Demo of the Famous Final Fantasy VII Remake out for PS4

The Final Fantasy VII remake is out, and it’s a lot more than a nostalgic trip as it comes with a brand new reinvented battle system.

Final Fantasy VII: Background

The game, when announced back in 2015, was thought by fans that the remake would offer only enhanced visuals of the fan-favorite classic turn-based RPG, but Square Enix had another trick up their sleeve as they decided to do something that would be quite risky.

The directors agreed that they would completely replace the turn-based system with one that would suit the gamers of this era.

There is one problem with rebooting the whole series, though, the game that is being released in April. However, it will not be with the complete story, yet with one which will solely cover the city of Midgar, Square Enix has not announced how many more episodes it will take to complete the story.

The trade-off though is that although we will be getting a small part of the complete game, everything from dialogues, cutscenes, and environment to the gameplay system is built from the ground up.

Final Fantasy VII: The Remake

The new combat might not be everyone’s taste, as some people believe the traditional turn-based system is what made the game so loved by all its fans. But the game hasn’t aged well, and this new redesigned approach is what might breathe fresh air into the 23-year-old game.

The new combat system is a mixup of the original classic with something closer to Final Fantasy XV. The game blends the turn-based strategy design with the best parts of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts combat system. This makes the classic game feel like something made from the studio, such as PlatinumGames, yet staying true to its roots. There is an added option to switch to the classic turn-based mechanics.

A glimpse of this reimagined combat system was seen in the E3 demo last year and new gameplay videos featuring the game’s opening boss fight. Everything in the gameplay now feels so modern and fresh yet keeping the spirit of the original game still intact.

Moreover, the system flows a lot smoother too. The game does feel like a hack and slash title and, at the same time, doesn’t contact as if it would require enormous tedious hours of going through spells or equipment items. The reimagined system allows everything to flow evenly. Either you are dropping substantial damage combos or scrolling through menus for healing and spells.

Final Fantasy VII: New Additions

Random battle encounters have been removed as enemies now seem to search for you, which then initiates the combat mode in an open combat arena. In the combat mode, your movement is not restricted as you can dodge attacks, execute unique combos, or run around. The size of the enemy and the distance they are from the player also matters in this combat system.

If you own a PS4 right now, you can download the demo to try it out now. The popular Japanese RPG remake releases on April 10th.

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