Razer Releases the Viper Mini, and it Weighs Only 61 Grams!

Razer Viper Mini
Source: Razer

Razer’s Viper gaming mouse had been crowned the lightest mouse of the company, and now Razer has aimed to go one step further, releasing a mouse lighter than the Razer Viper, the Viper mini.

The Razer Viper Mini is a more compact version of the Razer Viper and Viper Ultimate.

Viper Mini: Specs

Weight61 grams (Lightweight Mouse)
Dimensions4.66″ x 2.11″ x 1.51″ inches
SensorTrue 8500 DPI Optical Sensor
GripBest for Claw / Fingertip Grip Style
Macros6 Programmable Buttons

Cheaper than the Viper

The Viper Mini is a bit more merciful to your wallet, too, is priced at $40 while the Viper costs $80. Although the Viper Mini is cheaper, it still packs a lot of the design cues and hardware features from the Viper.

The mouse has optical switches, which are quite durable as Razer says they should be able to take up to 50 million clicks. The switches are not only durable but are also faster, and the signals they send to the computer are more reliable. Mechanical switches tend to bounce, which can lead to additional clicks, but these optical switches will prevent that from happening.

Drawbacks Compared to the Viper

The title “false ambidextrous” is given to the Viper Mini; this is because although the mouse can fit either of the hands comfortably, only your right thumb has easy access to the buttons on the side, whereas the bigger Viper has buttons on both sides.

Moreover, the Viper Mini’s capability of handling DPI sensitivity, being 8,500 DPI, is half of that of the Viper. The Viper is more accessible to hold than the Viper Mini, as the mini version is missing the textured sliding, which makes it easier to keep the mouse in your hand.

All these drawbacks were, of course, expected, given the price difference.

Still Worth the Price

The mouse is a lot more than a rehash, though, as features are making it different from the Razer Viper. It has a top-mounted DPI button, which makes it a little easier to access, whereas the DPI button on the Viper is on the bottom. The Viper mini also has lights surrounding its curved bottom edge, which can be tweaked using the Razer’s Synapse Software along with the Razer logo, which also lights up on the top.

One more feature which is worth noting is that this mouse has an added PTFE feet, premium alternative to plastic, on the place where the mouse comes in contact with the mouse pad. This does make a significant difference when you are dragging the mouse around the pillow.

The mouse is perfect for people who prefer small mice along with those who love to use the claw grip, and the price won’t be a barrier either.

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