NXZT has Launched Kraken X-3 and Z-3 CPU coolers in the USA

NZXT Kraken Z Series

From a hysteria for playing music on iPod to the craze of adding stereo systems with head units and visual screens into cars, the obsession with LCD displays and power-packed amplifiers have always been there and it just changes shapes and forms every now and then.

As the new trend is always in an improved and better form so now people who are into gadgets and PCs are going head over heels for CPU liquid coolers.

The devices like Kraken Z-3 and X-3 all-in-one (AIO) from NZXT are nothing less than a treat for tech lovers and it is highly anticipated that these will capture the tech-scene in months to come.

NZXT has made Kraken Z-3 and X-3 available for the customers in the USA for now and the global launch will be held at the start of Feb, 2020.

Kraken X-3 Series MSRP Pricing:
Kraken X63 Model

Kraken X-3 Series MSRP Pricing:

Kraken X53240mm$129.99
Kraken X63280mm$149.99
Kraken X73360mm$179.99
Kraken Z-3 Series MSRP Pricing:
Kraken Z63 Model

Kraken Z-3 Series MSRP Pricing:

Kraken Z63280mm$249.99
Kraken Z73360mm$279.99

NZXT already is a champion of UPS coolers which provide profuse LED lighting and these upcoming devices are even more developed and improved.

Where X-3 is upgraded version of the existing coolers, Z-3 is even more advanced and holds several new features including the cooler cap installed with the LCD display that will provide the system information like the computer’s ongoing temperature and will also put on an animated show of whales, city and much more.

Chief executive of NZXT expressed his excitement saying that:

We took great lengths to ensure that the newest generation of Kraken is the most visually appealing and highest performing AIO ever.
Johnny Hou, Founder and CEO of NZXT

He said, “The Z series is full of features and customization possibilities, so, the company is looking forward to seeing how far the computer lovers go with the potential usage of the Kraken Z3 range.”

PCs are all about style and dynamic looks and NZXT is acknowledging it while also ensuring some high grade performing features too.

NZXT is not only about looks but performance!

NZXT completely understands that the looks are still the secondary priority and fiery functionality is something that makes their products class apart.

Not only the display plate of X-3 and the display of Z-3 can be rotated easily but the installation process of the CPU Cooler is extremely easy.

The improved tubing ensures the long life along with flexibility and thus the users can install the cooler even in tiny CPU spaces.

NXZT has also collaborated with Asetec for upgrading the coolers to the seventh generation fluid pumps for eliminating any disturbing noise from Kraken AIOs so they will be quieter and cooler devices as compared to the previous ones for providing an ultimate whisper quiet and faster gaming experience to the gamers.

All these features and the NXZT’s legacy of great looking and performing devices are surely making the gamers excited about the X-3 and Z-3 already and hopefully, it does what we are anticipating!

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