Samsung Announced High-Resolution G-Series Monitors

Samsung Announced High-Resolution G-Series Monitors
Source: Samsung

The curved TVs introduced by Samsung have been one of the most widely responded hardware, but after a couple of years, it got extinct.

Samsung has now grabbed that idea and has invented the first curved TV.

Talking about the gaming monitor, creating a curvy one isn’t much on the developer’s mind; however, it is beneficial to visualise the game from every perspective.

Official Announcement

The development team of Samsung has recently announced a new series of gaming monitor which is said to be ultra-curved taking the pixels and resolution to an ultimate level.

The range will include the G9 and G7 Odyssey gaming monitors, which the team will be showcasing at the second week of March at the Consumer Electronics Show going to be held in Las Vegas. However, gamers are hard to impress just by the curvy display of the monitor, so Samsung has decided to design it extra curvy, fast, bright and also super futuristic.

The new Odyssey LCDs are specially designed for gamers featuring an excellent combination of 1000R curvature, backlighting and supporting up to 240 Hertz refreshing rate. Samsung hasn’t given a detailed description of the monitor; however, it seems that these monitors are accessible with both Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

Samsung G9 & G7 Monitors

Source: Samsung

Both the monitors come with the 49-inch full monitor, with Samsung claiming that it is one of the high-tech monitors till date. It has a refresh rate of 240 Hz with dual quad high definition which delivers 5120×1440 resolution showing you the brightest colours possible. Moreover, it offers around microsecond response time with the maximum brightness of 1000 nits. Gamers should be impressed by the resolution quality and design of the game which can make every gaming experience high-quality, advanced and modernised.

In these monitors, Samsung has also put in the quantum dot technology not only to enhance brightness but to deliver a broader colour scale, giving you high-quality gaming experience.

The G series monitors have their distinctive shape which is already making it attractive enough, even days before launch. It also claims a sumptuous gloss on the rear with white finish giving it a look beyond the future. It also has a custom infinity core at the back with has five lighting effect features and can gleam in 52 colours.

Both the monitors have an exterior featuring matte black colour with infinity core which can be static or can be reduced according to the need. These Odyssey monitors will be available later in the year 2020, with prices will be announced at the CES.

As the Odyssey monitors are mainly for the gamers, they are featured with a futuristic design having LED-based lighting on the back particularly to highlight the design and to follow the trend of different monitors in the market.

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