Project Brooklyn: New invention by Razer

Razor, the game accessory maker, is highly known for their new and mind-blowing inventions as they always try to merge technology into the gadgets of our daily use, hence, comforting the life of a common individual.

They have always shown their keen interest in lofty devices and always try to bring something new at CES. Keeping this motto in mind, they started a new project called the ‘Project Brooklyn‘, which’s aim was to create a gaming chair with a built-in retractable screen and desks that they will probably release in their upcoming CES 2021. Recently, this project spilled out some details of their progress as the team manage to create a 60-inch flexible or bendable screen that retracts into a comfortable chair when no use of screen is required. However, it should be noted that the project isn’t completed and is not coming out in the market any time soon, as the only manufacturer explained how this new comfortable chair works.

Before learning further about this new ambitious chair, one must understand the possibility of this new invention. Curved OLED displays are available but they not deeply penetrated into the marketplace as they are not used for commercial purposes, so it might be a difficult task to blend such noncommercial products into the commercial market i.e. used for domestic use further adding that the screen would be of 60 inches. In addition to this, extremely curved or super-wide displays can distort and disorient the images and picture quality.

These gaming chairs just like PS 5 controllers have a Haptic feedback system, now since this is a new entrepreneurial outcome, this function will help users to provide useful feedback about the issues they are facing and the benefits they are receiving. However, the main point here is that Haptic feedbacks are used by VR gaming companies to bring sensory feedback and maintaining the VR gaming vibe, but if used in chairs would make it a rather irrational and practical move. Lastly, these chairs have desk surfaces that can be slide out when they are not required, making them retractable. Now, this limits the option for the user to have separate mouse and keyboard controls, nonetheless, these are not some massive workstations. Long story short these chairs conduct a modular armrest process that can convert it into a table for PC gaming, 60-inch curved gaming screen, Haptic feedback system, and featuring LED lights.

Now coming back to see the entire package from a different school of thought, Razor tried to target the gaming community and fulfill their gaming needs despite the level of the platform they chose, but from the images and prototype they have given, even before its launch, it’s quite appealing to the gamer’s community. This retracted and curved screen with a desk inserted with, align to a comfortable chair can fully be used to play consoles and elite-level games with a controller of course, and can even be connected through our smartphones, granting us to engage with our social life. Further noted Brooklyn project did try to participate in the gaming community by giving the chair RGB lighting accents according to the user’s preference.

In conclusion, after thorough research and development the Brooklyn Projects believes in the concept of productive insights on how the user can take the most advantage from these more immersive gameplay devices and promises to continue these realistic chairs as they say:
“The company The Project Brooklyn concept is intended to offer insights on how to improve user mechanics and design to deliver a more immersive gameplay experience and inspire Razer’s growing portfolio of gaming chairs in the near future.”

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