IO interactive clarifies that already having Hitman 2 levels on PC will enable free levels on the new Hitman 3 PC game

In August 2020, IO Interactive, the developers of the Hitman game, promised that, before launching the Hitman 3 that the players can enjoy their careers as highly flying assassins to import their progression, maps, unlocks, and levels from the Hitman 2 and the previous two games to the new Hitman 3 without any extra charge while reassuring that Hitman 3 will be exclusive to the Epic Game Store. However, later when they launched their pre-launch guide, the IO divert its course of direction, as they introduced an Access Pack, which means that the users have to purchase it in order to have Hitman 2 locations on their PCs.

Moreover, this Access Pack came with very unorthodox restrictions as it allows to import Legacy Pack from the same platform to another- that is PC to PC, Xbox to Xbox, and PlayStation to PlayStation. Plus, this was also a one-time shot as if the campaign of hitman 3 is initiated, previous progress in any campaign will be wiped. Therefore, the fans had a massive Twitter rant with very frustrating and unhappy comments stating that will forego the entire game instead.

Current situation: After all the fans rant and unhappy comments about re-purchasing the Hitman 2 the came into handy, as the IO interactive corrected its course of direction by giving a statement on their official site about levels from hitman 2 not being freely available in hitman 3 for the PC users and all other platforms. They solve the issue by giving the players another update on the Hitman 3 Prelaunch guides, which states that “We are continuing to work on a solution with our partners to allow PC players who own HITMAN 1 or HITMAN 2 to import locations from those games into HITMAN 3 at no additional cost.” They further console the players by giving them a guarantee that the already existing owners of the game will not need to repurchase it again.

However, it should be noted that this new update has not been inaugurated yet and the access will not be immediate because the IO interactive also mentioned that this new change will be released in the coming week or so. For now, they just allowed the players to have a free GOTY access pass for Hitman 1 if the PC user pre-order Hitman 3 in the 10 days after its release. As per the strategies of the IO interactive it can be assumed that they are trying their best to save its reputation and avoid any bad-mouthing from grumpy internet people before the launch of their new project that is Hitman 3.

Further adding, the IO again put emphasis to go through their new Access Pass, they tactfully state the situation by agreeing that this new pass has a lot of information to process, but once users have gone through it most of their queries and misunderstandings will be resolved as it only highlights 5 points in number and if read thoroughly it will make much more sense. As per fans’ response on Twitter to this new update was that they were still fishy about the new access pack but they were glad to acknowledge that IO interactions are not absorbed into making profits and are concerning about fans rants as this guarantee was quite reassuring for them.

Lastly, it should be duly noted that the Epic Game Boss Tim Sweeny joined into the matter and said they are working with the team and giving their utmost attention to solving this matter as soon as possible and the very next day IO assures the fans about the subject matter.

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