E3 2020 Takes Another Blow as Creative Director iam8bit Resigns

E3 2020 seems to be in a very critical state right now as creative director iam8bit resigns from the annual event, only a few weeks after it accepted the gig.

Electronic Software Association (ESA) re-ensures that they still have everything under control and that their creative team is still capable enough to handle the annual gaming show.

The fate of the event has been entirely in question since it has been facing many challenges over the past year. A major blow was when Geoff Keighly, who was responsible for the E3 Coliseum, decided to sign off from the show, which was a first in 25 years.

Then Sony’s absence last year was felt, and even this year, Sony has decided that they will not be attending the entertainment expo in 2020. Sony believes that E3 2020 is not the right place for that they are coming up with this year.

Moreover, another blow was when EA decided a long time ago, that it would be better off having their own sperate event, EA Play. Activision also decided to not come in 2020. Furthermore, ESA is still facing general discontent because of the leakage of the personal details of over 2000 journalists the previous year.

ESA had a different route for E3 this year, hoping to make it as public-oriented as possible as it has always been a more pressed focus in its history of 25 years. So one appropriate way to make it more public-oriented was to hire outside advisors as that would have helped in achieving what ESA wanted. Unfortunately, iam8bit signed out just five weeks in when it had planned to give E3 an “evolutionary E3 2020 floor experience.” The show’s future remains conflicted as we get closer to its launch.

ESA acknowledged in a statement to Ars Technica that iam8bit has indeed left the inter-agency working group that was working on E3 2020. ESA also showed appreciation for iam8bit’s work, saying that they value their contributions the company brought towards their vision for the current year’s show. They further added that they also admire the passion iam8bit has for the video game industry. Then ESA tries to gain the people’s confidence stating that they still have an innovative and experienced team working for them that will bring exciting and authentic experience for the media, industry, most importantly, the fans.

Another issue that could affect E3 2020 would be the global fears of the infectious virus grow. The virus has affected the video game industry immensely this year, as events such as PAX East, GDC, EVE Fanfest including esports events like the Overwatch League and PUBG’s PBS Berlin have all been affected or totally canceled off. So it’s not far-fetched to think that E3 2020 can also suffer from the effects of the virus in one way or another.

Despite all the setbacks, ESA is confident in continuing the event, saying that it will keep planning for an E3 that would be safe and successful at the same time. ESA also added that it is following WHO and CDC guidelines.

E3 2020 is intended to begin on June 9, 2020.

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