Is the PS5 still low in stock?

Is the PS5 still low in stock?

Ever since its launch on November 12th this year, Sony’s PlayStation 5 console has been in an out of stores all over the globe.

But why has one of the most internationally widespread gaming systems been running into some major stock hiccups? And are these consoles still available for anyone wishing to get their hands on them? Let’s find out.

For one, Sony’s struggle to keep up with the PS5’s production results from the massive worldwide demand. Being a rather versatile series of consoles with some legendary game titles, the PS5 has come out seven long years after its predecessor.

To add to the excitement, the new console is priced at a mere hundred bucks over the PS4, but with all the modern tech and all the bells and whistles that PS fans have been anticipating.

Further adding to the exceptionally high demand for the PS5 comes the pandemic that has everyone stuck at home – inevitably causing people to search for more activities to keep themselves occupied during these trying times.

To top it all off, another reason the PS5 ran out so quickly since its first launch points towards product hoarders or “scalpers.” These sneaky individuals use bots to search the web and instantly know when products are available. Scalpers immediately purchased a whole bunch of PS5 consoles right away, later selling them for absurd prices.

On the other hand, Sony also set out a limited supply of PS5’s in the first place, partially owing to a scarcity of console chips. We have the COVID-19 pandemic to blame for such manufacturing and distribution hurdles that countless brands around the world faced.

The PS5 shortage stirred up noise throughout the entire globe, but is the situation any better now?

Supply in countries such as the US is much better than places like the UK. Some people in Europe who pre-ordered the PS5 found out they won’t be receiving the device until 2021. In countries like Japan, where Sony has a very high demand because alternative brands like Microsoft haven’t fully made their way there yet, the situation is even worse.

If you’re trying to land a PS5 very soon, the chances are looking quite slim. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Though it’s difficult to find Sony’s PS5 in any physical store, retailers are still selling the product online. Stocks are coming and going very quickly and very randomly, so the best way to get your hands on the console is to remain on the lookout.

However, PS fans might not have to wait too long to buy the console. It’s quite likely we’ll see a steady supply in January of next year. If not January, we can expect a good stock in March of 2021.

If you’re eager to purchase the console as soon as possible and are currently on the lookout, always be careful of online scams. People have been reported to sell only a picture of the device, not the actual device itself, for the same price. If you do come across a good deal, read the product description very carefully.

That is, if you find a good deal – people are buying the product for crazy prices. But is it worth it? We suggest avoiding paying an over the top amount and simply waiting for a restock. We’d also suggest avoiding going out to search for this product in stores because you’ll most likely come back empty-handed, and you’d risk your health and safety in the process.

Till then, keep your eye out for online restocks, and stay patient!

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