Release Date Announced for Ghost Of Tsushima!

Release Date Announced for Ghost Of Tsushima

Sony’s highly awaited exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, is right around the corner, and now it finally has a received release date.

Announced in 2017, from the developers that were behind inFAMOUS and Sly Cooper, Ghost of Tsushima was one of the major highlights of Paris Games Week. The game looks pretty solid conceptually, and the Game Awards Trailer showed what type of cinematic beauty we can expect from Ghost of Tsushima. Here is everything we know that will help you prepare for this samurai showdown.

The Story and the Environment

Sucker punch did its homework when working for the Ghost of Tsushima, researching extensively the island of Tsushima, which is where the game will take place in. The island of Tsushima is a place that was the victim of Mongol raiders in 1274.

The character we will be playing with is Jin Sakai, a samurai who will have to use everything he has learned while training to be a samurai. He will also learn new techniques to confront the enemy that has severely outnumbered him and the island’s inhabitants.

The game is straightforward brutal, but one crucial detail Criss Zimmerman from Sucker Punch clarified is that although the game is combat driven, there will be signs of humanity visible on both sides of the conflict.

Although the lead character us Japanese, both Japnese and Mongolians will be seen defying the odds.

One glorious example of this is Masako, in the E3 trailer. Sucker Punch has focused a lot on the source material, which will help them make the fray full of beautiful and tense moments.

Announced in March accompanied by a cinematic story trailer, the release date for Ghost of Tsushima is set for June 26, 2020.

Ghost of Tsushima: Combat

The combat of the game is focused on swordplay, where Jin has to either face off multiple enemies or engage in one-on-one fights. One primary concept we are looking forward to is the way Jin will gradually understand and adopt ninja-like techniques mixed with stealth, but we have only got a glimpse of this so far.

Although realism is dominant in this game, the game is far from realism when comparing games such as Bushido Blade, where only a single strike will take you to the grave. Zimmerman and the team believe that this model of gameplay is not fun.

However, the trailer did show Jin hacking off body parts and sending enemies to their deaths through a single blow, but this will be more likely against the most common of enemies. Stronger or more important enemies will be able to take many slashes before falling to death.

Zimmerman further adds that the Sucker Punch is working with experts to help with combat animations while at the same time, the attacks will not always be strategically accurate, being there to make it feel and play more like a game than a samurai simulator.

Pre-order is now available for the game, so you can head over to to register your copy now.

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