PUBG’s Famous Vikendi Map is all set to Come Back With Some New Features

PUBG’s Famous Vikendi Map is all set to Come Back With Some New Features

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has become the most popular game of the year worldwide as it is loved and followed by a vast number of people all around the world. Previously in January, an update was made by the PUBG Corp. Where the most famous map Vikendi and its related themes were removed, but it was said that the plan would return with some additional updates.

Recently, it was announced by the developers that the map would be brought back; however, it will not be exactly as it was when it was removed.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update of the game.

The Return of Vikendi Map

The Vikendi map is returning to the game, which was removed a month ago. This week the plan will be returning, which allows a selected group of players to experience it first before releasing it around the world.

Map’s new version will have trains and railroads. The trains will be coasting along the rails. However, it’s just an initial upgrade in the map; it is implemented to make the players used to such modification. In the first week of March, the corp released the first look of the plan, to tease the fans who are waiting to try it out. However, the whole gameplay and modification haven’t been announced.

The developers further revealed that they have been working on its update since it was removed. They were landmarks to modify the region, towns, weathers, and adding vehicles to travel around the map.

The developers have also shared the video to reveal the look of the map and a glimpse of the changes made on the map.

Vikendi: Key Map Changes

PUBG Vikendi Map Changes
Source: PUBG Corp

There are some changes made with some features adding to the map, some of which are as follows:

  • For traveling purposes, the railroads and trains have been added across the map.
  • Many vital places of the map have been removed, reducing the vast area of the map.
  • Remodeled areas and town.
  • Previously known dino park has been widened to make a Dinoland.
  • Abbey has been relocated to Mount Kreznic.
  • Tovar and Movatra have been removed.

People who are a part of the PUBG partners program will be able to avail of the map before evert else. When the Karakin map was established, PUBG Corp. removed the Vikendi map from the rotation. However, it was announced that it would undergo a temporary halt.

The developer revealed that they saw a room of improvement in the map and could be made better after some work; that’s why it was removed.

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