Falconeer Gets a New Trailer Featuring the Mancer Faction

Falconeer Gets a New Trailer Featuring the Mancer Faction

The Falconeer, a game that merges aerial combat with flying majestic falcons, is a dream come true for PC gamers who loved games such as the Red Baron or TIE Fighter.

Although shooting your enemies from the back of a falcon and engaging in falcon combat with others is the main attraction for the game, it also has politics, history, and culture, all bringing together to set an incredible stage that is full of fantasy. It aims to let you enjoy the best of both worlds, bringing you an RPG that is for sure unique.

The game is already showing what it can achieve, and it does seem to have a lot of potentials. We get to see the base gameplay in action from the gameplay trailers, which showed how the aerial combat worked with incredible detail. The latest trailer focuses on Mancer, which is one of the factions we get to see in the game.

The trailer starts by showing us some of the backstories and the motivations, giving us history about the Mancer faction. The faction follows a ghost, a son, and a brother that acts on the desire to become a god. The clan is divided and has serious issues to deal with as they are conflicted with inner turmoil. The followers of the faction have nothing but to choose from two choices: one choice leads towards death, and the other points towards accession, leaving no acceptance for anyone who stays in between. Haunted by the memories of the past, the followers of the Mancer want to outrun the past and surpass the abilities of a human.

The Mancer faction is one of the several camps we will see in the Falconeer, making a diverse culture. The developer Tomas Sala has put an effort by giving these factions backstories. This adds in the depth of the characters associated with a wing and overall makes the campaign feel more emotional and be a one which you won’t forget. The story can be expected to have major plot twists in the story as the various factions interact with each other.

The flying RPG might have celebrated and memorable story elements as it is expected to find in-depth explanations on why and how things go down in the lore, which is something that makes an RPG experience overall satisfying. More faction trailers won’t be surprising as well, as the director is keen on showing the story elements even further. It remains to be seen if they will be as engaging as the Mancer faction. Their pursuit of knowledge, along with inhuman power, makes them a formidable to deal with.

The faction could have a rival faction with all the opposites of the Mancer faction, giving the power-hungry Mancer faction a formidable rival and adding in the total diversity in the game. The game has stunning visuals based on what we got to see in the trailer, showing off Ursee, the sea-oriented world. The flying eels, along with the dragons, add to the total uniqueness of the game and are an exciting sight to see.

Set to release in 2020, the anticipation of the game keeps on growing.

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