PUBG Mobile is on fire with the “Ban Pan”

Pubg mobile ban pan

Tencent Holding’s mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known all around as PUBG Mobile, is one of the top Battle Royale games to date. Players can choose from multiple intriguing maps and scour their way to eliminate enemies and get that highly rewarding “Chicken Dinner.”

PUBG Mobile frequently gets exciting updates, with the most recent patch incorporating the Metro Exodus theme into the game. Players get to enjoy a cool underground environment and a bunch of new add-ons.

But as with every game, some players choose the dark side and find hacks and cheats to get an advantage.

That’s why PUBG Mobile’s development team has implemented the “Ban Pan” which helps stop these unwarranted players.

What is the “Ban Pan”?

PUBG Mobile’s creators are going strong with the anti-cheat measures – they’ve banned more than two million users within the span of just a week.

The news was on the game’s official Twitter account, also explaining the types of cheats and hacks players were mostly using.

Cheating actions are becoming extremely common now, especially for PUBG Mobile, and in a mass effort to ban the cheating players, their accounts have been suspended for good.

But what kind of hacks and cheats do these people use, anyway?

X-Ray vision, Character Modifications and other Features

Hackers have been destroying fair play for a long time now, and they’re not going to rest any time soon. From those players caught in the Ban Pan, nearly one-third of them were using character modifications. That means using out-of-game cosmetics on their in-game characters.

Fifteen percent of these players were using hacks for auto-aim, giving them an instant edge over everyone else.

Another banned action included X-Ray vision, where players cheat by being able to easily spot enemies hidden behind any wall. So, you’re basically not even safe within the four walls of a squad house anymore.

Other types of hacks include increasing player speed and boosting the enemy’s area of damage.

Why the Ban Pan is so important

With hackers running free, ruining the competitive spirit of a game, it’ll sooner or later cause people to stop playing the game entirely. It’s inherent to keep a continuous check on these unfair actions, otherwise, people who are actually playing fair will simply get put off.

PUBG Mobile currently has over fifty million users per day, and hopefully, Tencent Holding’s solid effort to ban cheaters will retain this number.

Only four percent of all PUBG Mobile players have been banned so far, and we’re hoping the Ban Pan remains strong to keep the game alive and popular.

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