Frictional Games Released the First Look of Amnesia: Rebirth

Frictional Games Released the First Look of Amnesia: Rebirth

Frictional games launched their most ambitious set of the genre known as Amnesia: The Dark Descent almost a decade ago. It altered our perspective of a video game and allowing the user to create its version of the story in a feature known as Custom Story.

Later, some relaxing meditation games were also established, which were the opposite of what Amnesia carries in its story. It was said that any upcoming game couldn’t reach the level of horror Amnesia has set for the rest.

A sequel to the game was said to be released in 2013, which would be called A Machine for Pigs. The leading developers were The Chinese Room which is one of the best developers in the field. However, it didn’t end up when and they needed to call it off.

For almost two months, the developers have been hinting about the new game through their website. They have created hype by displaying a grey fetus which transformed by germinating into a more significant one day by day. Frictional Games have also published several videos hinting towards the research project, which is somehow failed in the area filled with snow.

Then finally, after much build-up, the developers announced and released the first look of the game known as Amnesia: Rebirth. This time the story focuses on a brand new warrior surviving in the Algerian desert. The game will be in the same universe as its predecessor and is set to release this autumn.

Amnesia Rebirth: Characters, Story & Gameplay

The character of this game will be in the role fo Tasi Trianon who tries to battle and avoid the main difficulties of the game on her way to settle things up in the unescorted desert. The Rebirth of the game is going to be a frightening journey of the warrior through defoliation and hopelessness. Developed to explore the levels on which a human can be resilient, according to the developers.

Amnesia: Rebirth is a first-person game which is said to deliver one of the most horrible experience. Analyzing it gameplay-wise, there are several puzzles, resource management and research elements, and plenty of space for hiding, which makes it close to reality.

The gameplay highlights to let the player be in a situation in which it has to feel powerless in front of its opponent. The only way to battle with the opponent is to avoid or run.

Release Date and Availability

According to the Frictional Games, Amnesia: Rebirth will be launched in 2020, autumn.

It will be available for not only Windows and macOS but Linux systems too. You can have access to the original game through PlayStation 4 and Steam.

The later version will be released for Xbox One and Switch, so the fans having those consoles will have to wait.

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