex entries to give you an idea on the environment and the demons which the Doom Slayer so mercilessly kills.

The sequel goes on to expand on the story as it is the direct sequel. The Doom guy featured is the same one you love from the 2016’s game. Rather than mars, Earth is the victim of the demon invasion, and none other than Doom Slayer can clear the infestation from the planet. The Doom Slayer is once again against the hordes of demons who invaded the whole world. So the story is now straight forward from here, but still nonetheless, will not leave fans disappointed.

Doom Eternal: Gameplay

The game doesn’t let you think you know the game or have it in your hands, as soon as you start to get comfortable the game restores the challenge by introducing something different which is good as it stops the gameplay from being repetitive. Large enemies are introduced early on, but the Doom Slayer faces them alone; as you progress later in the game, these enemies approach in groups that will keep you on the move with the Slayer’s weapon never finding rest. The Slayer has a vast arsenal of weapons to face these demons, so you have what you need to blast those demon heads.

The combat moves in a pattern that you will pick up in the early fights. The basics of the combat involve you shooting heads, emptying your ammo, and always to keep moving as staying still in a place spells death. There is a balance that includes you in either glory killing for hp or using the chainsaw to gain more ammo. 

Exploration in the large maps of Doom Eternal is certainly rewarding as you gain access to a large number of upgrades. Weapon upgrades are gained from combat, and there are Praetor Suit upgrades found while exploring the world. The gameplay also involves platforming, which is not something you would expect to find in a game like Doom, but it works, and it works so seamlessly, adding in the details while transversing the environment. The platform elements are not overused, and you will not get tired of them, but they can be a little challenging at times. Secret areas, however, are much harder to reach and requires you to show some of those transversal skills to get to the platform.

The game has a total of 13 levels, but the game will keep calling you back for more demon heads to blow.

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