QHD (Quad High Definition): will they be a huge success for gaming laptops in the upcoming CES 2021

QHD (Quad High Definition)
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High-end monitors, televisions, and mobile devices have a standard resolution in their screens called the QHD.

Numerically expressed QHDs are 2560x 1440 pixels at an aspect ratio of 16x 9, which is four times the standard high definition of 720p. These Ultra-wide QHD screens affiliate the horizontal pixels to 3440 and acquire an aspect ratio of 21×9.

Announcements of the QHD screens being available at the upcoming CES 2021 were given long before, but it has not given much fanfare or recognition because it might be overshadowed by the many other technological advancements like NVidia’s Debut of its RTX 3000-series graphic chip for laptops.

However, when the fans heard the growing number of manufactures and companies merging the fast-refreshing QHD screens into their portable gaming computers, the hype was created among the tech nerds.

QHD (1440p) monitors standing alone is the most discerning choice of gamers especially for those whose entire use is of desktop PCs. They justify this choice by claiming that these displays are less expensive are enriched with more features than 4K monitors, which are not even that good looking and aesthetically designed. More significantly, QHD can run games smoothly, and without any buffer which requires the modern high-end graphic cards, for example, the NVidia RTX 3080, and AMD Radeon RX 600 XT.

Gaming Laptop if seen in the contemporary environment does not have the options of QHD and fans frustratingly and inexplicably have a choice of either using 1080p or 4K monitors or have the option to purchase a separate 1440p monitor. On the other hand, this going to change in the year 2021 as in this CES machines or gadgets powered by the RTX 3000- series and AMD’s incoming RDNA 2 graphic chip will be designed to fully take the advantage of QHD screens.

A gaming laptop that is announced in the CES 2021, which has a built-in QHD screen is the finest ‘Razers Company’s Blade 15’. Now the most surprising fact is that this new entrepreneurial move is very reasonable and affordable to purchase.

Only for $2,199- although it is $200 more than the model that features a built-in FHD 144Hz panel- the gaming enthusiasts can be the owners of this incredible machine, with a QHD IPS screen that has a refresh rate of 165Hz, along with the graphic chips of NVidia RTX 3070, and a six-core 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. Now this price is not too high or nor too low, but at par with the current gaming laptops equipped with almost the same fast refreshing rates, 1080p screens, and last-gen parts.

Factually examining it wouldn’t be surprising to encounter any gaming laptop with QHD screens to be less than the sub $2K price at this point of the year when so much exciting yet expensive stuff is being launched in the CES 2021. Another gaming laptop called the ‘Acer Nitro 5 for 2021’ will be having the option to be produced with a QHD screen, they haven’t launched it in the market nor have released its prices but from the Razer’s Blade 15 the OEMs, the laptop’s developers, are predicted to be following the same suit.

Lastly, since these new gaming laptops with QHD screen are not launched in the market one cannot comment on its performance, nor one can share their experience of graphic chips of NVidia RTX 3000 series; not at least in this month. However, it can be suggested that if the gamer is used too 1080p monitors, advancing it in a denser pixel QHD could be a smart experience

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