My Hero: One’s Justice 2 is Out on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC

My Hero: One's Justice 2 is Out on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC

Back in 2018, this amazing game became so popular that it created ultimate hype for all the gaming fans. Everybody all across the world wanted to try it; it was known as My Hero: One’s Justice.

It was relatively developed to have a gaming experience similar to the anime My Hero Academia, where the players have to explore the opportunity to create a squad consisting of three fighters. There is a huge list of heroes and villains to choose from to make the squad. It will let your trio fight with rival teams in both online and offline modes.

Now, the sequel of this fantastic game said to be My Hero: One’s Justice 2 is all set to release. In this game, players are expected to play in the anime world and will experience some of the iconic moments from the anime. This sequel will give all the information regarding Deku and the class.

Key Features

This game has all the essence of its predecessor. However, developers have added a unique touch to it by adding some key features:

  • It is based on the hit anime series having all the favorites characters including Deku, All Might, and Shigaraki
  • You can play in the world of anime, experiencing all the iconic scenes.
  • You can play with all your favorite characters with your friends.
  • Some new characters have been introduced, delivering a better experience.

It was announced that new gaming modes and characters would be introduced in the upcoming game My Hero One’s Justice 2, which will come out in March 2020.

Gaming Modes

The developers have introduced three gaming modes in the upcoming sequel, which will impress the gamers and their expectations.

Story Mode

The main mode is a story mode, which will be played from both good and evil perspectives and will be up to the anime. Also, there will be some leading battles and jaw-dropping cinematics where the players will be allowed to experience their own stories.

Mission Mode

In this mode, the players are allowed to this mode will allow players to control their office. Players will be given the money and fame in the completion of every mission. In this way, they can not only expand their teams but also select their favourite characters.

Arcade Mode

In this mode, the selected character will fight the battles, which are often pre-adjusted and can also activate exclusive dialogues from the anime.


Many new characters are also revealed in the game with unleashed power and experience in battle. Some of them are:

  • Gang Orca: uses sound waves and enhanced senses to defeat villains.
  • Seiji Shishikura: manipulate raw meat, having an advantage against living creatures.
  • Camie Utsushimi: produces fog to alter five senses of the opponents.
  • Kendo Rappa: expert in close-range combats.

This greatest game of the series, My Hero One’s Justice 2, launches very shortly on 13 March 2020. This game will be available not only for PC and PS4, but people having Xbox One will also be able to experience it.

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