Google Stadia: Goods and Bads!

The technology evolution, as the world marches toward impeccable advancements, has impacted every sphere of life, including games.

Bringing the constituents of global village closer through newer innovations day by day, the google stadia is another introduced technology that has excited the game enthusiasts to ecstatic bits lately.

Google Stadia is a Google-operated cloud gaming service that is quite being expressed as a competitor to the existing game consoles.

It allows access to the gaming services through Google Chrome browser on a variety of gadgets, from PCs to smart TVs, smartphones to tablets, as well as the chrome cast and the digital media players.

The mantra of Google Stadia is simply appreciable, that is, to eradicate the use of expensive hardware and keeping eyes on software that also saves money as the end case.

One does not require a separate hardware device for streaming games, but just a chrome browser and a strong internet connection to live stream games from the cloud and the play service to directly connect with the stadia controller through Wi-Fi.

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Games are directly streamed through the cloud instead of being downloaded and gaining a separate virtual space.

How google Stadia Works?

For games to play, one has to install Google Stadia Application, set a username and buy the game that he wants to play in case of free service.

Though the games are not cheap and the streaming ranges up to 1080p.

Stadia also features a premium subscription, i.e., Stadia Pro where the live streaming quality ranges up to straight 4K for around 10$/month.

After subscribing, the games are offered on slight discounts, too.

Additionally, there lies a concrete $129 offer of acquiring three months of Stadia Pro with 4K/60p streaming, Google Stadia Controller, Chromecast Ultra (for playing on smart TV) as well as your choice of selecting and playing games without any extra charge otherwise than the principal subscription amount.

Experts Opinion

An expert group predicts that Google Stadia is a gamer’s future whereas another group has been catering reviews that suggest that the cloud service is more inclined toward negative or not very user supportive features in the long run.

The future is uncertain as the geeks foresee.

However, let us adjourn through the adequate as well as the ugly sides of the new gaming sensation and discuss what could be the possible reasons for each.

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What is Good about
Google Stadia?

One prime perk of Google Stadia lies in its ability of quick launch onto any device including jumping from one gadget to another when the need is, that too within seconds.

Games are already at your disposal to play, thanks to the all set cloud service.

Stadia Controller and Portability

You also do not have to sit at a particular space for hours along with your physical console device setup with attached wires spread everywhere.

Just a controller attached via USB cable is your way to go.

The same controller functions similarly run well either on a high-profile smart TV or a pixel smartphone.

The controller itself goes easy with making settings among devices and is super convenient to be held for long intervals along with sufficient battery longevity. Thus, your control over gaming missions is nicely handled

Google is also currently working on the wireless accessibility of the controller with the phones.

Since Google Stadia is all about gaming through the cloud, there is nothing to worry about storage space.

Stadia Performance

You also need to purchase a game only once no matter how many devices you switch in order to play it as per your ease. WOW!

When played on fast internet service, Google Stadia paces just like any other gaming console and doesn’t feel like otherwise.

The performance is quite well, with very minimal system hiccups and occasional shuttering.

Google Stadia is offering brilliant graphics with a minimal fee, the type of graphics that’s possible only with hundreds and thousands of dollars’ worth consoles.

Google Stadia Software

Google Stadia software also lets you keep track of your player history with your playmates including their active status.

You can also add them already for further play.

More socializing features are expected to be introduced soon like forming group parties by adding your friends, like available on PS4 and XBOX One.

Another idea expectancy revolves around voice chats with your gamers circle.

Attractive attributes are under formation for Youtubers, too, according to Google reports.

What is Bad about
Google Stadia?

Google Stadia first of all currently is an early stage of virtual community development, i.e. the subscribers and players.

Those who have committed to play as well as the subscriptions are disappointed since there are very fewer numbers of online gamers to play with.

Lack of Players Base

The raids alleys are lonely, and the missions are surrendered by sole combaters.

This despairs the daring one who has put their trust in the new Google innovation.

Several missions are still left unaccomplished since they require multiple agents.

It seems that Stadia has failed to grab much target audience regardless of its advertisement tactics.

There surrounds another titter-tatter that Google might shut Stadia down if it does not succeed in bringing enough target audience into the players’ zone.

A mighty significantly uncertainty arises where you lack any physical copy of the game as well as your play record due to cloud if Google ever decides to shut down Stadia.

A Tiny Game Library

Google Stadia at this stage (Dec 2019) is offering 42 games in total, that when compared to other gaming platforms options and the hundreds and thousands of varieties they facilitate, is straightforwardly a bad deal.

A $129 investment into a new software becomes secondary to an ideal choice when such a guarantee is already present on other well-developed options like PS4 and XBOX One.

At the moment, Stadia supports iPhones and Androids not for playing actual games but only buying and administering them.

Only Pixel phones (models 1, 2, 3 and 4) are supported for smartphone play, however, Chromecast Ultra on TV and Chrome Browser on PCs fully support Google Stadia.

Requires Fast Internet Connection

Fast internet connection is yet another condition for a smooth Stadia play.

The least require that you will be encountered within the 4K Pro subscription is 35 MBPS that might be affordable by your household with a limited number of residents but not the crowded cafes and hostels, etcetera with diverted connectivity focus of Wi-Fi signals.

In majority cases, you will end up narrowing your domain down to 1080p and further 720p resolution switches.

The above internet connection issue was not the only one. Google directs that a 4K streaming capacity is capable of an around 20 GB per hour data consumption that is too much of a burden on you as well as your internet provider.

Our Take on Google Stadia

It is, hence, advised that you must not ditch yours already truly; PS, XBOX and PC games for Stadia at this vulnerable stage, however, you may go after Stadia Pro if you adore higher resolutions along with free games.

But spending $9.99 per month when you lack fast internet connection and also care for data saving too will not prove to be a good choice.

Indeed, things take time and expectations with the world-leading tech organization are high, it is to be seen who decides to remain faithful and supportive to the new Google venture.


Google seems to have a mighty pool of homework to be done yet, especially concerning convincing publishers for launching their games and model on the system of Stadia.

Dragging gamer zealots from the traditional PlayStations, XBOX and PCs to the Google Stadia would sure be a hard nut to crack.

Let’s see for now what Google Stadia holds for the future of the gamers’ world.

Google Stadia Conclusion


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