RTX 3080 powered PC Shoes

NZXT, a franchise known for its best quality production of hardware that is used to make PC’s cases, components, and accessories for the tech market. Quite the opposite, RTKFT comes in the fashion side and are the manufactures of physical and virtual collectible sneakers for the topmost Gaming, Esports, and the entertainment celebrity world.

These both fields are so contrasting yet they have one thing in common- that is that both excel in their respective fields. Recently, NextGen Sneakers decided to diversify their business and merge in the gaming world by working to create tech advanced shoes. In 2021, the year of stunning surprises, both RTFKT and NZXT announced their collaboration with the outcome of marvelous, albeit confusing Next Generation Sneakers in form of a powered PC, called the RTX 3080 powered PC shoes.

Firstly, the shoe system was first confirmed by teaser dropper on Twitter by the NZXT and later the collaboration was revealed by the RTFKT official tweets, as it states: “Empowering RTFKT and our creator community to create the future of fashion and collectables, powering our vision, community and crazy ideas with their awesome builds and love of gaming,”

Now it is evident and quite self-explanatory that this new creation is confusing for everyone and results in a lot of questions like what is this product? How can the user use it? Are users allowed to wear sneakers? Will there be a tiny Pc inserted in the shoe or the entire shoe is shaped like a PC? Some critiques even questioned that it might be some ridiculous and weird pieces of swag to satisfy the needs of ridiculous collectors who like to buy expensive useless stuff just like Assassin’s Creed statuette and GTA coffee mug. However, based on what has been revealed by the RTFKT and the NZXT Next Gen Sneaker, no one could identify what exactly is this product and both companies were not very helpful in clarifying. Further noted, according to the PC gamers, this unique and confusing Pc will be powered by the NVidia GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, so one might hesitate to stuff his/her feet and think or feel nervous before stomping around with such expensive hardware beneath their feet.

Although, it should be acknowledged that these sneakers will have NVidia’s edge-cutting cooling system and it might be good to wear sneakers in summers that cool down user’s feet.

Another puzzling query was that will this odd form of PC capable of running the latest games like Assassin’s creed: Valhalla, Hitman, Crisis Remastered, etc. Since the product has not been launched into the market or reviewed by anyone, no one can a 100% sure how exactly is it performed and will it be able to bring something amazing to the market rather than being something that just looks great. However, if it is to be judged by the built-in great GPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 one of the most powerful GPU, one can assume that it will provide a very smooth gaming experience with no lack of the processor’s side at least. Other specs have not been announced by the developers yet.

Launch day, date, time if any: no matter how confusing the gaming PC sneakers are, their announcement of existing has managed to grab a lot of fans attention, and folks on Twitter are asking the developing companies, RTFKT and NZXT, when will the RTX 3080 gaming PC sneaker will be available in the market. Unfortunately, no response has been given by the respective companies and no one is certain when will it be launched, but it is rational to expect that more information is released soon. RTX 3080 powered PC shoes; what is the purpose of this new invention and what should the elite experts expect from them 

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