How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC (3 Ways Discussed)

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Xbox One controller

Let’s break it, Gaming on PC and console are two completely different experiences, and it is okay to shift back and forth to these options according to your moods.

However, the real question is, “How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC?”. Say no more! You can easily connect your Xbox One controller to your PC.

Even though Sony has set the bar high with its DualShock for PS4, Microsoft didn’t blink an eye on this. The level up from Xbox 360’s controller, the Xbox One’s controller, is one of the best-recommended controllers for all types of gaming and obviously for the easy connectivity with the PC.

How To Connect Xbox One Controller To PC?

There are quite a few ways that can be used to connect an Xbox One controller to a PC. It completely depends on the type of Xbox One controller you own and your preference to connect as well.

Here is a step-by-step guide to let you play your favorite games on PC with the Xbox One controller.

The three methods given below include: via a USB, Wireless, or Bluetooth. Also, make sure your controller is updated.

Connect Xbox One Controller To PC via USB

If you have no issues with having a wired connection, then this option might be the simplest and best for you. USB connect works with Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One Elite controllers so far.

Luckily, all the versions of Xbox One Controllers come with a micro USB connector on them. That means you can connect the controller directly to the PC with a micro USB-to-USB Type-A cable.

Connecting xbox controller to pc via usb

And you know what’s cherry on top? Once connected, the Windows won’t prompt you to download the drivers first, as Xbox One controllers are easily recognizable by Windows.

Now, to connect the Xbox One Controller via PC, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the one end of the USB cable to your already powered-on computer.
  2. Now, connect the micro USB end to the Xbox One controller.
  3. Press the logo of Xbox on the controller to turn the controller on. (if you see any flashing on the logo, this means your controller is out of charging or the cable you are currently using is just charging the controller. In the latter case, try using a different micro USB cable).
  4. Once the controller is connected, Windows will recognize it automatically and set it up for use. Now, you can enjoy your games that allow the controller input on the PC.

Connect Xbox One Controller To PC via Wireless Adapters

Another easy option is to connect the controller to the PC through Wireless Adapters.

xbox controller wireless adapter

Windows 10 fully supports the Xbox Wireless Adapters. (The drivers for the controller install automatically once you connect the controller to the PC).

Therefore, most of the process is already simplified.

  1. Firstly, connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to the PC and wait for the drivers to be installed automatically.
Connecting Xbox Wireless Adapter to PC
  1. Now turn on your Xbox One controller by pressing the Xbox logo on the controller.
  2. Also, press the button on the Xbox Wireless Adapter.
  3. Locate and press the connect button on the Xbox One controller. You can find the button easily near the micro USB port.
  4. Now, you’ll see the logo on the controller blinking; this indicates that it is in the connecting process. Once the logo, as well as LED, stop blinking, the connection is complete, and you are ready to use the controller on your PC.

Connect Xbox One Controller To PC via Bluetooth

Let’s have a quick flashback to the past; the original Xbox One controller did not support Bluetooth. So if you are using the original one, unfortunately, this method isn’t for you. However, the good news is that few versions allow Bluetooth connectivity.

For this particular option, make sure that your Windows is updated (preferably Windows 10 anniversary update or later).

Once the update is done, follow the steps given below to connect your Xbox One Controller to PC through Bluetooth:

  1. Power the Xbox logo first by pressing the logo button on the controller.
  2. Now, turn on your Bluetooth on the PC. You can either turn it on through the action center or by navigating to the Bluetooth settings (refer to the next step).
  3. Navigate to the following path to turn on the Bluetooth from settings.
  4. Settings → Devices → Bluetooth.

Or simply search the Bluetooth settings in the search bar.

Search for Bluetooth Settings
  1. Once the Bluetooth is on, go to the “Bluetooth and other devices” menu for pairing the controller.
  2. Now, press the connect button on the controller for three seconds. You can find the connect button right next to the micro USB port.
  1. Your PC may discover the wireless controller automatically and display a prompt for the pairing. If you see the prompt, click the option “Pair” from the Bluetooth menu. And, if there isn’t any automatic prompt, refer to the steps below.
  2. In the “Bluetooth and other devices” window, click the + sign right next to the “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.
  3. Once the “Add a device” window opens, select “Bluetooth” (If the wireless adapter is already installed, you can also select the option “Everything else” for the connectivity. However, that option is not for Bluetooth). Now your PC will start searching for the available devices. 
  4. Once it shows the available devices, select your Xbox controller from the list and pair it with your computer.

Connecting Dots

If you are a controller gamer, never let your PC games be dull and boring just because you can’t connect it to your PC. Microsoft is all ears to your gaming cravings, hence the easily connectable controller!

With no extra hassles of drivers and additional hardware, the Xbox One controllers are one of the best choices for gamers when it comes to connecting it to the PC.

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