Nvidia launches its brand new integrated graphic card for Laptops: GeForce MX 350

Nvidia Corporations, one of the most renowned companies for GPU designing and marketing, did a stealthy launch on the Pascal-based MX 350 to replace its MX-200 series counterpart, an entry-level discrete GPU meant to rival the series of integrated GPU by Intel and AMD.

Nvidia has always had the upper hand when it comes to discrete GPU as almost every other entry-level laptop nowadays is powered by GeForce. Stepping up the game from intel’s integrated lineup, Nvidia claims the MX 350 offers up to 2.5x faster performance than the best graphics unit for editing videos and pictures and gaming purposes. But, does it live up to its claim tho? Let’s know.


Nvidia didn’t reveal much about the specs than just some necessary details, such as GDDR5 memory support. Unofficial benchmarks show that the MX 350 is on the CGP107 chip, similar to GTX 1050 for laptops with the same amount of Cuda cores (640) but, it has a 64-bit memory bus while the GTX 1050 has a 128-bit memory bus and a lower TDP of just 25W.

Gaming Benchmarks

Most of the techies are often interested in what kind of games can run on this flawless GPU, MX 350. Although the GTX 1050 and MX 350 have the same number of cores, the GTX 1050 has still better performance by a margin.

Roughly on par with GTX 960m, you should be able to play less demanding titles like FIFA 20 in high settings even on 1080p. More demanding games like The Division 2, Metro Exodus or Rage 2 would run on the lowest detail settings possible. You are not going to see ray tracing as Nvidia chooses Pascal over Turing but as these are entry-level chips with low to mid graphics options, not having ray tracing won’t be a problem after all.

We can say that Nvidia does live up to its promise as these specs prove the MX 350 performs what it claims to, beating the best iGPUs in the market.

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