LG confirmed to launch new curved and flat OLED displays for gaming enthusiasts

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LG is giving it gaming enthusiast and other customers back to back surprises by upgrading their upcoming OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) TVs with technology so advanced that they are bound to save the dates to purchase them.

The positioning is done so tactfully that consumers rest assured that the prices they are deciding to retail will be justified by the quality and specs they are planning to present. First, the company engaged its audience by announcing the first-ever Mini LED TV, which is well known to be superior to the old LCDs, making LG a big or intense competition for Samsung QLED TVs. They promised to launch 10 new models when the CES (Consumer Technology Association) kicks off on January 11.

Secondly, LG then smartly targets the gaming enthusiasts segment by showcasing them bendable displays in their new OLED TVs. These are also launching at the upcoming CES event in January. This has also been a marketing strategy by the LG company to persuade the gaming community to try the TV world once again. These displays are initially flat, but interestingly, the screens’ shape can be curved by bending it manually depending on the consumer’s need, making it strangely unique. The basic purpose is to flatten the screen when the user desires to watch TV, and for gamers to get enhanced immersion, it can be curved.

Not only bendable displays, but the TV also has built-in 48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound (CSO). This technology basically nulls the need for a speaker, and the TV can itself make the display vibrate and produces an original sound for the user to enjoy. This part is known as the film exciter, also called sound-on-film, which is so slimmed from about 9mm to 0.6mm that it gives the OLED TV an aesthetic vibe and quite thin displays, thus reducing the overall shape of TVs.

As per specs, they have rather astounding specifications. It includes a 40Hz to 120Hz refresh rate and a contrast ratio labeled as ‘infinite,’ making it pleasing for eyes. The LG company itself has also cross-checked this. They claim these new displays are optimized to emit low-level blue light, comforting human eyes scientifically and for gamers to experience better graphics for their respective games.

They further glamorized their tech advancement, when in October 2020, after researching and working for more than 2 years, they launched their roll-able OLED in Korea for the first time. The company also announced roll-able OLED to introduce transparent OLED displays, which showcase real-world situations and are very tech-friendly for restaurant’s and subway’s interior designing.

So, in short, the LG company, with its multiple models, is introducing bendable OLED displays, Transparent OLED displays. LG QNED mini Led TVs in the upcoming CES event and plans to give their A-game by targeting the gamer market and domestic user, business class, restaurants, and subways owners and stepping into the more progressive stair of technological advancement.

The teaser for all the forthcoming display-related OLED information and LG’s innovations launching in 2021 CES has been directed into video clips and uploaded on YouTube. Readers can check it out by using the following link:

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