Europa Universalis IV Emperor Expansion Announced by Paradox

Europa Universalis IV Emperor Expansion Announced by Paradox

The last noteworthy expansion pack for Europa Universalis, Golden Century, was released in 2018. So in 2019, there were no expansions that were worth mentioning.

PDXCON also saw no announcements for the game but people who have been in touch with the Paradox forum did have an idea that an expansion pack was coming although it did take longer than what many fans expected.

The expansion is named Emperor, and although it doesn’t have a release window yet, it looks promising as it aims to revitalize the game’s system which relates to internal affairs and religion. The expansion will give considerable power to the Pope, arm the livelier revolutions and stir some trouble for the Holy Roman Empire. Following tradition, this expansion pack will also come with a free update which will include a redrawn map of Central Europe and The Crowned Lands, changes to the mercenary system and making the A.I understand the economy better.

The pack is a massive full-blown update and should not be compared to an “Immersion Pack’. The pack brings all the focus to Europe, and the Holy Roman Empire will also get an overhaul. The way Catholicism and revolutions work is also being changed. Over 20 new missions trees will be coming with this expansion for several European nations.

There is a lot to experience when you are at the top of the game. Whether you decide how to deal with Imperial troubles as the Holy Roman Emperor or gain new abilities when playing as the Pope, you will be able to assign cardinals and find new ways to bring people to your faith when you are in control of the Vatican. There will be fun playing the Emperor too as you will have the power to decide to rule the land alone or divide the power into a federation of nations.

While the Pope and the Emperor have meddled in their affairs, the people can plan their revolution. How revolution is dealt depends, it can be rooted out, stopping it in its tracks. On the other hand, it can be embraced. Rebellions on a smaller scale can be efficiently dealt with earlier by directly provoking them.

Catholic rules will have the power to slow down any religious reform using Counter-Reformation. At the same time, like Bohemia, you can decide to accept the Hussite faith and go against the Pope.

The expansion Emperor does seem to cover a lot of things but also tends to be quite random, but this was bound to happen as this game got over six years of DLC. Paradox has tried everything interesting already, which makes room for only small tweaks and enhancements instead of substantial changes. Both the expansion pack and the update will roll out this year.

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