Marvel Duel to Enter the Beta Testing Phase Started March 19

Marvel Duel to Enter the Beta Testing Phase Started March 19

Card games are pretty famous right now as every franchise is making their mark, we had GWENT from the witcher series, we had The Elder Scrolls: Legends and even Riot announced its first card game featuring champions from the hit MOBA game League of Legends, and now Marvel has decided to enter the territory as well. We will get to see the Avengers we love in Marvel’s own card game, Marvel Duel.

Developer NetEase is in a long term collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, which made the Avengers have their own card game. The mobile card game is free to play and is ready to launch the Closed Beta Test for the handheld devices running Android and IOS in the Philippines and Thailand on March 19. At the end of the Closed Beta, all of the stats will be lost as the game readies for its complete launch. The game has everything you would expect in a Marvel game, as you will get to play with our favorite heroes, villains, wielding magical and legendary weapons, and all this will bring an experience packed with breathtaking combat and will be full of strategy. Hurry up and sign up for the Beta on the Marvel Duel official website.

The Marvel universe will give over 150 fans loved characters to the mobile card game, Marvel Duel. Players will be given a choice of the 5 iconic legendary Superheroes, which include the Spiderman, Star-Lord, Iron Man, Captain America, and the god of thunder, Thor. All of these superheroes will have their own set of skills unique to each character. Unique characters from 80 years of Marvel comics will also be featured in the free deck-building system. Create your custom deck with a variety of cards, equipment, traps, characters, and abilities, which will give you a lot of freedom in how to come up with the perfect deck. Players will have countless strategies to explore and play with, as in this card game, the road to victory is never a single road.

Players of the game will have to face different situations and react accordingly, such as putting on various Iron Man suits deciding which one best suits the job and you can use a chain of trap cards to lure the enemy into their defeat, or you could cast an overwhelming ability that would spell doom for your opponent. You make your own path to victory in this card game. Furthermore, the game also has multiplayer support featuring thrilling 3D combat multiplayer, which is paired with beautiful in-game visuals.

Additionally, Marvel Duel won’t be that hard even if you have not played any card game before since it is easy and fun to play in-game tutorials, which allows gamers from any skill level to join the game, and hone their skills while developing their strategies. It will get you up and running in no time, which will then let you enjoy the abilities and 3D rendered effects of combat.

Registrations are open for Marvel Duel for both IOS and Android.

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